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Breast reduction, or reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure done to remove excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue from the breasts. When performed by cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Javad Sajan, your Seattle breast reduction reduces and reshapes the size of your breast and may also reduce your areola.

Breast Lift & Breast Reduction

Balance and Proportion

The emotional and physical burdens some women bear because of exceptionally large breasts can be considerable. A woman may develop large breasts due to hereditary factors, as an unusual and increased histologic sensitivity to hormones (like female sex hormones, growth factors, and prolactin), unusually elevated levels of hormones in the blood, and as a consequence of the onset of pregnancy. Hypertrophic (oversized) breasts may develop fairly uniformly or asymmetrically, in which one breast is significantly larger than the other.

Women with disproportionately oversized breasts may not only experience the emotional stress of unwanted attention, but also physical discomfort that affects their daily activities. Some of these physical challenges include: significant head, neck, and back pain, and pain (including skin trauma/ulcerations) from bra straps cutting into the shoulders.

Your Seattle breast reduction surgery can provide a number of significant benefits to women who struggle with oversized breasts, including:

  • Improved physical comfort and posture
  • Ability to participate in sports and other activities that were painful or awkward prior to surgery
  • Clothes fit better
  • Body is better proportioned, balanced, and shapelier
  • Increased breast symmetry
  • Improved self-image and confidence

Breast Reduction Surgery

Your breast reduction will be entirely customized to your unique goals and breasts. To perform the procedure, Dr. Sajan will choose from one of the following techniques:


The anchor approach is the most common breast reduction technique. It's often recommended for women with very large breasts, and for those who feature more glandular development, as opposed to fatty tissue. It's also the most intensive method, allowing for the removal of a substantial amount of excess skin and tissue. The incisions are made around the nipple, down the front of the breast and extending along the breast crease, creating a pattern that looks like an anchor.


With the vertical incision technique, Dr. Sajan will create a smaller incision around the areola and extending down the front of the breast. This approach results in less scarring than the anchor technique and tends to be ideal for women who need a moderate amount of excess tissue removed.


Scarless breast reduction is performed using gentle liposuction to remove fatty tissue and create smaller, less cumbersome breasts. To perform this procedure, Dr. Sajan will make a small incision in the armpit or along the bottom breast crease. From there, he will insert a cannula through those openings, carefully breaking up and removing excess fatty tissue. The resulting scars are very minimal and hidden from view, and the procedure itself is associated with a quick recovery period, very few complications and minimal trauma. In addition, it tends to be ideal for women whose breasts are composed primarily of excess fatty tissue, as opposed to glandular development.

After creating the chosen incision, Dr. Sajan will remove fat, tissue and excess skin from the breast. In most cases, he will also reposition the nipple so it's in a higher location on the chest. This will always be done with the utmost care, to increase the chances of preserving your nipple sensation and ability to breastfeed in the future.

Once the reshaping process is completed, Dr. Sajan will close the incisions, possibly support the incision areas with surgical tape and/or skin adhesives, and apply a surgical dressing. You may be asked to wear a compression garment for a period of time following your surgery.


Once your procedure is complete, Dr. Sajan will place drains to prevent fluid from accumulating and your breasts will be carefully wrapped in a sterile dressing to protect the area. Before you leave the surgery center, you will receive detailed instructions on how to care for your drains, change your dressings and manage any pain or discomfort during your initial recovery period.

Throughout the first two weeks, you should expect to experience some bruising and swelling around your chest. This is completely normal and will subside as you move through the healing process. You'll also need to wear a surgical bra to support your breasts and avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity for several weeks. Most of our clients in Seattle and surrounding areas are able to return to work in about two weeks. With that said, Dr. Sajan will provide you with a custom timeline during your post-operative appointments.

Although the initial recovery period will only last a few weeks, it's important to continue to be gentle with your breasts for several months after surgery, as they may be tender for quite some time. In terms of results, they will be apparent immediately and should continue to improve as the swelling subsides.

A Balanced and More Proportionate You

Patients who have received a Seattle breast reduction surgery with Dr. Sajan often report being extremely satisfied with their results. Many feel a significantly enhanced sense of balance and proportion, with smaller, lighter and firmer breasts. In addition, the physical discomfort and pain they've lived with for years is often improved. Contact Dr. Sajan's Seattle office today to learn more about what breast reduction can do for you.

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