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Unwanted body hair is not just an inconvenience; it impacts self-confidence and can have a negative effect on your social life. Feeling self-conscious about your body hair can keep you from participating in social events such as pool parties, or leave you feeling inhibited when engaging in intimate encounters. Some people naturally have thicker or more body hair, and hormonal changes can cause new hair growth. Excessive hair growth can affect the natural definition between neck and beard for men, or leave women dealing with unwanted facial, arm, or body hair that demands constant treatment.

Some people living with excess unwanted face or body hair spend hours each week shaving or waxing. These conventional methods of hair removal are time-consuming and need to be repeated often, and the results can be less than optimal. Improper waxing in sensitive areas, such as the bikini line or Brazilian waxes, can leave unsightly bumps, defeating the purpose of the procedure, and preventing the person from enjoying smooth, clean-looking skin. Waxing sessions are often painful and time-consuming, and only a temporary solution. Laser hair removal treats hair growth itself, rather than cutting or removing the hair temporarily.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that permanently reduces the amount of unwanted body hair by killing the roots of the hair follicles in the targeted zone, whether face, body, or bikini area. Laser hair removal is the most effective way to keep skin smooth and hair-free. Unlike waxing and shaving, the treatment is far more effective in reducing unwanted hair, and after treatment, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin for the long term. As our bodies naturally produce new hair over time, maintenance sessions may be needed once or twice a year following the initial treatment. Both men and women can enjoy the benefits of laser hair removal at Allure Esthetic in Seattle.

Laser Hair Removal Before & After

Many people find that undergoing laser hair removal gives them a renewed sense of confidence in body image and self-confidence, particularly those who have lived with an abundance of unwanted, unsightly hair. Achieving the smooth, hair-free appearance look you want can improve your quality of life and feelings of self-esteem, especially people who have lived with an unusual quantity of excess hair on the arms, back, chest, or face.

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How much doeslaser hair removal cost?

Laser Hair Removal (package of 4)

Laser Hair Removal Seattle

• Small - 4 treatments for $119

• Medium - 4 treatments for $299

• Large - 4 treatments for $429

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser is set to a specific frequency to emit powerful pulses of light that target contrasting areas—in this case, the hair against the surrounding skin. Different frequencies and types of lasers accommodate different skin tones, so that results can be achieved for clients with a range of skin tones and hair colors. The focused light energy essentially kills the follicles that produce the unwanted hair. While patients report mild stinging (feeling like the snap of a rubber band) during the procedure, there is typically no need to numb the treatment area, as any discomfort is minimal. If you are concerned about your comfort, a a topical numbing cream can be applied prior to your laser hair removal sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Seattle

Laser Hair Removal: Treatment Areas

There are a wide variety of areas that can be treated using laser hair removal. Some areas are common, such as legs or underarms, but there are many unconventional treatment areas that may surprise you. Other hair removal methods are typically temporary and can leave you with bumps or stubble that can be just as embarrassing as excess hair. Read more about the different areas you can treat using laser hair removal.

Facial Hair

Women are often embarrassed by hair on their upper lip, sideburns, and chin, which can be considered “masculine.” Although women are usually considered for hair removal on the face, men can opt for the treatment too.

Men who have facial hair that when shaven, results in painful bumps, itchy skin, and ingrown hairs can also have laser hair removal to improve the look and feel of skin and to avoid the daily routine of shaving. Irritation due to constant shaving can be reduced by eliminating the hairs altogether.


The front and back of the neck can also develop unwanted hair. Hair can grow under the chin and give the appearance of a beard, while the back of the neck can grow hair from the nape down onto the back. Both types of neck hair can be removed to give you a smoother, more refined, elegant look.


The sternum can be a particularly troublesome area for women because chest hair can sometimes grow between their breasts. This area is particularly sensitive and one that most women would prefer not to have any stubble or irritation. Men may want to have a smooth, hairless chest. The nipples can be a highly sensitive and embarrassing area to grow unwanted hair. Tweezing or other hair removal methods can be painful and must be done on a regular basis to maintain a hair-free appearance. Men and women can both benefit from laser hair removal on the sternum or nipples.

Fingers & Toes

Although small and seemingly insignificant, unwanted hair on your fingers and toes can be embarrassing can be a flaw that makes revealing sandals or jewelry look less attractive. With laser hair removal, you will never again worry about painful tweezing, waxing, or shaving excess hair on your hands and feet.


Men or women can experience hair on their stomachs and the sides of their stomachs. Even when men want to keep some of their chest and stomach hair, they may want to “control” the sides for a more attractive look.

“Treasure Trail”

That line of hair that leads from your belly button down the middle of your lower stomach can be troublesome for men and women. Women tend to want to reduce the appearance of excess hair in the lower abdomen to create a more appealing look in a swimming suit or other revealing outfit.

Bikini Area

The bikini area is particularly prone to ingrown hairs, irritation, or other complications from waxing, shaving, or tweezing. The precision of the laser means that you can customize your treatment area, whether you want to remove all hair or just create a trimmed look.

Arms & Legs

Perhaps some of the most common treatment areas, the arms and legs are common areas of concern particularly for women. Treatment for the arms can also include eradicating stubborn underarm hairs.

Precise and Effective Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure for both men and women. The device’s gentle and specific laser can treat nearly any area of the body. We will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan to create the smooth, hairless look you want.

After Laser Hair Removal

After your laser treatment, you may notice what appears to be pepper flakes on the skin; this is the start of the follicles being eliminated by your body. After the procedure, which lasts under an hour, you can continue your day and resume all activities, including showers or swimming, although you will need to limit sun exposure for two to three weeks following treatment. Your skin may be temporarily irritated, but laser hair removal is safe, and will not lead to permanent scarring or skin damage. For the next one to three weeks after the procedure, the dead hair and follicles are eliminated by the body, leaving smooth, clear, hair-free skin behind.

While most patients notice a significant improvement after a single session, we will advise you on how many treatments will be needed to achieve maximum benefits. Once your treatment cycle is complete, you can enjoy smooth skin indefinitely, with only one or two fast maintenance sessions per year.

Laser Hair Removal Seattle

Seattle Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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