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Injectable Treatments in Seattle

Advances in modern medicine now allow Seattle plastic surgeons and their injectors to achieve results previously only attainable with more complex and, often times, more invasive procedures. Here at Allure Esthetic, we colloquially refer to these treatments as injectables, because these treatments are often no more involved than receiving your yearly vaccinations.

Our injectable services can diminish facial wrinkles, improve the appearance of scarring, help turn back the clock on facial aging, define facial volume, enhance desirable facial features and even help restore hair loss. If you are interested in the sound of any of these quick, minimally invasive treatments, please take a minute to read more about them below and schedule a consultation with us.

BOTOX in Seattle

BOTOX is a non-surgical, injectable therapy used by plastic surgeons like Dr. Javad Sajan to help diminish the appearance of patients' facial lines and wrinkles. It works as a neuromodulator, causing facial muscles to temporarily relax. As such, it can reduce facial wrinkles and, to some extent, it also can help prevent new wrinkles from forming. Injectable facial treatments like BOTOX Seattle may be a viable alternative to plastic surgery for some men and women and the results can be rewarding. Visit Dr. Sajan for beautiful results from BOTOX in Seattle.

BOTOX Prices

  • 20 Units $219
  • 30 Units $299



Xeomin in Seattle

Xeomin is a BOTOX alternative that works in very much the same way. It's designed to temporarily paralyze the underlying muscles that are causing your lines and wrinkles, allowing you to rediscover the smooth face of your youth. However, the main difference is that Xeomin does not contain any additional additives, making it a safer choice for patients who are prone to allergic reactions or have developed antibodies to BOTOX.

Xeomin Prices

  • 20 Units $219
  • 30 Units $299



Bellafill in Seattle

Bellafill is a revolutionary dermal filler that's designed to treat very specific imperfections and telltale signs of aging. It's comprised of collagen and PMMA microspheres, which work together to fill in smile lines, acne scars and wrinkles. It's extremely safe and FDA-approved, making it a terrific, long-lasting option for our patients.

Bellafill is a revolutionary dermal filler that can treat acne scars and smile lines for up to five years. Contact Dr. Sajan's Seattle office today and learn more about what Bellafill can do for you.

Bellafill Prices

  • 1 Session $1,200
  • 2 Sessions $3,500



Radiesse in Seattle

Radiesse is a highly versatile dermal filler. When injected with art and precision, it can address a wide range of cosmetic imperfections and signs of aging, restoring a smooth and youthful facial appearance.

Radiesse is a unique, long-lasting dermal filler that can address some of the most common signs of facial aging, including hollow areas, lines and wrinkles. Contact Dr. Sajan's Seattle office today and learn more about what Radiesse can do for you.

Radiesse Prices

  • Radiesse 1.5mL $800


Restylane in Seattle

Restylane is an extremely effective dermal filler for patients who want to address telltale signs of facial aging. It's designed to temporarily replenish your body's natural supply of hyaluronic acid, restoring the smooth complexion of your youth.

Hyaluronic acid is a critical, naturally-occurring component that keeps your complexion looking smooth and wrinkle-free. It dissipates with age, allowing hollow areas, lines and other surface imperfections to appear. Restylane works by replenishing your lost supply of hyaluronic acid, offering an extremely effective way to improve the quality and appearance of your skin.

Restylane Prices

  • Restylane-L $489
  • Restylane-Silk $525
  • Restylane-Lyft $525
  • Restylane Refyne $550
  • Restylane Defyne $550
  • Restylane Kysse $575







Juvederm in Seattle

As the natural aging process progresses, youthful volume in the mid-face region tends to diminish. Fortunately, Juvederm treatments can restore definition in this key area, allowing you to rediscover your contoured cheeks for up to two years.

Juvederm is generally considered safe for most patients. As long as you're 18+ years of age and want a non-surgical way to address age-related volume loss in the mid-face region, there's a very strong chance that you'll qualify for Juvederm Voluma injections.

Juvederm Prices

  • Juvederm Ultra $525
  • Juvederm Ultra Plus $550
  • Juvederm Voluma $850




Lip Augmentation in Seattle

Voluminous and sensual lips are coveted by many, because they're a universal sign of beauty that can enhance one's entire facial appearance. As such, Dr. Sajan offers a variety of highly effective treatments that are designed to create a more attractive mouth.

The most commonly used lip fillers today are hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Juvéderm and Restylane. Hyaluronic acid is a substance produced naturally in the body that helps keep skin tissues soft, plump, and supple. Molecules of hyaluronic acid have the unique ability to attract and retain many times their weight in water.

When performed correctly, injections of hyaluronic acid lip fillers can enhance the lips by adding shape, structure, and volume, with stunning, natural-looking results. The downside is that results are temporary and touch-up treatments will be needed in time.

PRP Hair Treatment in Seattle

Hair loss can happen for a number of reasons. Most commonly, it occurs as gradual thinning in both men and women as an unfortunate effect of the aging process. However, some people develop bald spots on the scalp or in the eyebrows and beard instead of gradual thinning.

Ideal candidates for our Seattle PRP hair treatment are men and women with dormant hair follicles who want to reverse hair loss. This therapy can benefit people with thinning hair, a receding hair line, and hair loss at the top of the scalp and along the temples.

This procedure is designed to stimulate inactive hair follicles and reactive hair follicles that may be dying. Patients who do not have any hair follicles in the area may not fully benefit from this treatment. Dr. Sajan can evaluate your scalp and tell you if you are a good candidate for PRP therapy.


A form of botulinum toxin A, Dysport, temporarily relaxes fine lines and wrinkles with quick, simple injections. It is especially effective in the forehead, glabella, and crow's feet. Patients of all ages enjoy the effects of Dysport injections in Seattle.


A semi-permanent filler option, Sculptra adds facial volume for a more youthful look. A versatile injectable, Sculptra can treat deep facial wrinkles, loss of facial volume, and facial thinning. Originally developed for chronically ill patients who experienced extreme facial thinning, Sculptra provides long lasting volume while promoting collagen production.


Get rid of a double chin non-surgically with Kybella injections. Made of deoxycholic acid, Kybella dissolves small portions of fat like those present under the chin. Safe and FDA-approved, Kybella treats a double chin without surgery or a recovery.

Tear Trough Filler

Sunken, dark, or tired looking under eyes can be nearly impossible to get rid of with traditional skincare and techniques. Dermal fillers offer a solution that can immediately brighten up the face and treat permanently dark or sunken tear troughs. With quick under eye filler injections, patients look more awake and refreshed.

Chin Filler

A recessed chin can throw the entire face out of proportion. Chin filler can add volume and definition to the chin in just a few minutes. This can lead to a more defined jawline and improved facial profile. Dermal filler injections in the chin can also correct unwanted dimples, wrinkles, or define the shape of the chin.

Jawline Filler

Jawline filler consists of dermal filler injections into the back of the jaw to create a more square, defined jaw. For some people, their jaw is not defined due to lack of definition in this area. Adding slight volume to the back of the jaw to widen it, may bring harmony and proportion to the facial features.

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