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Almost all of us have heard of CoolSculpting from someone or somewhere. There are locations in every city, ads across most social media platforms, and influencers praising its fat-blasting abilities. While CoolSculpting can be good for fat burning, it can create the opposite effects in some people.

When this occurs, a condition known as Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) can occur, creating a dense protrusion of fat in the area treated by CoolScupting. Highly skilled cosmetic surgeons can reverse this condition through precision liposuction and restore your shape. Dr. Javad Sajan can create incredible change at Allure Esthetic through liposuction and eliminate HAP.

What Is Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia?

Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia is a condition that occurs in one out of two thousand people who get CoolSculpting or cryolipolysis. To understand how PAH occurs, we must first understand how cryolipolysis treats fat. Cryolipolysis for body contouring uses cryotherapy to eliminate fat cells and tissue through freezing temperatures.

While it can be successful for many people, extreme, low temperatures can destroy fatty tissue and cells. It can sometimes have the opposite effect in some. This is when HAP occurs, as the fat cells can expand due to cryotherapy for fat-blasting.

HAP results from expanded fat cells that are sometimes referred to as a “stick of butter.” This is because they harden in the shape of the CoolSculpting treatment area and can create a descended, bloated look in the stomach or treated location. Additionally, the applicator for CoolSculpting is typically shaped like a large stick of butter, which is the shape it will take across the treated area.

What Causes Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia?

The leading cause of PAH is cryotherapy for fat-blasting. However, some factors can contribute to a higher risk of developing PAH after CoolScupting. These factors include:

  • Men - men are at a higher risk of developing PAH after cryotherapy for fat elimination
  • Hispanic patients could be at a higher risk of developing PAH
  • CoolSculpting that uses larger applicators may put the patient at higher risk of developing PAH
  • Providers who use a higher suction can create a higher risk of PAH

Why Does CoolSculpting Cause PAH?

It’s unknown why CoolSculpting can have this effect on some patients. However, PAH occurs in one out of one hundred and twenty-eight patients who develop this complication. It will be in the form of a cryotherapy tool and will stick out drastically.

How To Avoid Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia?

Truthfully, the only way to avoid PAH is to avoid cryotherapy for fat elimination. However, for many who have PAH, it can seem challenging to know the right ways to undo the effects of the CoolSculpting that did the opposite of its intended purpose. PAH liposuction is a great way to regain your shape and beat the adverse effects of CoolSculpting. There are many ways to combat paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, but one of the top methods is PAH liposuction.

Benefits Of PAH Liposuction

Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia

There are many apparent benefits of undergoing PAH liposuction, as developing an unwanted area of fat can be extremely distressing, especially when it comes from a treatment that is designed to eliminate fat. Some benefits of PAH liposuction include:

  • Eliminates the “stick of butter” fat pocket developed due to cryotherapy for fat blasting
  • Helps you avoid excision surgery
  • Restores your former shape
  • Restores self-esteem and physical shape
  • Helps combat the adverse side effects of CoolSculpting
  • Archives what the cryotherapy could not
  • Can further shape your abdomen and other areas of your body
  • Performed by the leading PAH liposuction surgeon in Seattle

These are just a few benefits you can experience when undergoing PAH liposuction at Allure Esthetic.

When Can I Undergo PAH Liposuction?

Typically, you must wait at least six months before undergoing PAH liposuction. This is because, just like a stick of butter, the fat cells will need time to soften before they can be removed with liposuction. This process can take about six months before it can be extracted. Dr. Sajan can help determine the best time for your PAH liposuction treatment during a consultation.

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PAH Liposuction Treatment In Seattle

When you come to Allure Esthetic, Dr. Sajan will be able to give you back your figure and shape through liposuction correction surgery. Before you undergo the procedure, you will need to attend a consultation with Dr. Sajan so he can help create the right treatment plan for your unique difficulties. This consultation will help him ensure patient safety, understand your PAH and the effects of the treatment on your body, and create the perfect plan to eliminate the fat.

Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia  | Allure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

PAH Liposuction Procedure

Depending on the state of your PAH, Dr. Sajan may use traditional or power-assisted liposuction to eliminate the stick of butter condition. Dr. Sajan will use specialized tools to suction out the soft, fatty tissue and cells during PAH liposuction. The length of surgery depends on the amount of fat that needs to be removed. However, it may last an hour or a bit longer.


Recovery from PAH liposuction is a relatively straightforward process. You may experience some bruising or swelling following the procedure and may have minimal discomfort during the first few days. Some other recovery instructions may include:

  • Take all medication prescribed by Dr. Sajan
  • Rest for at least a week and plan to take time off of work
  • Do not exercise or strain the incision sites
  • Drink water and eat healthy
  • Wear any compression garmet provided by Dr. Sajan
  • Attend all follow-up appointments with Dr. Sajan

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will I See The Results From PAH Liposuction?

The results from PAH liposuction will be almost immediate. However, some bruising and swelling may occur during the first few weeks of healing. The swelling may block the final results until it subsides completely, which can take a few weeks to a month.

Where Can PAH Occur On The Body?

PAH, as a result of CoolSculpting, can occur in any area of the body that is treated. This can include areas such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, under the chin, around the bra line, back, upper arms, and sides. It can develop in any area treated by cryotherapy for fat elimination.

How Do I Know If I’ve Developed Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia?

It will be pretty evident if you’ve developed PAH after a CoolSculpting session. The lump of hardened fat will develop quickly and be in the exact shape of the CoolSculpting tool. In many cases, the fat develops three to six months after cryotherapy for fat blasting or even sooner, depending on your body’s response to the therapy.

How Much Does PAH Liposuction Cost In Seattle?

The cost of PAH liposuction in Seattle relies on the clinic and cosmetic surgeon you choose. At Allure Esthetic, PAH liposuction is the same price as traditional liposuction. The cost starts at $2,995 for the first area and goes up with each additional area.

Am I A Candidate For PAH Liposuction?

If you are experiencing a dense fat pocket developed after a CoolSculpting session, you may be a candidate for PAH liposuction. By attending a consultation with Dr. Sajan, you can know if PAH liposuction is the right solution for your unique needs.

The Leading PAH Liposuction Surgeon In Seattle

Dr. Javad Sajan is the leading PAH liposuction surgeon in Seattle. Through his dedication, expertise, and precision, Dr. Sajan can create lasting results that eliminate the effects of PAH. Allure Esthetic creates fantastic experiences for every patient and always goes the extra mile for every unique need.

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