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Choosing to move forward with an FTM surgical procedure is never a decision made lightly and one that we are particularly honored to assist with.

Recognizing that there’s almost always a bit of trepidation and nervousness surrounding this decision, we’ve made it our mission here at Allure Esthetic to assist transgender men from Wyoming throughout the process every step of the way.

Dr. Sajan is recognized nationally as one of the most talented and compassionate plastic surgeons in the industry.

Over the years Dr. Sajan has developed a number of specific surgical interventions and solutions designed to help transgender patients in particular, working with individuals from all over the country to help them along their gender reassignment journey.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, the Allure Esthetic offices are open to individuals from all over the country (and across the world, really) – including those traveling from Wyoming.

If you’re interested in learning more about FTM surgical solutions or how the medical experts at Allure Esthetic can help with your gender reassignment process, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Sajan and his team directly at 206-209-0988.

What to Expect with FTM Top Surgeries from Allure Esthetic

The FTM Top surgery process pioneered by Dr. Sajan revolves around reconstructing an individuals biologically female chest in a way that creates more masculine features, contours, and overall appearance.

A number of surgical interventions are necessary to produce this specific result, one that looks and feels natural and heals rapidly – speeding up the gender reassignment process as much as possible.

Every step that Dr. Sajan moves through during the FTM Top process not only builds upon each previous stat, but also is done in concert and collaboration with each individual patient, too.

A treatment plan is drawn up to produce the results patients are looking for, perfectly matching their expectations, their preferences, and their ideal goals.

The process starts with a detailed consultation, walking individual patients through the surgical process from start to finish while outlining core goals and milestones and giving firm expectations.

This is also the part of the process where breast and skin tissues are examined, medical history information is reviewed, and the overall Allure Esthetic FTM Top procedure is tailored to you individually.

Why Choose Dr. Sajan and Allure Esthetic?

All procedures performed by Dr. Sajan and the Allure Esthetic team are always conducted inside of a Washington state licensed medical facility.

The tools and technology used are all, the surgical procedures pioneered by Dr. Sajan and the team have been honed and perfected over the years, and the results that can be expected are nothing short of transformative.

People from all over the country (especially Wyoming) choose Dr. Sajan and the Allure Esthetic team not only for the award winning plastic surgery this facility has become known for, but also for the humanity, compassion, and empathy of every member of the team as well.

From start to finish patients are extended every courtesy, enjoying 100% confidentiality and privacy, and are certainly made to feel like they aren’t just medical patients at a clinic but part of a new extended family of sorts–all pulling together for the singular goal of helping individuals reclaim bodies that better conform to their gender identity.

If you are interested in visiting the clinic you’ll find it located at 600 Broadway Suite in downtown Seattle, Washington.

That’s a bit of a drive from Wyoming (though it can be made in about 14 hours or so), to be sure. But you can fly into the Seattle-Tacoma airport on any of the daily flights between Seattle and Jackson, Cheyenne, Casper, and Sheridan, too.

If you’d like to speak to members of the Allure Esthetic team or wish to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sajan directly, please don’t hesitate to call at (206) 209-0988. A consultation can be arranged at your earliest convenience.

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