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People often do not notice the individual facial features that make a person’s face look feminine and masculine. However, even though some of these differences are subtle, they do make an impact on how others see you and how you see yourself. For transgender people experiencing gender dysphoria, these small facial characteristics can cause a major negative effect on their mental and physical well-being. Surgical procedures can treat this. One procedure is a transgender brow lift. Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery offers among the best transgender brow lift results in the region.

Overview: Transgender Brow Lift Surgery

Gender-affirming brow lift surgery helps elevate the brows into a more feminine position. It is performed similarly to a brow lift performed for anti-aging purposes, though based on your anatomy, there are often some small differences. A transgender brow lift surgery is frequently performed as part of a facial feminization surgery (FFS). However, it can be performed on its own as well.

Not all patients may need a brow lift to feminize the face. Others may opt for alternatives such as BOTOX injections that need to be refreshed every few months. The surgery itself takes between one and two hours, depending on the desired results.

Benefits & Risks

A transgender brow lift surgery comes with benefits and risks like all other major surgeries. Dr. Sajan will discuss these with you during your consultation and if you may have additional or increased risks depending on your medical history and lifestyle.

Starting with the benefits of a gender-affirming brow lift, they may include:

  • Higher eyebrows
  • Reduction in brow sagging or extra skin
  • Brows may take on a more curved or arched appearance
  • Reduction in gender dysphoria
  • More feminine facial appearance
  • Facial profile looks more feminine
  • Less prominent forehead
  • Quick procedure
  • Combinable in a facial feminization surgery or with other surgeries
  • Safe and effective
  • Technique customized to fit patient’s anatomy and goals
  • Performed by a plastic surgeon who specializes in gender-affirming procedures

A transgender brow lift also carries some risks. While the risks are minimal for most patients, especially if already cleared for a larger facial feminization surgery procedure, it is important to consider them when determining if a transgender brow lift is right for you. Dr. Sajan will review with them and do a risk assessment. Some of the risks of a gender-affirming brow lift include:

  • Infection
  • Visible or raised scarring
  • Poor healing
  • Asymmetry
  • Fluid collection
  • Prolonged bruising or swelling
  • Complications due to general anesthesia
  • Skin necrosis
  • Nerve damage

Major complications from a brow lift are exceptionally rare. Dr. Sajan takes several precautions to prevent complications, including thorough patient screening before surgery, top surgical techniques, prescribing antibiotics after surgery, and recommending the use of Scar Protocol.

If any complications do occur, most of them are temporary or treatable. For example, most infections will clear up with antibiotics, and there are many options for treating scarring. In the rare event these measures become necessary, Dr. Sajan will be there to treat you and lead you through every step.

Differences In The Brows Between Genders

If asked about the differences between a male and female brow, most people would likely not know or only point out the differences in the eyebrows themselves. However, the male and female forehead and brow areas have notable differences that impact the way we view someone’s face. The brow has a major influence on if we perceive a face as male or female. The table below details some of the main differences between male and female brows.


  • More prominent and square brow bone/forehead
  • Eyebrows located just below orbital rim
  • Straighter, thicker eyebrows
  • Less space between brow and upper eyelid


  • Less prominent and rounded brow bone/forehead
  • Eyebrows located on top of or just above orbital rim
  • Curved or arched, thinner brows
  • More space between brow and upper eyelid

There is going to be natural variation. Some men may have more curved or arched brows, and some women may have thicker brows. Dr. Sajan will take these features into account when recommending or performing a brow lift surgery for gender affirmation.

Additionally, transgender patients may undergo other brow procedures to feminize eyebrow hairs. This could include waxing, plucking, laser hair removal, brow lamination, and microblading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Need A Brow Bone Reduction With A Brow Lift?

It is impossible to say with certainty whether or not you will need a brow bone reduction in addition to a brow lift to achieve your desired look without an exam. This largely depends on the projection of your bony structure and the surrounding soft tissue. Dr. Sajan will look at your existing anatomy, goal anatomy, and medical history to determine if you would also benefit from a brow bone reduction.

Is It Permanent?

Like a traditional brow lift, the procedure cannot stop aging. As part of the natural aging process, the brows may begin to sag. This happens for both men and women. However, one of the benefits of brow feminization is that the brows are starting from a higher position.

With that said, there is the possibility that you may need another brow lift to treat age-related sagging. Otherwise, the changes made to feminize the brows are permanent, and your brow will likely continue to look feminine even during the aging process.

What Brow Lift Technique Will Dr. Sajan Use?

Dr. Sajan can use several different brow lift techniques depending on your anatomy. For most transgender brow lifts, he will use an open brow lift approach because this is best when combining it with brow bone reduction. It also allows Dr. Sajan full access to the structures of the brow to achieve the best results.

However, occasionally, he may use less invasive techniques that use only small incisions beyond the hairline. This is more likely if only having the brow lift performed. These techniques will closely resemble the anti-aging brow lifts performed on older patients. Before surgery, Dr. Sajan will discuss the brow lift surgery and technique with you in detail.

Will Scars Be Visible Or Affect Hair Growth?

Brow lift scars are often made above the hairline or just below it. This usually makes it easy to hide the scars, and they usually are not noticeable by most people. Though, there is the risk of more visible scars forming, especially if you smoke or are prone to raised scars. Dr. Sajan’s scar system, Scar Protocol, can help minimize scarring.

Hair loss can occur temporarily over the incisions and scars during the healing process. However, if this happens, it is rarely permanent. While there is the risk of permanent hair loss, it is unlikely. If you are already experiencing significant hair loss, Dr. Sajan will discuss incision and procedure options to ensure hidden scars.

Can I Get A Transgender Brow Lift At Any Age?

Yes, while brow lifts are more commonly associated with older patients, those wanting to feminize the face by elevating the brows can undergo a brow lift at any age once they become an adult. In the case of a transgender brow lift, Dr. Sajan will likely remove less skin, and the focus will be more on the position of the eyebrows than on correcting sagging or wrinkles.

However, older patients seeking facial feminization may see the anti-aging benefits of a brow lift because it does still tighten the skin. A gender-affirming brow lift may also help reduce or slow aging in the future, especially if patients take good care of their skin.

What Can I Expect From The Recovery?

The recovery instructions Dr. Sajan provides will depend on if you only had the brow lift or if you combined it with other procedures. Regardless, some of the recovery directions and recommended aftercare may include:

  • Elevating the head of your bed or sleeping in a recliner
  • Using ice for the first two to three days only
  • Taking medications as prescribed and your pain medications only when necessary
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise or activities for at least two weeks. Light walking and certain daily activities are okay, but limit activity until your pain and side effects have significantly improved
  • Avoiding hot, wet environments (saunas, hot tubs, etc.)
  • Avoiding getting incisions wet and waiting to shower or wash your hair until Dr. Sajan okays it (usually two to four days after surgery)
  • Attending all of your post-operative appointments
  • Making sure to take adequate time off work and other activities

The Best Transgender Brow Lift With Dr. Javad Sajan

Dr. Javad Sajan is one of the top plastic surgeons offering gender-affirming surgery in the United States. He has performed hundreds of gender-affirming surgeries with varying techniques, including many facial surgeries. Along with transgender brow lift surgery, Dr. Sajan also routinely performs FTM top surgery, tracheal shave, facial feminization, and MTF hair transplant.

Allure Esthetic makes the experience of seeking any gender-affirming procedure a seamless experience from start to finish. Dr. Sajan and the team have worked extensively with the transgender and LGBTQIA community to create a safe and affirming environment. This includes asking and using your preferred pronouns and name at all times. The Allure Esthetic team aims to maintain a warm and welcoming environment for patients of all identities.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic, call us at 206-209-0988. You can also reach out via chat, contact form, or Price Simulator.

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