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FTM top surgery also referred to as transgender mastectomy, is a procedure to remove breast tissue and create a more masculine, sculpted chest contour. The surgery can significantly help trans men feel a sense of unity between their inner and outer selves, enhancing confidence and quality of life. Dr. Sajan is a skilled and trustworthy plastic surgeon who delivers natural looking results that are seamlessly integrated with your existing anatomy.

What is top surgery?

Top surgery is among the first procedures that many FTM clients undergo, as it can significantly help affirm gender identity and provide a sense of relief emotionally. The techniques chosen for excising breast tissue, fat, and skin from the chest will be based on the client's unique aesthetic goals and express wishes.

The most common approach is a bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafting, also called the double incision method. While top surgery does leave scars behind on either side of the chest, they are typically well hidden in the pec muscles’ border, and they tend to fade significantly over time. Medical grade scar creams can be used as well to help camouflage incision markings. After excision of the breast tissue, the nipple and areola complex is reshaped, resized, and then repositioned in a more gender-appropriate location.

What are the different options for FTM chest reconstruction?

    For clients without much breast tissue to remove, a technique known as the keyhole incision can be performed with minimal scarring. With the keyhole method, an incision is made at the bottom half of the areola. Note that the nipples and areolas are not typically resized with this approach. The doctor will make his best recommendation for your incision types during your private consultation.
    Using two concentric circular incisions that wrap around the areolas, the periareolar technique can help to provide a smooth, flat chest appearance with minimal scarring. Incisions are well hidden in the darker pigments of the areolas. Here, the nipples can be resized, reshaped, and repositioned.
    This approach is ideal for those with a significant amount of breast tissue. The first incision is made within the inframammary fold, and a second incision is made higher up on the breast. Once the excess skin and tissue have been excised, the skin from the top part of the breast is pulled taut, and the incisions are closed. The nipples and areolas are repositioned in a more pleasing location.
    Liposuction is often performed in tandem with top surgery to rid the chest of excess fat and streamline the physique for a more sculpted, masculine look.

What are the benefits of top surgery?

    Trans men who undergo top surgery feel better about their appearances and are more eager to engage socially and professionally. Top surgery can help the client feel more at ease in their skin, improve their quality of life, and provide positive gender affirmation.
    When you wake up each day to see a body in the mirror that you don't identify with it can be disorienting and alienating. Top surgery provides FTM patients with psychological congruence that radiates benefits to every area of life. When the physical body is aligned with one's inner sense of authenticity, life becomes a pleasurable adventure rather than a burden to be endured.
    Clients with gender dysphoria experience high rates of suicidal feelings, depression and anxiety. They feel trapped inside bodies that do not reflect their authentic identity. Top surgery can have tremendous benefits in terms of mental health, improving the patient's overall outlook on the future.
    Clients who undergo top surgery can finally enjoy wearing clothing that fits properly and is appropriate for their gender. In addition to the self-esteem that comes with purchasing a whole new wardrobe, top surgery clients will also love how they look shirtless at the beach, locker room, or the bedroom.

Who makes a good candidate?

While there is no set path on the road to gender affirmation, many clients desire top surgery to help them look and feel authentic. Top surgery can help those with gender dysphoria achieve a sense of inner peace and well-being.

Factors such as your age, your mental health, your physical health, your resources in terms of counseling and psychological support, as well as the timing of your surgery, will all play a role in determining if you are a good candidate.

Dr. Sajan will meet with you in private to discuss your options and together, you will come up with a surgical plan for resolving your cosmetic concerns. This process should not be rushed, but it should not be dragged out either. When a patient is ready to undergo top surgery, Dr. Sajan is eager to help them take this important step on their journey towards transformation.

What can I expect from my recovery?

After surgery, you will be fitted with drainage tubes, which help to rid the body of excess blood and fluids. These will remain in place for about 7 days. You will need to wear a compression garment for a few months to help reduce postoperative swelling and keep your new chest shape in pristine condition.

The doctor will provide you with ample pain medications, should you need them, as well as antibiotics to ward off any infections. Most clients return to work within two to three weeks. You should take care to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise for about 60 days after your top surgery.

Why choose Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery for FTM top surgery in Arizona?

Dr. Sajan is a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon who uses his expertise in combination with compassion and active listening to deliver exceptional results that are personalized and natural looking. He is sought after for his immense talent and an artistic eye, both nationally and internationally, and he regularly contributes to scholarly peer-reviewed texts and medical journals.

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery provides cutting-edge technological solutions and adherence to the highest safety protocols in the industry. From our caring patient coordinators to our highly trained nurse injectors, Allure Esthetic is a top destination for anyone seeking excellence, integrity and elegance.

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