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Top surgery is an essential procedure for individuals seeking gender reassignment. In Spokane, Dr. Javad Sajan provides FTM top surgery to help his patients achieve this critical transformation safely and effectively. With extensive experience, training, and a dedication to delivering the highest level of personalized care possible, Dr. Sajan works as a trusted partner at every step of the journey.

What is Female to Male Top Surgery?

Female to Male (FTM) Top Surgery is a gender-affirming surgery for transgender and nonbinary individuals who want to masculinize their chest. The procedure removes breast tissue, reshapes the chest, reduces the nipple size, and sculpts a masculine upper chest contour. Additional techniques, such as muscle reconstruction, could be performed depending on the desired outcome.

What are some of the benefits of FTM top surgery?

FTM Top Surgery helps reduce gender dysphoria by aligning the body with the individual’s gender identity. The procedure is a significant physical transformation that often fosters enhanced physical and mental well-being.

Dr. Sajan has extensive experience performing FTM Top Surgery, so you can rest assured that you are in excellent hands. He will take the time to discuss your goals, answer questions, and provide detailed postoperative instructions to ensure optimal outcomes.

Who is a good candidate for FTM top surgery?

Before undergoing FTM Top Surgery, it is imperative to give informed consent after thoroughly discussing the risks and benefits of the surgery, as well as any alternatives. Potential complications and legal/social implications should be carefully considered, as the procedure results in irreversible physical changes. To ensure a superior outcome, Dr. Sajan uses the most advanced surgical techniques to create a sculpted, natural-looking upper chest.

What is the procedure for FTM top surgery?

There are several types of FTM Top Surgery, including double incision top surgery with nipple grafts, periareolar top surgery, and keyhole top surgery. Double incision top surgery is the most common type of FTM Top Surgery. It involves making two incisions along the chest to remove breast tissue and create a more masculine chest contour. Nipple grafts may be used to reposition the nipples in this procedure.

Periareolar top surgery is less invasive than double incision top surgery. It involves an incision around the areola to remove breast tissue and reshape the chest. Keyhole top surgery is the least invasive option and involves making small incisions around the areola to remove breast tissue while preserving as much skin as possible.

What is the recovery for FTM top surgery?

After having Female to Male Top Surgery, it is essential to follow all aftercare instructions carefully to ensure a fast and successful recovery. You will need to wear compression bandages around your chest, sleep on your back, and regularly change the compression bandages. Additionally, you may need medications to reduce pain, ward off infection, and avoid the after-effects of general anesthesia, such as constipation.

To promote faster healing and reduce any risk of complications, plan to take one to two weeks off from work to rest and recover without stress. Avoid lifting or reaching so no pressure is placed on the incisions. With the correct care and attention following your surgery, you should be able to resume regular activities in about six weeks.

Why choose Allure Esthetic for your FTM top surgery procedure?

If you're looking for a plastic surgeon specializing in FTM top surgery, look no further than Dr. Javad Sajan. He employs the latest and most advanced techniques to ensure safety and excellent results. With years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to providing high-quality care, Dr. Sajan will work with you every step to achieve the best possible outcome for your unique situation.

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