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FTM top surgery is a beautifully transformative and medically necessary surgery that helps transgender and non-binary patients achieve a more masculine or flat chest to help overcome gender dysphoria. This surgery has changed many lives, creating a body type that matches a patient’s true identity. However, while this surgery is medically necessary for many patients, one major drawback for many patients can prevent them from undergoing surgery. This drawback is that double incision FTM top surgery causes loss of nipple sensation.

At Allure Esthetic, Dr. Javad Sajan performs a revolutionary technique that allows him to perform double incision FTM top surgery while potentially maintaining nipple sensation. With this new technique, Dr. Sajan can create a male or flat chest while possibly maintaining nipple sensation.

How Does A Mastectomy With Nipple Grafting Work?

To understand how this new, exciting technique works, we must first examine how double incision top surgery operates. A double incision FTM top surgery creates a more masculine or flat chest for transgender and non-binary patients through tissue removal and sculpting. However, the most common way to perform this surgery is with autologous free nipple grafts.

In this case, “free” does not mean zero cost. Instead, free nipple grafts refer to the way the nipples are disconnected from the chest and placed in a male or non-binary position. Unfortunately, with this method, when the nipples are repositioned, the nerves are also disconnected, and the nipple sensation is completely severed.

Why Does Nerve Connection Matter?

The nerve connection is a significant part of the human anatomy and can be a beautiful part of sexuality. For those undergoing FTM top surgery, losing nerve connection and nipple sensation can feel unfair and like you have to lose a part of yourself to gain your true identity. Preserving nerve connection has not been historically possible with double incision surgery

Dr. Sajan wants every patient to be able to achieve their true gender identity, overcome gender dysphoria, and be able to maintain all the parts of themselves that enhance their life. By preserving the nerve connection and creating a more advanced FTM top surgery, you can undergo the procedure and still potentially be able to maintain your nipple sensation. There is no guarantee that the sensation will return with Dr. Sajan’s technique. However, this technique has succeeded in peer-reviewed plastic surgery publications.

Why Undergo FTM Top Surgery With Nerve Connection?

Losing nerve connection and nipple sensation can make this medically necessary surgery challenging. With this new technique, patients gain the possibility of retaining their nipple sensation and still achieving their gender-affirming top surgery.

This revolutionary technique can help your transition feel a little easier and may help you avoid making the tough choice of losing nipple sensitivity or undergoing FTM top surgery in Seattle.

How Does Preserving Nerve Connection Work?

This new, advanced method is much more delicate and meticulous than its traditional counterpart. Nipple nerve connection is a precise technique that can allow the nerves to be reattached and preserved.

During an Seattle FTM top surgery with nerve connection, Dr. Sajan will dissect the nipple away from the chest, initially severing the nerve attachment as done in double-incision FTM top surgery. He will then identify and dissect sensory nerves in the chest. He then reconnects these nerves to the nipple graft under magnification using special sutures made of human hair. These sutures, called 9-0 Nurolon sutures, can reconnect the nerves and help preserve nipple sensation.

Dr. Sajan works with every patient to create customized, dramatic, and natural results that try to preserve nipple sensation and allow the complete transformation of the chest.

Recovery From FTM Top Surgery With Nerve Connection

An FTM top surgery with nerve connection is a delicate process that requires rest and recovery before the final results can be experienced. However, some instructions will help ensure your healing process goes as smoothly as possible. These instructions include:

  • One week of strict rest and gentle movement (walking around to stimulate blood flow)
  • Leave all surgical bandages on until Dr. Sajan removes them
  • Do not lift your arms above your shoulders for at least a week
  • Avoid exercise and strenuous activity for at least a month
  • Take all medication prescribed by Dr. Sajan to promote healing
  • Attend all follow-up appointments with Dr. Sajan to ensure proper care

These are just some specific instructions that can help you achieve an easy healing process. Dr. Sajan will be able to provide more information during your consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Insurance Cover An FTM Top Surgery With Nerve Connection?

Many insurance companies will cover your FTM top surgery with nerve connection. Gender-affirming procedures are considered medically necessary surgery, as they provide the proper care to help you step into your true self. Allure Esthetic works with private insurance companies and financing companies like Credit Care. It also works with out-of-Washington State Medicaid plans on a case-by-case basis.

Is FTM Top Surgery With Nerve Connection Permanent?

Yes, FTM top surgery with nerve connection can be a permanent surgery. The tissue in the mammary glands will not generally regenerate once removed, so the surgery is considered relatively permanent and non-reversible.

Is A Mastectomy With Nipple Grafting Safe?

With the right plastic surgeon, a double incision FTM top surgery with nipple grafting in Seattle can be safe. While there are inherent risks with any surgery, Dr. Sajan works to make every attempt to help ensure every patient is safe to undergo the procedure and uses techniques that decrease risk.

How Much Does A Mastectomy With Nipple Grafting Cost In Seattle?

For this revolutionary surgical procedure, Allure Esthetic generally charges $14,000. This includes the operating room fee, surgeon, and anesthesia. However, most of these surgeries can be covered by insurance, or you can work with a financing company like Care Credit to plan out a payment schedule.

Am I A Candidate For FTM Top Surgery With Nerve Connection?

If you are struggling with your gender identity and want to undergo top surgery that does not affect your nipple sensation, FTM top surgery with nerve connection may be the perfect help for your gender dysphoria. Dr. Sajan can help you find your ideal solution during a consultation.

The Best Mastectomy With Nipple Grafting Surgeon

Dr. Javad Sajan began this incredible journey to provide the best outcome from an FTM top surgery. Your transition journey should be exciting, as should everything you imagined. However, when that process involves losing nipple sensitivity, it can cause some sadness and worry for many patients. Dr. Sajan performs this surgery to ensure that every FTM top-surgery patient can help maintain their nipple sensitivity and may help achieve their true identity.

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