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The infamous BBL, or Brazilian Butt Lift, has taken the nation by storm in recent years. With its ability to create striking contours in the waist and rear, many people undergo a BBL. However, with every cosmetic surgery, a second procedure is always possible to help maintain or enhance the effect. A second procedure is more common than you might imagine for a BBL. Second-round BBLs often happen much sooner than other follow-up cosmetic surgeries.

If the point of a Brazilian Butt Lift is to enhance the buttock, then a second-round BBL acts as an additional enhancement. At Allure Esthetic, Dr. Javad Sajan has created a thorough surgical process for a second-round BBL. By combining advanced liposuction techniques with in-depth post-operative care, patients can receive the best second-round BBL in Seattle.

Why Get A second Round BBL?

A patient may want to undergo a second-round BBL Seattle for many reasons. Since around 60% of the fat from an initial BBL can last, some patients find the results not as much as hoped. Others wish to improve the smooth contour and get rid of unwanted lumps and hip dips. Various reasons a second-round Brazilian Butt Lift can be ideal include:

  • Correcting asymmetry from a prior BBL
  • Smoothing lumps and dimples
  • Adding extra volume to the buttocks and hips
  • Creating an even and ideal contour
  • Revising a failed BBL fat transfer
  • Correcting healing errors from the first BBL

No one should feel unsatisfied with a prior BBL. However, many are and think they must tolerate the results. Dr. Sajan understands a second-round BBL may help you achieve the contoured goals you’ve always wanted.

What Is A Second-Round BBL?

To understand the intricate process of a second-round BBL, we must first look at a traditional BBL. A Brazilian Butt Lift is, in its essence, a split combination of liposuction and fat transfer. During a traditional BBL, Dr. Sajan uses power-assisted lipo to harvest the fat from various body areas like the stomach and thighs. Then, he purifies the fat through sterile gravity decanting and uses small cannulas to inject it into the buttock. It’s a highly technical procedure that contours the body, buttocks, and hips.

A second-round BBL is a more complicated side. Because the patient has already undergone one liposuction round, the newly formed fat can be fibrous and tougher to extract. Additionally, scar tissue can form in the prior donor sites, making navigating the hardened areas difficult. Injecting the fat around the prior BBL can create difficulties during the procedure. Dr. Sajan uses specialized and advanced methods for both steps in a second round BBL to ensure smooth, beautiful results with every surgery.

Step 1: Advanced Liposuction

For a second-round BBL, the liposuction technique must differ from the traditional to achieve success. Dr. Sajan uses ultrasonic energy to harvest fat during a second-round BBL Seattle. Ultrasonic liposuction makes it easier to harvest fat grafts smoothly and work around the fibrous fat and rigid scar tissue. The ultrasonic waves emit heat underneath the fat to break up and disrupt the stubborn areas and scar tissue. This creates a smoother transfer method and allows Dr. Sajan to harvest more fat than possible with suctioning.

However, Dr. Sajan also utilizes tumescent fluid to further enhance fat harvesting. Tumescent fluid combines lidocaine and epinephrine to saturate the fat cells and create an easy extraction process. Combining these advanced techniques is critical for a successful second-round Brazilian Butt Lift. Harvesting fat cells a second time brings many challenges. Still, with both tumescent fluid and ultrasonic liposuction, Dr. Sajan decreases the risk of bleeding, allows for a smoother process, and can harvest more stubborn fat effortlessly.

Step 2. Motorized Fat Transfer

Once the fat has been harvested and purified, it can be transferred, but this method should also vary from a traditional BBL. When performing a second-round BBL Seattle, Dr. Sajan transfers fat into an area with scar tissue from the first surgery. Instead of injecting the fat superficially, Dr. Sajan uses power-assisted tubes to inject the fat into the buttocks. Hand-injecting the fat can create unwanted ridges, lumps, and uneven dips in the buttocks and hips.

The power-assisted fat transfer uses a motorized sterile pump system with advanced, mobile cannulas to create space for the fat to flow into the buttocks and distribute it evenly across the area. This helps Dr. Sajan avoid unnecessary trauma to the rear that can come from superficially injecting the fat into scar tissue. This advanced fat transfer method produces a more accurate delivery with enhanced and sleek contours.

Seattle Second-Round BBL Process

Seattle second-round BBL patients will attend a consultation with Dr. Sajan before their procedure. This will allow him to determine if the patient can safely undergo the procedure and allow him to understand their individual challenges and goals. Additionally, it will help him assess if enough time has passed since the patient’s first Brazilian Butt Lift. He will also send the patient home with certain instructions to help prepare for surgery. These instructions can include:

  • Avoid sitting for 3 weeks on the buttocks and hips
  • Utilization of a protection pillow for the buttocks and hips for up to 1 month
  • Avoid medications and vitamins that increase the risk of bleeding (like aspirin)
  • Have a family member or friend take you to and from the surgery
  • Acquire all necessary garments and medications needed for recovery before the surgery

Dr. Sajan will provide in-depth pre-operative instructions for every patient during the consultation.

Second-Round BBL Recovery & Compression

While Dr. Sajan uses advanced methods that create a more straightforward recovery process, there are additional steps Allure Esthetic offers to promote easy and smooth healing. Dr. Sajan will provide detailed recovery instructions during the consultation. However, Dr. Sajan uses three levels of compression to ensure proper recovery.

The three compression levels help the buttocks heal and form properly following the procedure. The patient will begin with a snug body garment made with surgical foam in the early stages of their recovery. Then, Dr. Sajan will exchange this for a tight compression for the second stage. Finally, the patient will wear a waist trainer that forms around the hips, abdomen, and back. These forms of compression will help heal and structure the rear into a flawlessly contoured shape and are provided by Dr. Sajan. The general timeline for the three levels of compression is:

  • Snug foam garment: 2 weeks
  • Tight compression: 1 month
  • Waist trainer: 1 month

Lymphatic Massages For Second-Round BBL Seattle

Allure Esthetic recommends lymphatic massages to help patients heal from their second-round BBL. Because the lymphatic system plays a significant role in fluid draining, immune response, and white blood cell production, stimulating it can be highly beneficial for second-round BBL recovery. Attending weekly lymphatic massages can help:

  • Increase circulation and reduce swelling
  • Prevent scar tissue from building up
  • Break up scar tissue
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Reduces discomfort
  • Creates a smoother contour with fewer irregularities in the skin

While patients do not have to have lymphatic massages, Dr. Sajan highly recommends them for his Seattle second-round BBL patients.

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Asked Questions

How Much Does A Second-Round BBL In Seattle Cost?

Dr. Sajan charges the same price for a second-round BBL as the standard BBL. For round 2 BBL Seattle patients, the surgery starts at around $10,000 and includes limited areas of liposuction. This can vary based on the patient's unique needs and additional methods or techniques that may be necessary. Dr. Sajan will provide patients with a custom quote during a consultation.

How Soon After My First BBL Can I Get A Second?

The timing of your second-round BBL depends on individual circumstances and recovery complications. However, most patients should wait six to twelve months before undergoing a second BBL. Attending a consultation will allow Dr. Sajan to ensure you are ready for the second surgery.

Is A Second-Round BBL Safe?

Aside from common risks associated with most surgeries, a leading cosmetic surgeon should perform any type of BBL. Because the buttocks contain many blood vessels, finding the right cosmetic surgeon to perform a second Brazilian Butt Lift is vital, as incorrect fat placement can result in complications. However, finding an experienced and highly trained plastic surgeon can significantly reduce risk and ensure the patient’s safety.

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