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Considering FTM top surgery is a courageous step forward in your journey to making your birth-assigned body reflect your gender identity. If you’re a transgender man from Montana, you can start your gender reassignment journey with Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic in nearby Seattle, WA.

Dr. Sajan is an incredibly talented and compassionate plastic surgeon who has seen several transgender individuals through various stages of the gender reassignment process. Dr. Sajan’s state-of-the-art plastic surgery clinic is located at 600 Broadway Suite 320, Seattle, WA: Less than 12-hours from Montana.

If you’re ready to start your gender reassignment journey, please call (206) 209-0988 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic.

What can I expect from FTM top surgery at Allure Esthetic?

FTM top surgery is generally the first step in a transgender man’s gender reassignment process. The surgery entails reconstructing the patient’s biologically-female chest to develop masculine contours and appearance. Each step of the gender reassignment process is curated in complete collaboration with the patient — Dr. Sajan curates the treatment plan according to your individual expectations and preferences.

The FTM gender reassignment process starts with an extended consultation. Dr. Sajan will discuss your cosmetic expectations and goals, review your medical history, and examine your breast and skin tissues. Based on the preliminary examination, he’ll curate a treatment plan according to your specific preferences and needs.

Once the treatment plan is laid out, you can suggest tweaks and modifications to ensure it meets your expectations. Dr. Sajan will also outline and discuss the specific benefits and drawbacks of various procedures involved in the surgery, allowing you to make an educated decision about how to proceed.

What FTM Top Surgery Entails

  • Once the plan is made, the surgery will be conducted in a state-licensed center. The top surgery may eventually involve the following:
  • Removal of excess skin tissues while preserving some of the fat tissues.
  • Removal and subsequent reattachment of the nipples in the ideal location for a natural appearance.
  • Adjunct liposuction to remove the unwanted feminine fat tissues from the chest.
  • Other changes and modifications based on your cosmetic goals.

After the top surgery, Dr. Sajan provides a detailed recovery guideline. You must follow the guidelines accurately to ensure you have a speedy and smooth recovery. If you have any concerns or problems during the recovery, please inform Dr. Sajan immediately.

Why should patients from Montana visit Dr. Sajan for FTM top surgery?

Allure Esthetic is one of the most reputable state-of-the-art surgical centers in Seattle. It’s led by Dr. Sajan, an award-winning plastic surgeon who understands and appreciates the value and importance of an FTM top surgery in a transgender man’s life. He has helped several transgender men reclaim bodies that conform to their gender identities, and he wants to help you do the same.

Our plastic surgery clinic is located on 600 Broadway Suite in Seattle, about 735 miles from Montana via the i-90W and about 840 miles via the US-2 W. Depending on the route you take, transgender men in Montana can reach our clinic within 12 hours. Our clinic is in a queer-friendly neighborhood with some great dining and hotel options.

If you prefer a luxurious hotel, you can consider the Four Seasons Hotel Seattle on 99 Union St., or you can opt for relatively humble (and budget-friendly) accommodations like the Crowne Plaza Seattle-Downtown on 1113 6th Ave. You can also try some LGBTQ+ friendly cafes, such as Caffe Fiore Queen Anne on 224 W Galer St.

If you’re ready to start your gender reassignment journey, please call (206) 209-0988 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic.

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