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If you’re bothered by the appearance of your hips because of a dip in the curving line from your hips to your thighs, a fat transfer can be performed to correct this concern. The Hip Dip Fat Transfer procedure removes unwanted fat from one area of the body, then uses it to add volume in the “dip” area of the hips. This procedure achieves a smooth hip and thigh line and curving, feminine silhouette.

What is a hip dip?

Hip dips, also called violin hips, are the indentations between the upper curve of your hips and the tops of your thighs. A hip dip is typically caused when the skin on the sides of your hips is more tightly attached to the deeper part of the thigh bone.

A hip dip is more noticeable based on the amount of fat and the distribution of the fat on your body. While a hip dip is not a medical concern, for many, it is a cosmetic one. For those who are bothered by the appearance of hip dips, a Hip Dip Fat Transfer procedure can be performed to achieve a smooth, curving contour.

What is a Hip Dip Fat Transfer?

The goal of a Hip Dip Fat Transfer is to give you more of an hourglass, curvy look around the hips, achieving better sculpting and definition of your lower body. This procedure helps to bring about a better hip-to-waist ratio. Hip implants and dermal fillers can be used to correct hip dips. But the most natural-looking and feeling option is a Hip Dip Fat Transfer.

During this procedure, excess fat in a pre-determined area, such as the stomach, buttocks, or thighs, can be removed and transferred to the hips to fill in the spots where needed, improving the overall look of your legs and shape.

Benefits of a Hip Dip Fat Transfer

The Hip Dip Fat Transfer is becoming quite a popular procedure because patients who are bothered by the inward depressions along their hips feel they look “lumpy” and desire the most effective option to address their aesthetic concerns.

A Hip Dip Fat Transfer is a two-in-one procedure that provides the benefit of removing unwanted fat in one area in addition to resolving the hip dips. Because of this combination aspect, a Hip Dip Fat Transfer has an advantage over implants or fillers. A Hip Dip Fat Transfer includes the following benefits:

  • A trimmer, more sculpted area of the body where fat was removed
  • An enhanced, attractive hourglass figure
  • Minimal risk of an allergic reaction or rejection because it uses your own tissues
  • Nothing foreign is introduced to the body
  • Results are very natural looking
  • Very long-lasting results
  • Addresses two problem areas at one time
  • Contours your hips and thighs to achieve a more defined silhouette
  • Less invasive than other procedures
  • Does not require general anesthesia or a hospital stay
  • Minimal downtime and discomfort

What happens during a Hip Dip Fat Transfer procedure?

The fat transfer procedure is typically performed with local anesthesia and will take between three to four hours.

The first part of the process is liposuction. Very small incisions are made near the area where fat will be removed. A long, thin tube called a cannula is used to break up and gently suction out the unwanted fat. Once the fat is removed, it is purified in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the fat to remove fluids and blood without damaging the fat cells. The fat cells are then placed into a syringe and injected into the indented areas of the hips, where more volume is needed.

The newly injected fat connects to a new blood supply from your body, allowing this new tissue to receive the nourishment required to survive. Some of these cells will remain in the area permanently.

Recovery after Hip Dip Fat Transfer

You will be able to go home with a friend or family member after your procedure is complete. Recovery time varies depending on the individual, but generally, most patients require one week to recover after a Hip Dip Fat Transfer. To ensure as much of the transferred fat survives as possible, we will provide important guidelines to follow. You will wear a compression garment over the area where the fat was removed. Expect swelling and bruising during the first two weeks. These effects will diminish in the following weeks. Do not sleep on your side for at least three weeks. Sleep on your stomach or back to help protect the fat tissue and encourage tissue survival. It will take 4-6 weeks before you can exercise or engage in strenuous activity again.

Hip Dip Fat Transfer results

You might not notice the results from hip dip surgery right away. It may take up to six months for the results of a fat graft to take full effect.

As the swelling goes down, you will notice initial results. As the fat “settles” in your body’s new contours, more significant results will be seen between 1-3 months.

Keep in mind that all of the transferred fat will not survive. About 30% of the transferred fat is generally lost. As your body absorbs some of the fat in the year following surgery, patients may consider additional fat grafting procedures to maintain their results.

Who is a candidate for Hip Dip Fat Transfer?

Candidates for a Hip Dip Fat Transfer are those who are unhappy about the indents in their hip area at the outside of the hips. The best candidates for a Hip Dip Fat Transfer meet the following requirements:

  • Are generally healthy
  • Do not smoke
  • Have enough fat on their body to donate to the hip area
  • Have enough fat on their body to donate to the hip area
  • Are unhappy with the appearance of their hips
  • Have enough fat to use from another area of their body
  • Have realistic expectations for what a Hip Dip Fat Transfer can accomplish
  • Understand this procedure may need to be repeated to achieve ideal results
  • Do not have circulation problems

Why choose Dr. Sajan for Hip Dip Fat Transfer?

Dr. Javad Sajan is a board-certified and leading international expert in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He is dedicated to helping patients achieve beautiful outcomes to achieve their aesthetic ideals and goals. Dr. Sajan is known for his understanding, expertise, and commitment to helping his patients reach their ultimate goals for their figure. He is a top doctor and an ideal choice for patients who would like to benefit from his expertise in the Hip Dip Fat Transfer procedure.

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