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Fat Transfer to Breast augmentation is designed to improve the size and shape of your chest without major surgery. There are no implants or large incisions – just beautiful, natural-looking breasts that fill out your tops in all the right places. Visit Dr. Sajan for some of the best results from a fat transfer breast augmentation Seattle can lay claim to.

Breasts you want, without surgery

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a safe procedure that uses unwanted fat cells from other areas of your body to plump and re-shape your breasts. It's a popular approach that's associated with a number of appealing benefits, including:

  • The ability to achieve natural and understated results
  • The ability to restore lost volume and increase your breasts up to two cup sizes
  • No breast implants or major scarring
  • Minimal risks, discomfort and downtime
  • No risk of capsular contracture – a major complication associated with traditional implants

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

Your fat transfer is actually two separate procedures, done on the same day. To begin, Dr. Sajan will perform gentle liposuction to extract unwanted fat from an area of the body with excess volume. Typically, the fat is taken from the thighs, buttocks, or belly. During this process, he will strategically remove the extra volume, carefully sculpting the area to reveal your feminine curves.

Once the liposuction procedure is complete, Dr. Sajan will cleanse, process and purify the extracted fat cells for the breast augmentation. He will then strategically inject the prepared fat cells into your breasts to improve their shape, restore volume and enhance your overall body contour.

Immediately after your fat transfer breast augmentation, you will return home for a very brief and relatively easy healing process. You can expect some swelling, bruising and redness around your breasts and at the donor site, but these effects should fade very quickly. Though most of our clients are able to return to work and their normal daily routine within about one week, Dr. Sajan will offer a personalized timeline during your post-operative appointments.

Your Consultation with Dr. Sajan

If you would like to undergo a fat transfer breast augmentation in Seattle with leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, your first step is to schedule an initial consultation so that he can perform a full examination and determine your candidacy for the procedure.

During this meeting, the two of you will discuss your cosmetic goals, and Dr. Sajan will assess your breasts and potential donor areas to determine if a fat transfer breast augmentation is capable of delivering the results you want. From there, he will review the benefits and potential drawbacks of the procedure, and help you decide whether or not it's in your best interest.

Get Started

A more feminine you

Reclaim a more feminine you with a fat transfer breast augmentation with one of Seattle's top breast surgeons, Dr. Javad Sajan. We invite you to contact our office today, and explore the enhancements that are possible with this breakthrough procedure.

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