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Transumbilical Breast Augmentation (also known as "TUBA") refers to the surgical approach plastic surgeons like Dr. Javad Sajan use to complete a breast augmentation procedure. In TUBA surgery, the incision is made at the umbilical/navel/belly button in order to create a pathway to the breast for insertion of the breast implant.

About Transumbilical Breast Augmentation

The basic TUBA procedure does, indeed, begin with an incision at the belly button. Dr. Sajan places an endoscope in this opening to help guide him as he creates a tunnel underneath the fat layer below the skin to enable instrumentation. From there, the implant to travel from the navel to an area behind the breast. Once at the destination point, Dr. Sajan creates a "pocket" that will hold the implant once it is moved through the tunnel and into position.

Because the tunnel is too small to accommodate a fully shaped implant, an uninflated saline implant is moved into position. After it has reached the pocket, a saline solution is transferred into the implant through a fill tube until the desired amount is reached. Once the implant is filled, the fill tube is removed and the implant automatically closes and seals the valve.

Benefits of transumbilical breast augmentation include:

  • Less invasive than other breast augmentation procedures
  • Little disturbance to breast tissue
  • Absence of tension at the incision point
  • No scarring at the breast site
  • Nearly invisible scarring at the umbilical site
  • Less discomfort
  • Reduced recovery and healing time
  • Low complication rate

Your TUBA Surgery

Your TUBA surgery will take place on an outpatient basis at our state-licensed surgery center. An overnight hospital stay will not be necessary. The anesthesiologist will administer either a general (deep sleep) or a combination of intravenous sedation and anesthesia. You will be carefully monitored throughout your surgery and recovery to ensure your safety and comfort.

Dr. Sajan will make the small incision in a fold of your belly button, insert an endoscope, and create the tunnel to the breast. Once at the destination point, he will create a pocket underneath the pectoralis major muscle of the breast. The uninflated implant will be moved through the tunnel to the pocket and when in position, it will be filled/inflated with a saline solution. After inflation is completed, the tube is removed, the implant capsule seals itself, and Dr. Sajan uses the endoscope to ensure that everything is in place before exiting the tunnel and closing the navel incision with sutures. The same procedure is repeated for the other breast.

You will be given detailed information about the procedure and recovery process. Carefully follow Dr. Sajan's instructions about oral and topical medications, caring for the incision area, level of activity recommendations, and follow-up appointments. Following these instructions will help facilitate the healing process and optimize your results.

Enhancing Your Self-Image

Breast augmentation with the TUBA procedure can help you achieve a more balanced body shape and give you a more positive self-image. The results of your surgery will be immediately noticeable and will continue to refine over the weeks and months following recovery. Contact Dr. Sajan's office to schedule a consultation appointment and discuss your transumbilical breast augmentation options.

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