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Your body goes through some major changes when you get pregnant and have a baby. Your belly must grow to house a child, and your breasts are stretched to grow as they produce milk. Once you have your baby, even if you lose all of your "baby weight", it is almost impossible to get your pre-baby body back. Dr. Sajan in Seattle offers customized Mommy Makeovers moms love. Each individual procedure targets those areas that go through the most stress during and after your pregnancy.

How does a Mommy Makeover bring breasts back to life?

The first part of the Mommy Makeover targets the breasts. There are three options for helping your breasts regain their youthful, pre-Mommy look and feel. A breast augmentation, a breast augmentation and lift, or a breast lift.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation helps a mother regain the shape, volume, and balance of her breasts. Some mother's lose breast tissue after pregnancy and breastfeeding and desire to regain their previous shape and size. There are a few decisions you must make regarding the type of breast implants you would like used in your breast augmentation surgery. These options include: saline implants (filled with sterile salt water), silicone implants (filled with silicone gel), and textured or smooth implants. You must also choose the shape and size of your implant. During your consult with Dr. Sajan, he will evaluate your breast tissue, shape, and tone. He will also discuss your medical history, medications, and family history of breast cancer in order to determine which implant, size, and shape is best for your desired results.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is different from a breast augmentation. A breast lift is a surgical procedure that lifts and repositions the nipple of the breast higher on the chest wall. Most mothers witness increased breast volume when pregnant and breastfeeding. After excess weight is lost and breastfeeding is done, gravity and nature can take over and leave a mother with sagging breasts. The breast lift surgery removes excess breast skin and tightens the remaining breast skin in order to lift and restore a mother's breasts to their former shape and size. During your consult with Dr. Sajan, you will have the opportunity to discuss your interests, concerns, and goals for having your breast lift procedure. He will evaluate the position of your nipples and areolas and the skin, shape, and tone of your breasts. Dr. Sajan will also discuss your medical history and take measurements of your breasts in order to plan the incision pattern and technique that will be used during your procedure to give you your desired results.

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift

Sometimes, mothers may feel that they need a breast augmentation and a breast lift. The two procedures can be combined to offer the specific results desired.

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How does a Mommy Makeover help my stomach?

The second part of the Mommy Makeover is to address the tummy. The abdomen goes through major changes during and after pregnancy. It has to expand enough to fit a baby inside. After delivery and excess weight is lost, the skin can become loose and saggy. That's where the second part of the Mommy Makeover can help. There are a few different types of tummy tucks that can help firm and flatten the stomach.

Tummy tuck

A regular tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure where excess fat and skin from the middle and lower abdomen is removed and abdominal muscles are tightened. It can reduce the size and shape of a patient's abdominal area. After having a baby, exercise and diet is often not enough to return the abdomen to its pre-baby shape. That's when a tummy tuck is necessary. Dr. Sajan will meet with you to evaluate your skin, muscle tone, and take measurements of your abdominal area. He will then discuss your medical history, diet and activities, and any previous surgeries you have had. This can help him make the best decisions for your procedure.

Reverse tummy tuck

Sometimes, after pregnancy, women can lose skin tone in their upper abdomen only. This is when a reverse tummy tuck is necessary. Dr. Sajan can perform a reverse tummy tuck to remove excess, loose skin when it is only in the upper abdomen. A reverse tummy tuck may also be considered when a patient's breast augmentation surgery requires an incision to be made in the same place as a regular tummy tuck. If exercise and diet are not enough to return the shape of the upper abdomen back to its former condition and appearance, a reverse tummy tuck may be helpful. During a consultation with Dr. Sajan, you will discuss your areas of concern, skin and muscle tone, medical history, and take some measurements of the procedure area. He will then make a plan specific to your body and your desires.

Mini tummy tuck

Sometimes, a patient needs less abdominal tissue to be removed than what is called for in a regular tummy tuck. Dr. Sajan will then perform a less invasive surgery called the mini tummy tuck. Similar to the regular tummy tuck, the "mini" removes excess fat and skin and tightens the abdominal muscles. but the stress on her tummy from carrying a child can leave her with loose skin and affected muscle tone. When that stubborn pouch below the belly button won't go away with diet and exercise, a mini tummy tuck can help. During a consultation with Dr. Sajan, he will discuss your goals for a mini tummy tuck and evaluate your skin and muscle tone along with your medical history to determine the best plan for you.

Regardless of the plan that you and Dr. Sajan determine is right for your body, a Mommy Makeover can help give you back the body you had before you became a mommy. Contact Dr. Sajan at his Seattle or Lynwood location today for a consultation.


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