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Compounded Tirzepatide*

$750per month

(includes a medication, necessary supplies, diet & exercise plan, and the consultation and monthly follow up appointments)

*Start Same Day as your Consult In Office Injections available

  • Monthly provider visits
  • 24/7 on call provider
  • Diet Plan that works well with medication
  • Exercise plan that works well with me
  • We provide all supplies and travel friendly caddy.

Supplies we provide include

  • Caddy
  • Syringes
  • Bandaids
  • Alcohol pads
  • Guaz

In today’s day and age, weight loss is a topic that many of us approach with caution. While weight loss can be important to one's health and quality of life, it can also be highly challenging to achieve through diet and exercise. Our genetics are different, and some don’t respond as well to these methods, as their predisposition is to carry more weight. Additionally, diet and workout culture can be confusing and frustrating.

Yo-yo dieting can hurt your health; extreme workouts can exhaust your body but not shed weight. Knowing which will work for your body can be tricky, with every fitness influencer promoting a different exercise style and thousands of weight loss diets. However, modern technology has found an incredible medication that allows patients to lose weight and uncover a new, healthy lifestyle that works for their life and physique. Zepbound is the latest medication to help patients achieve their ideal weight and live better.

What Is Zepbound?

Zepbound Seattle is an FDA-approved medication that promotes weight loss and helps patients achieve their fitness goals. Zepbound is an FDA-approved, tirzepatide-based medication that interacts with the body’s hormones that respond to food. By replicating the same response, Zepbound works to curb the appetite and prevent patients from overeating.

This incredibly powerful medication can help patients lose up to 20% of their body weight and can help prevent complications from weight like a heart attack or stroke.

Zepbound Weight Loss

How Does Zepbound Work?

Zepbound Seattle has a couple of different internal interactions that make it a successful weight loss prescription. Zepbound is a tirzepatide weight loss medication that interacts with two different types of hormones that control our response to food. The GLP-1 and GIP hormones control our appetite and hunger. By replacing this response, Zepbound helps to create a full feeling quickly and prevents you from overeating or unhealthy snacking.

The second thing this Seattle tirzepatide medication does is slow down the digestive process, keeping you satisfied for more extended periods of time. This allows you to avoid unnecessary snacks throughout the day and prevents you from craving junk food.

The last thing Zepbound benefits is your blood sugar and glucose levels. It can help balance your blood sugar and keep your body from producing too much.

The Benefits Of Zepbound

At Allure Esthetic, Zepbound Seattle offers outstanding and often unbelievable benefits for patients struggling to lose weight. Living life when you are overweight can be exhausting and taxing on your health. While diet and exercise are essential to staying healthy, they do not always elicit the response most people seek. With Zepbound, patients can experience weight loss and find their perfect balance in life. Certain benefits from Zepbound treatment at Allure Esthetic include:

  • Weight loss (can lose up to 20% of body weight)
  • Reduced cravings for unhealthy foods
  • May help boost metabolism
  • Find a nutritional program that works for you
  • May prevent complications like heart attack or stroke
  • Can help promote sustainable weight loss
  • No yo-yo dieting or significant weight fluctuations
  • Help with finding the exercise routines that work best for you
  • Creates a healthier lifestyle
  • A program designed by the leading weight loss experts in Seattle

No BMI Limit

At Allure Esthetic, the providers don’t require a BMI limit to begin Zepbound treatment. They believe everyone is different and don’t want to prevent those who need medication for weight loss. Instead, the Seattle weight loss experts use an in-depth consultation to determine if a patient will benefit from Zepbound. The consultation will also help them ensure you can safely begin the program.

Zepbound Weight Loss Program Seattle

Zepbound Weight Loss

At Allure Esthetic, our weight loss experts go above and beyond to help patients achieve health through sustainable weight loss. The entire process is designed to help patients optimize the effects of Zepbound Seattle and provide the best weight loss experience.

The Consultation

At Allure Esthetic, your Zepbound consultation can be held in person or virtually, depending on what works best for your schedule. This consultation will serve a few purposes, including:

  • Going through medical history to ensure you can safely begin treatment
  • Going through family medical history to ensure you are not predisposed to complications
  • Going over recent and current prescriptions to ensure you can take the medication
  • Understanding your unique struggle with weight loss
  • Taking your current weight to have the initial starting point
  • Discussing your lifestyle and health habits

The expert weight loss providers help all patients find the proper dosage and Zepbound plan to optimize the medication.

Zepbound Injections

Seattle Zepbound injections are self-administered once weekly. However, the providers at Allure Esthetic know this can be nerve-wracking for some patients, so they are here to walk you through the injection steps. If you want, you can come into the office once a week to receive your Zepbound injection, as our providers are on-call 24/7 to help you with your weight loss journey. The Zepbound dosage can be tailored depending on the patient’s medication responses and progress.

Monthly-Check Ins

Because our weight loss experts are available anytime, they also provide monthly check-ins to keep up with their weight loss journey. These check-ins can be held in person or virtual to provide added convenience. During these check-ins, the provider will see how you are doing on the medication and where your weight loss journey is headed. They can also provide a Vitamin B supplement to help manage any unpleasant side effects you may experience initially. This will help them tailor the dose to fit the patient’s needs.

Nutrition And Exercise Guides

At Allure Esthetic, our providers don’t stop prescribing weight loss medication. They provide nutrition and exercise guides to help every patient optimize the results of Zepbound Seattle. Studies have shown that patients who workout and eat healthily lose more weight on tirzepatide medications than those that do not. Our nutrition and diet programs are designed to promote healthier choices that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Asked Questions

1. Does Zepbound Have Any Risks?

There are potentially fewer risks associated with tirzepatide weight loss medication than semaglutide. However, one should be aware of some side effects and risks, including:

  • Nausea
  • Indigestion
  • Frequent need to use the restroom
  • Constipation
  • Facial swelling (rare)
  • Reaction around the injection site
  • Difficulty breathing (rare)
  • Allergic reaction (rare)

2. How Long Can I Take Zepbound?

Tirzepaatide Seattle medications for weight loss are designed to be long-term weight loss solutions. You can stay on Zepbound as long as you feel comfortable and the medication is working for you. If you reach your goal weight and want to stop usage, the providers recommend slowly decreasing the amount.

3. Where Should I Inject Zepbound?

Zepbound injections should be rotated weekly between the stomach, thighs, and upper arms. This will help prevent the injection sites from building scar tissue and interfering with medication.

4. How Much Does Zepbound Cost In Seattle?

Zepbound cost depends on the provider you use. At Allure Esthetic, we offer compounded tirzepatide for the same price as tirzepatide, which is $750 monthly. This includes monthly supplies, injections, monthly check-ins, 24/7 access to a weight loss provider, and diet and nutrition guides.

5. How Much Weight Can I Lose On Zepbound?

Studies have shown that patients can lose up to 20% of their body weight when on Seattle tirzepatide medications. However, the amount of weight you can lose depends on your lifestyle and unique body composition.

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