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Breast Augmentation, Bellevue

Breast augmentation is a widely known surgery that enhances the shape, size, and protrusion of the breasts. Many of us have heard of and considered breast augmentation for one reason or another. In fact, breast augmentation remains one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures due to the drastic results it can create. While we all have heard of breast augmentation, many of us have never taken the time to thoroughly understand the various methods, options, and incision sites that are available.

Not knowing these essential components can sometimes create confusion or apprehension when you actually begin to consider undergoing breast augmentation. Dr. Javad Sajan wants every patient to feel comfortable and confident even before they’ve decided on their breast transformation surgery. The guide below will explain everything you need to know about breast augmentation so you can choose a provider and breast augmentation that’s perfect for your goals.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation, Bellevue, is a cosmetic procedure that enhances natural breast tissue and provides a more voluptuous shape. However, there are different forms of breast augmentation that can change the breast tissue in different ways. These types of breast augmentation include:

  • Fat transfer to the breasts
  • Breast implants

The more popular choice for breast augmentation is breast implants, as they are better for patients who want a wider variety and more enhanced look to their chest. Fat transfer to the breasts only increases one cup size at most and does not actually impact the structure or shape of the tissue. On the other hand, breast implants have an incredible range of options, sizes, shapes, and protrusion that can be tailored to fit your body shape and goals.

What Conditions Can Breast Augmentation Help Resolve?

When we think of breast augmentation, we tend to only think of the superficial benefits of getting breast implants. This is primarily due to the poor portrayal of breast implants in the media and the criticism of women who undergo the procedure.

However, this is an unfair stance, as even the superficial aspect of breast implants can create necessary changes for a person’s mental health and self-confidence. Additionally, breast augmentation, Bellevue, can help resolve conditions that affect the appearance of the breast tissue. These conditions include:

  • Correct breast tissue that is asymmetrical
  • Restores breast shape and size for breasts that have been affected by pregnancy or weight fluctuation
  • Provides an increase in breast tissue for those with very little
  • Restores the breasts after certain breast procedures

These are just some of the conditions breast augmentation can help correct and provide beautiful breast structure for those who struggle with their breast shape or size.

Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

Aside from achieving a womanly figure and curvacious shape, breast augmentation, Bellevue, can give you an entirely new perspective on your body. There are so many outstanding benefits to a successful breast augmentation, which is why so many of us seek it out at some point during our lives. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced proportions throughout the body
  • Increased cup size
  • Creates stunning dimensions and a curvy figure
  • Corrects breast asymmetry
  • Breast restoration for breasts that have been affected by pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or breastfeeding
  • Increase in breast tissue shape and structure
  • Fill out clothing and bras
  • Increased sense of self-worth and confidence
  • Performed by the leading breast augmentation surgeon in Bellevue

What Are The Different Options For Breast Implants?

Options for breast implants, Bellevue, include two primary types with additional options in subcategories. Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it may sound. Breast implants can be split into two categories which include:

  • Saline breast implants
  • Silicone breast implants

The main difference between saline and silicone breast implants is the material the implant is designed with. Saline breast implants are made from sterile, saline water and can be inflated once placed in the chest. Saline breast implants are probably the less preferred type of breast implants because they can’t look completely natural. However, they are a great option for those who want dramatic results with less risk of complications.

Silicone breast implants are made with a silicone gel that can mimic the natural shifting and appearance of breasts. They offer various options in shape and are ideal for those who want a beautiful enhancement that does not appear unnatural. Silicone implants can also provide dramatic results and are an excellent option for breast augmentation, Bellevue.

Gummy Bear Implants

Gummy bear implants are the newest form of breast implants are a subcategory of silicone implants. They are new and advanced in their consistency, safety, and shape. Gummy Bear Implants, Bellevue, can be tear-drop shaped, similar to a natural breast shape. Additionally, their consistency mimics that of gummy bear candy, making them a low risk for implant rupture or leakage.

Gummy bear implants are quickly rising to the most popular implant type, as they are better for a natural look and provide lower risks. They are typically more expensive due to the advanced technology in the implants.

What Are The Options For Implant Location?

During a Bellevue breast augmentation, there are three central locations where breast implants can be placed. The best location for you depends on your preferences, lifestyle, and future plans. Dr. Sajan can help you find your ideal implant location when you attend a consultation. The implants can be subglandular, submuscular, or dual-plane, depending on your overall goals.

Subglandular Placement

Subglandular placement is also called “over the muscle” placement because the breast implant is placed on top of the muscle but under the mammary glands. Subglandular placement is less common than submuscular, as it does pose more risk of implant rupture and rippling underneath the breast tissue.

However, subglandular placement is great for women who still plan on having kids, as the implant is below the glands. It also provides a more comfortable recovery during the initial stages. With a highly-skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Sajan, you can avoid the risk of implant rupture and rippling, even with the subglandular placement.

Submuscular Placement

Submuscular placement is more commonly performed, as it offers more stability for the breast implants. This placement is under the chest muscles, offering support and less risk for implants. Submuscular placement also offers a natural aesthetic and has less risk of implant rupture or scar tissue hardening.

Dual Plane Placement

The dual plane placement is a combination of the subglandular and submuscular placement. The top portion of the breast implant is placed under the chest muscle, while the bottom portion is only under the mammary glands. The dual-plane includes the benefits of both subglandular and submuscular as it allows for breastfeeding, protects the implants, and provides a natural aesthetic.

Breast Augmentation At Allure Esthetic

At Allure Esthetic, you can expect the top care and quality for your Bellevue breast augmentation. The first step in undergoing breast augmentation is having a consultation with Dr. Sajan to go over the essential details of the surgery. During this consultation, Dr. Sajan will go over topics such as:

  • Your medical history
  • Your challenges with your breast tissue
  • Your personal goals and preferences
  • Which type of implant suits your ideal outcome
  • The right implant size that will fit your body and goals
  • Ideal implant placement
  • Surgery preparation and recovery steps

What Can I Expect From My Breast Augmentation Procedure?

During your breast augmentation, Bellevue, you can expect the leading service and care at Allure Esthetic. Dr. Sajan will put you under general anesthesia before beginning the procedure. Your breast augmentation will be safe, effectively monitored, and expertly executed. Your incisions can be in various locations depending on the type of incision site chosen during your consultation.

Incision Sites

There are multiple options for incision sites during a breast augmentation, Bellevue. While there are more popular choices than others, your best incision site depends on your personal preference and lifestyle. These incision sites include:

  • Inframammary: Inframammary incisions are placed underneath the bottom fold of the breast. They are generally only used for patients who already have excess breast tissue that can hide the scar.
  • Periareolar: The periareolar incision is located around the outer rim of the areola. This area is excellent for hiding scars but is not ideal for women who plan on having children and breastfeeding.
  • Transaxillary: Transaxillary incisions are placed underneath the armpit and are well hidden. This is an excellent location for many patients and can create amazing results. However, this incision site can only be used once, so you must choose another site if you need an implant replacement.
  • Transumbilical: Transumbilical is a newer incision site placed in the belly button. It’s a more advanced method that Dr. Ssajan has found creates a perfect place for hiding scars and can create an easier recovery time.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Your breast augmentation recovery will begin as soon as you leave the Allure Esthetic outpatient surgery center. You will need to have a loved one or friend drive you to and from the surgery, and you will need to take a few days to a week off of work to rest. Some additional recovery steps include:

  • Take any medication Dr. Sajan prescribed for pain
  • Take time to rest and allow your body to heal
  • Do not participate in physical activity or heavy lifting
  • Give your breasts time to settle
  • Plan for needing assistance during the first few days

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Last?

While breast augmentation, Bellevue, can last for over a decade, it is not a permanent surgery. Your need for breast implant replacement depends on your unique body and lifestyle. Still, Dr. Sajan prefers to prevent complications by performing the replacement around the ten-year mark.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost In Bellevue?

The cost of breast augmentation in Bellevue depends on the provider and clinic you choose. At Allure Esthetic, breast augmentation starts at $5,995 for saline breast implants and goes up for silicone or gummy bear.

When Will I See The Results From Breast Augmentation?

The results from breast augmentation, Bellevue, depend on your unique healing process. The initial swelling and bruising will subside after a few weeks; however, it can take six months to a year for the implants to fully settle in their final location.

The Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon In Bellevue, WA

Dr. Javad Sajan is a renowned cosmetic surgeon who specializes in numerous surgeries. His expertise in breast augmentation has allowed him to use advanced methods that speed up the recovery process and create stunning results. At Allure Esthetic, Dr. Sajan and his team provide the best breast augmentation in Bellevue.

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