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Dr. Javad Sajan and the team at Allure Esthetic offer the most sophisticated Kybella in Seattle and current procedures and treatments in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. One of the newest therapies available to our patients is KYBELLA ™. It is the first (and only) treatment FDA-approved for contouring the submental area of the face, more commonly known as the "double chin."

What Wasn't There Before

The submental space, or double chin, is that area underneath your chin that flows from your jaw to your neck. Residing within this submental triangleare important lymph nodes, musculature, connective tissue, portions (branches) of the carotid artery and jugular vein. It often is for some men and women, excess fat.

Maybe you first noticed excessive submental fullness in a selfie or a recent family photo. Some people have a double chin from a very early age and others acquire that under-chin fullness with weight gain. These are the most common causes of submittal fullness.

  • Weight Gain – even a modest amount of weight gain can show in your face (and under your chin).
  • Genetics – yes, submental fullness can be part of your DNA, a genetic trait that runs in families.
  • Aging – the natural aging process shifts adipose tissue in the face and neck areas; supportive tissues become flaccid.
  • Both Sexes – submental fullness affects both men and women at any age.

Whether you have had under-chin fullness for years or only recently noticed its encroachment along your formerly lean jawline, it is there now. Its presence truly may be most unwelcome. You're not alone in your feelings about your double chin! 68 percent of people surveyed indicated they are bothered by submental fullness.

The appearance of a double chin can affect not only your self-confidence, but it can subtly influence others' perception of your age and attractiveness. A sagging double chin can create an overall drooping appearance to the face, which causes a person to look older or sad. And even if others don't seem to notice that submental fullness, you do. Fortunately, there are treatment options that can help you address that unwanted fullness.

Submental Fullness Treatment Options

Some patients will turn to surgical face and/or or neck lift procedures to reduce their double chin. But surgical procedures are not always appropriate for all patients. KYBELLA ™ may be a viable treatment option for patients who are not good surgery candidates. Some of the benefits of treatment with KYBELLA ™:

  • KYBELLA ™ is a non-surgical procedure that takes between 15 to 20 minutes per treatment session. Your treatments can be completed in our Allure Esthetic office.
  • Downtime is minimal.
  • Treatment is customized to your submental fullness reduction goals.
  • KYBELLA ™ is administered in a series of injections into fat areas beneath your chin. Treatments are completed when your aesthetic goal has been reached.
  • Re-treatment is generally not needed.

What is Kybella ™ and how does it work?

KYBELLA ™ is the very first nonsurgical treatment approved by the FDA to reduce fat and contour the submental area. KYBELLA ™ is a manmade form of deoxycholic acid, a molecule that occurs naturally in our bodies. In its natural form, deoxycholic acid is part of the process of breaking down and absorbing dietary fat.

When KYBELLA ™ is injected into specifically chosen subcutaneous fat target points in the submental area, it triggers a fat destruction reaction at the cellular level. The destroyed cells are no longer able to accumulate and store fat.

KYBELLA ™ has undergone more than 20 clinical studies around the world for safety and efficacy. Reported side effects ranged from mild to moderate in severity and resolved without medical intervention. Typical side effects reported include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Pain
  • Redness

You should know

KYBELLA ™ is not used for treatment of fat areas outside the submental region. Its intended use is exclusively for treating moderate-to-severe submental fat in adult patients. Seek treatment only from healthcare professionals. Just like Dr. Sajan, who has been trained in the proper administration of KYBELLA ™ and patient care throughout the course of therapy.

Like any other drug-based therapy, KYBELLA ™ is not an appropriate treatment for all patients. KYBELLA ™ is not suitable for patients who are pregnant or nursing. Also who have coagulation problems and are on anticoagulant medications. Be sure to let Dr. Sajan know of all medications (including OTCs and health supplements) you currently are taking. Also, be absolutely candid about any and all health conditions so that you and Dr. Sajan can make appropriate healthcare decisions for your treatment(s).

Why be unhappy about submental fullness when a non-surgical and efficacious therapy like KYBELLA is available? Contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajan to learn more about KYBELLA . Find out whether it might be a good treatment option for you. Many patients have been ecstatic about our KYBELLA process. So try Kybella in Seattle!

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