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Many doctors offer cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and treatments as part of a larger range of services in their practice. Internationally recognized plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, has built his practice exclusively on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Through his focus on the demands of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Sajan has developed the expertise and experience that have brought him to the national and international attention of his peers and patients. Dr. Sajan is the Experienced Plastic Surgeon you're looking for.

Experience Counts

Being experienced counts in nearly everything in life, and particularly in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. When you choose to have cosmetic and/or reconstructive surgery, you are making a choice you will live with for years to come. It is extremely important to choose an experienced plastic surgeon! One of the most important aspects of making that decision is choosing the surgeon with the experience you need for your particular concerns and objectives.

Experience can make all the difference in how effectively the doctor:

  • Plans anesthesia and surgical procedures specifically for your unique needs
  • Addresses complications in surgery
  • Perfects and refines his or her techniques, procedures, and results

An experienced surgeon refines his or her skills and judgment. Experience also makes a significant difference in how well your plastic surgeon relates to you (and all patients) when answering questions, addressing concerns, and educating you about your procedures and recovery.

Add to the skills and proficiency that come with experience the intangible qualities of empathy and compassion that come from having seen and treated many kinds of cosmetic and reconstructive conditions. It is this combination of extended experience, compassion, and empathy that enable Dr. Sajan to relate so effectively with his patients.

Dr. Sajan's Professional Experience

Dr. Sajan has given all his attention and experience exclusively to cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has performed over 1000 procedures in surgical centers around the world, and with patients from all walks of life.

Dr. Sajan's commitment to this discipline goes beyond the confines of his surgical center. He shares his expertise and experience by teaching advanced techniques in facelifts, body contouring, and breast augmentation to other cosmetic surgeons.

Dr. Sajan strongly believes in furthering the advancement of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and has been involved in clinical research as part of this advancement objective. He is also a member of a team of physicians developing a facial simulator teaching model that other plastic surgeons can use to learn and practice facial surgery. The reason why most people prefer Dr. Sajan is because he is an experienced plastic surgeon.

Experience in Minimizing Trauma

Dr. Sajan focuses on utilizing minimally invasive surgical procedures and techniques whenever possible. Minimally invasive techniques (like micro laser-guided procedures, laser skin resurfacing, SmartLipo, tissue-filling injections, and tumescent liposuction) offer a number of benefits to patients, including:

  • The smallest amount of scarring at incision lines
  • Less (or significantly reduced) post-operative pain and discomfort
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Less trauma to tissue
  • Less need/smaller doses of pain relievers
  • Reduced down time /faster return to normal activities
  • Higher accuracy rate for most procedures

Minimally invasive techniques are not short cuts that trade quality for speed. They are refined, precise techniques that produce immensely satisfying results, less overall trauma, and more rapid recovery of the patient's treated area(s) and body in general.

Trusting Your Cosmetic and Restoration Needs to the Specialist

Dr. Sajan has spent his career focused only on cosmetic and restorative surgery. He continues to study and refine surgical techniques and procedures to optimize results and produce the least amount of trauma for each of his patients. It is his commitment to the world of cosmetic and restoration surgery but more importantly, it is his commitment to you, his patients.

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