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Liposuction is perhaps one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic procedures in the world. It is also utilized in the medical treatment of some conditions, such as lipomas or lipedema. However, many people do not know that liposuction comes in several forms. In plastic surgery, tumescent liposuction or “wet lipo” is among the most popular. However, it is not always the ideal form of liposuction in all situations. Growing in popularity, power-assisted liposuction has helped surgeons and patients achieve better results with less trauma to the surrounding tissues. Dr. Sajan at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery provides the best power-assisted liposuction Seattle offers.

What Is Power-Assisted Liposuction?

Power-assisted liposuction—sometimes abbreviated as PAL—is a form of liposuction that uses a cannula attached to a vibrating handpiece. This forces the cannula to move back and forth along with whatever movements the surgeon performs. This vibration helps break up fat cells without having to force the cannula through as much of the tissue. Also, unlike many other traditional liposuction techniques, power-assisted lipo does not use heat.

Dr. Sajan may choose to combine PAL with wet liposuction, skin tightening procedures, or other forms of liposuction to further improve results. Power-assisted liposuction can also help provide a“high-def” look many people want with liposuction. In addition, it can be combined with ultrasonic or helim plasma techniques to help tighten the skin and target deeper fat around the muscles. Dr. Sajan often combines multiple modalities of treatment to give patients optimal and custom results.

Power Assisted Liposuction

Treatment Areas

Power-assisted lipo can be used almost anywhere traditional liposuction can. However, power-assisted lipo is typically best for difficult fibrous areas, as the power-assisted lipo can harvest and work through tougher areas. It’s used to create a smoother process for surgeries that have more fibrous fat so that Dr. Sajan doesn’t have to work through it by hand. PAL is considered a highly effective fat-removal technique.

Common power-assisted liposuction treatment areas include:

  • Arms
  • Love handles/flanks
  • Hips
  • Waist
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Chin
  • Neck

Benefits & Risks

Each liposuction procedure comes with unique benefits and risks that patients should review with Dr. Sajan before surgery. Understanding the possible benefits and complications allows patients to make more informed and confident decisions about the right treatment for them.

Possible benefits of power-assisted liposuction, PAL, may include:

  • Slimmer figure
  • More toned appearance
  • Superficial fat reduction
  • Removal of stubborn fat
  • Address localized fat deposits
  • Takes less time to perform than traditional liposuction
  • Causes less trauma to the surrounding tissues for an easier recovery
  • Fewer side effects
  • Permanent results
  • Can use smaller incisions
  • Possible to perform under local anesthesia
  • Can be combined with other surgeries such as tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift
  • Safe and effective
  • Performed by a surgeon who specializes in power-assisted liposuction and body sculpting

While power-assisted lipo is generally considered a very safe procedure, there are still risks to consider before undergoing surgery. Risks may include:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Severe or prolonged side effects
  • Asymmetry or unexpected results
  • Seroma
  • Hematoma
  • Fat necrosis
  • Death
  • Blood clots

Power Assisted Liposuction Seattle

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Power-Assisted Lipo vs. Traditional Lipo

Power-assisted liposuction and traditional liposuction are very similar technologies. Both may use tumescent fluid to help break up fat, both can treat multiple areas of the body, and both involve wearing compression garments and similar recoveries. However, the power-assisted liposuction process is slightly different than the traditional methods. The table below discusses some of the main differences between these two types of liposuction.

Power Assisted Lipo

  • Assisted by oscillating handpiece
  • Takes less time to perform
  • Allows for more precise targeting of fat deposits
  • Not ideal for addressing fibrous fat deposits
  • Smaller incisions that only need to accommodate the size of the cannula
  • Less recovery time
  • May be better when performing precise body contouring

Traditional Lipo

  • Surgeon provides all movement
  • Standard amount of surgical time
  • Limited precision when targeting difficult locations
  • Better at addressing fibrous deposits
  • Requires incisions slightly larger than the cannula for maneuverability
  • Standard recovery timeline
  • Great option for standard fat removal slimming

Dr. Sajan can discuss the differences between liposuction techniques with you and which may benefit you most. Individual patients may be better candidates for one type over the other based on their medical history, goals, and anatomy. Dr. Sajan can help determine the right liposuction for you during your consultation appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Power-Assisted Liposuction Painful?

During surgery, patients should feel no pain. After surgery, there is minimal pain because power assisted liposuction causes less trauma to the fat and surrounding tissues. Thus, this results in fewer side effects, including pain. However, pain is largely subjective and some patients may experience worsened side effects for a variety of reasons. Luckily, most patients can manage their pain and side effects with over-the-counter medications and remedies.

What Is The Recovery Time For Power-Assisted Lipo?

Compared with traditional liposuction, power-assisted lipo may allow patients to get back on their feet sooner. Within a few days, patients may usually return to work and exercise in about two weeks. Most daily activities can resume within a couple of days. Dr. Sajan will provide patients with a more accurate timeline based on their medical history and procedure. He will also follow up with them during post-op appointments.

Patients will continue to wear compression garments for several weeks. Over time, they can gradually decrease the amount of time they wear it.

How Soon Will I See The Results?

Patients often notice an immediate slimming effect, but this often gets disguised when swelling sets in. As long as a patient follows post-operative protocols, they should begin to see a difference within a few months. Like all cosmetic surgeries, full results will come in within nine and twelve months.

Can You Get Power-Assisted Lipo Under Local Anesthesia?

Yes, though not everyone is a candidate for this. This can only be done when power assisted liposuction is the only procedure being performed. Additionally, if treating several areas, it may be better to undergo the procedure with general anesthesia. Dr. Sajan can discuss this option with you, especially if you have a high-risk factor. Local anesthesia can make the entire procedure safer and lead to an easier recovery. It does come with discomfort during the procedure and can be painful.

How Much Does Power-Assisted Liposuction Cost In Seattle?

The exact cost of power-assisted lipo in Seattle at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery depends on the specifics of the procedure, such as anesthesia choice, number of areas, combined surgeries, and technical aspects. However, PAL starts at $2,995, but patients will receive a customized price quote based on all of their surgeries and procedures at their consultation.

What is the difference between Vaser and power-assisted liposuction?

The main difference between Vaser and power-assisted liposuction is how the fat is used before being suctioned out through the cannula. Vaser liposuction is based on a minimally invasive technique that uses vibrations to break up fat, while PAL can target larger areas of fat pockets due to the fat removal method of the high-powered cannula.

The Best Power-Assisted Liposuction in Seattle

Dr. Javad Sajan is an experienced and renowned plastic surgeon who specializes in breast, body, and transgender procedures. He performs power-assisted liposuction frequently and combines it with many of his plastic surgeries. Dr. Sajan also uses power assisted lipo for transgender body contouring. He is among one of the few plastic surgeons to specialize in such techniques. Dr. Javad Sajan offers the best power-assisted liposuction Seattle provides at Allure Esthetic.

To learn more and schedule a consultation, call us at 206-209-0988. Patients can also reach out online via chat, contact form, and Price Simulator.

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