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The natural process of aging contributes to a loss of facial volume and structure that accentuates the appearance of various signs of aging. Decreased facial muscle mass and skin elasticity lead to sagging over time. Dermal fillers help to replace the lost volume leaving the patient with a more youthful, energetic and attractive appearance.

Despite the very high overall success and satisfaction rates of dermal fillers, it occasionally occurs that a patient wants the process reversed. Dissolving filler treatment is the handling for this.

What is dissolving filler treatment and how does it work?

Dissolving filler treatment is an injectable procedure that reverses or undoes the effects of dermal fillers. Hyaluronidase, a substance naturally occurring in the body and which counteracts dermal fillers, is used for dissolving the fillers that may have been placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly.

Hyaluronidase injections are carefully placed where the dermal filler requires dissolution. The reaction is quick and starts dissolving the fillers immediately, until they are fully metabolized.

Why is dissolving filler treatment necessary?

If a patient is dissatisfied with or had an adverse reaction to dermal fillers, dissolving filler treatment is the solution. In a few instances, there may be medical or cosmetic complications such as infections or inflammation from excessive, incorrect or uneven application of the dermal fillers. This is an advantage over surgical work, as dermal fillers can be quickly, safely and easily reversed.

What are the benefits of dissolving filler treatment?

When dermal fillers are applied excessively, incorrectly or unevenly, not only can it cause medical complications in the affected area, but the results are unlikely to be very complementary to the patient. Dissolving filler treatment can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Allows patients to have the dermal fillers redone in case of dissatisfied results
  • Reduces excessive or prolonged swelling
  • Reverses incidences of a vascular compromise or occlusions
  • Reduces the infection rate on the treatment area in case it occurs

Am I a candidate for dissolving filler treatment?

Candidates for dissolving filler treatments include patients who have recently received dermal fillers and who experienced any of the following conditions:

  • Excessive swelling
  • Dissatisfying results
  • Infections in the treatment site
  • Vascular compromise

What is after treatment like?

While the filler itself will be broken down and metabolized within a few minutes, your results from dissolving dermal filler treatment will be visible in about 24 hours, after any swelling has disappeared.

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