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One of the most exciting developments in hair restoration technology, Neograft, is available at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery in Seattle. Neograft produces exceptionally natural-looking results, and a shorter recovery time – without scarring.

No Linear Scar with Neograft Hair Transplant Technology

The traditional surgical method involves removing a strip of viable hair follicles from the back of the head, extracting the follicles, and transplanting them into the thinning or balding area. This procedure, while effective, involves an incision, stitches or staples, and a linear scar that must be hidden from sight. For men or women who wear short hair, the scar is a serious drawback. The recovery time takes several weeks at least, as the scalp must knit back together.

Minimally Invasive Hair Restoration in Seattle

Undergoing any surgical procedure carries some degree of risk; the Neograft technology is the first FDA-cleared automated follicular unit harvesting and implantation system. The procedure employs a hair follicle extraction system called FUE, or “follicular unit extraction.” Individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area at the back of the scalp and immediately transplanted to the thinning area. The precise harvesting and placement make the results exceptionally natural in appearance, as well as being far less invasive than traditional hair transplant techniques.

Gentle Hair Transplants – Recovery in Just a Few Day

Rather than spending several weeks for an incision on the scalp to heal, patients can get back to work or other activities in just a few days. This procedure is extremely gentle, leading to little-to-no discomfort, no scalpels, no staples, and no stitches.

How does the Neograft procedure work?

This automated system employs a pneumatic pressure system that slides the hair follicle out of the donor area smoothly, without pulling or twisting that can damage the follicle. This procedure is gentler and allows for the follicle to be implanted at once, with a higher rate of success, and producing a hairline that appears natural.

How long will it take before I see results?

When a hair follicle is transplanted into a new area of the scalp, it goes through a process. Initially, the hair will be visible, and within a few weeks, the hair will shed, which is normal. The new hair growth will begin in about three to four months, after which it will continue to grow naturally.

What is the FUE process?

FUE, or “follicular unit process” is an advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant procedure which makes it possible to harvest individual hair follicles without incisions or the need for staples or stitches to close the incision, and leaves no scar. The system is automated, and involves the use of a specialized extraction system to target and remove individual hair follicles.

What does the Neograft procedure feel like?

The procedure involves the use of an innovative hair follicle extraction unit, and is one of the greatest breakthroughs in hair restoration technology to be developed. The individual follicles are gently removed in a random pattern from the donor site at the back of the head. These follicles are not genetically programmed for baldness.

In a typical procedure, about 2,000 follicles are harvested. Depending on the patient, it may not be necessary to even shave the head prior to the procedure. For patients with more extensive hair loss, it may require more than one procedure. The procedure is easy for a patient to tolerate, as the scalp area is numbed prior to the procedure. Minor pain can be experienced when getting the initial numbing injections, which is completed in just a few minutes.

Benefits of FUE with Neograft

The benefits of this innovative hair restoration technology include:

  • No linear scar
  • No stitches
  • No scalpel
  • Short recovery time
  • Less discomfort
  • Tiny incisions heal in days
  • Faster, more effective procedure
  • More natural in appearance

Artistry in Hair Restoration: Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery

While this breakthrough technology can truly deliver superior results, it is the hands behind the procedure that make all the difference in the final look. You want the transplanted hair to appear completely natural, particularly when restoring your hairline. Earlier hair transplant procedures were often unnatural in appearance, as they were placed in an unnatural pattern. Dr. Sajan is both a plastic surgeon and an artist, and takes great pride in his ability to create very natural looking results for his hair restoration patients.

Hair Restoration with Neograft: Hair Transplants in Bellevue and Kirkland, WA

Thinning hair is a distressing part of aging. Whether men or women, thinning hair and balding areas can leave you looking older and less vital. Rather than living with the condition, covering it with various hairstyles, hats, clip-ins, wigs, or toupees, why not have your own natural hair? Talk to us about the Neograft hair transplant technology, and let us evaluate your hair loss, and advise you if Neograft will produce the look you envision, with a restored hairline, filled-in bald spots, or thicker hair in thinning areas. Call today for a private consultation.

Restore Your Hairline with Neograft

Thinning hair affects both men and women. The Neograft hair transplant system is appropriate as a treatment for both male pattern baldness and female hair loss. Losing your hair is very distressing, and has a significant impact upon how you appear to others – as well as on your feelings of self-confidence and wellbeing. At Allure Esthetic, we are here to help you regain your self-confidence in your appearance, with a younger, more attractive appearance. Call today.

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