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Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift may sound contradictive, but desiring a curvaceous figure has been steadily climbing in popularity with each year. Many with slim figures struggle to gain weight in their buttock or build muscle for an hourglass appearance. While a traditional Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, is a popular cosmetic surgery that enhances curves and proportions, it is not suited for every body type. A BBL relies on collecting fat from the body, and those on the slim side often do not have enough fat to enhance the buttocks dramatically.

If you are slender and wish for a more rounded figure, don’t worry. Dr. Sajan specializes in liposuction on lean people and transferring fat to create an “hourglass” or “Coke bottle” shape. The Skinny BLL is designed for slimmer patients who still want shapely buttocks. Dr. Javad Sajan uses sophisticated techniques and precision to provide safe and beautiful results.

How Is A Skinny BBL Different From A Traditional?

With a traditional BBL, fat is harvested from areas that contain large amounts of underlying fatty tissue. In these patients, the fat is grafted from their stomach, back, or thighs and injected into their buttocks. The ability to collect weighty amounts of fat from these areas is what creates the dynamic and striking proportions of a BBL. A traditional BBL enhances the buttocks while eliminating unwanted fat from specific areas.

Athletic or slender patients don’t have large amounts of fat in one area, so a traditional BBL is often ill-suited. A skinny BBL is intended for patients who do not necessarily have much fat to remove but want a rounder, perkier buttock—a skinny BBL, Seattle, harvests less fat from differing areas. Essentially, more locations will be liposuctioned to harvest the needed fat to inject into the buttock. Because the patient does not carry much excess fat in the buttocks, a precise technique is required when injecting the harvested fat. Dr. Sajan will use specific amounts of fat for each section of the rear to distribute the fat equally, creating a natural contour. This will allow him to achieve every patient's ideal size and shape.

A skinny BBL will not pull as much fat as the traditional, but the results can be stunning because the patient has a slimmer build. However, the results will be more subtle due to decreased fat. A skinny BBL builds the contour in the rear, reduces unwanted hip dips, and can create a curvier shape for athletically built patients.

Seattle Skinny BBL Candidates

If you have been told you are too thin for a traditional BBL, a Seattle skinny BBL may be the right one for you. However, Dr. Sajan can determine if the cosmetic procedure suits you during a consultation. Some qualifying factors include:

  • Slender, athletic shape but want a more proportionate rear
  • Have enough small pockets of fat to harvest
  • Are in good health
  • Have a flatter rear end or “hip dips” that are not filled out

While many require a BMI limit, Dr. Sajan prefers a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for a skinny BBL, Seattle. Every body type is unique, so he prefers to create a personalized plan for your goals.

Skinny BBL Benefits

Although a skinny BBL provides more subtle results, this is best for slim patients who want more lift and shape in their behind. It also fills out “hip dips,” which can occur in slender body types with little weight around the hips. Skinny BBL has many diverse benefits, including:

  • Lifted, rounder back end
  • Enhanced, feminine hourglass physique
  • Filled out “hip dips”
  • Can be performed on slimmer patients
  • More subtle but sculpted aesthetic look
  • Slims down areas with small amounts of stubborn fat
  • Creates an enhanced, proportionate figure
  • Performed by one of the top Seattle skinny BBL surgeons

The Skinny BBL Procedure Steps

Every skinny BBL in Seattle begins with an in-depth consultation with Dr. Sajan. This appointment will help him determine if cosmetic surgery is the best option to meet your goals and needs. He will need information such as:

  • Height, weight, & body fat percentage
  • Cosmetic desires
  • Underlying health concerns
  • Past and present medical history

All of this information will help Dr. Sajan determine if the surgery will help you achieve your aesthetic goals but will also help him ensure your safety. Additionally, it will help him identify the areas of your body that can be used to harvest safe amounts of fat for the procedure.

Seattle Skinny BBL Procedure

The anesthesia provider will place the patient under general anesthesia during a Seattle skinny BBL. After this, Dr. Sajan will begin by harvesting small amounts of fat from the back, arms, thighs, stomach, back, and other locations Dr. Sajan determined during the consultation. Once the fat is harvested, it’s purified to facilitate it to be placed and survive in the buttocks.

Dr. Sajan will then use strict, allotted amounts of the fat and inject them into the behind using a cannula. A cannula is a specialized surgical instrument that distributes the fat into the rear. He will administer the specific amounts across the buttocks to obtain a plump and sculpted appearance of the buttocks and hips.

Recovery From A Skinny BBL

Recovery from a skinny BBL in Seattle depends on the individual patient and their genetics and overall health. However, some swelling, discomfort, and bruising should be expected for the first few days following the procedure. Dr. Sajan will provide in-depth care and recovery instructions for every skinny BBL patient in Seattle. Particular instructions may include:

  • Wearing a specialized compression garment until Dr. Sajan clears you to remove it
  • Avoid sitting directly on your rear for the first three weeks after surgery
  • Take regular, slow walks to keep blood flowing
  • Take prescribed pain medication to minimize discomfort
  • Rest and avoid work until Dr. Sajan clears you to return
  • Avoid any alcohol or tobacco use

Another excellent treatment for skinny BBL recovery is Allure Esthetic lymphatic massages with low-frequency ultrasonic energy to promote fast and proper healing. Lymphatic massages help to promote fluid draining, elimination of scar tissue, and swelling reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does A Skinny Bbl Cost Seattle?

Because a skinny BBL involves a precise and expert technique and fat harvesting from more locations, it costs the same as a traditional BBL. A skinny BBL in Seattle, including liposuction, starts at $10,000. The price can change due to other techniques or procedures patients may desire or need.

2. Does A Skinny BBL Have Risks?

Every surgery comes with a certain amount of risk, and a skinny BBL is no different. However, the risks are significantly less when seeing a knowledgeable and advanced plastic surgeon like Dr. Sajan. Some risks can include:

  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Development of a fat embolism (very rare)
  • Complications from anesthesia
  • Fluid collection
  • Fat necrosis
  • Discomfort
  • Blood clots
  • Death
  • Other risks
  • Unknown risks

These risks are infrequent, and Dr. Sajan takes special care to minimize any risk associated with a skinny BBL and uses incredible techniques to produce the highest quality results.

3. What Do Skinny BBL Results Look Like?

A Seattle skinny BBL helps boost the position and shape of the buttocks. While it can drastically increase the volume, the perky and shapely nature of the buttock is often noticeable. The procedure can be an option for patients who want a better-shaped buttock end with a lean physique.

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