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Sophisticated body contouring options for trans men seeking gender affirmation

Top surgery, when performed by a consummate specialist, can help FTM clients achieve a chiseled, masculine-looking chest contour that boosts their self-confidence and offers them a whole new universe of wardrobe options. Additionally, top surgery can help to enhance one's sense of authenticity in gender expression. Our team at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery is excited to help you embark on the transformational journey of a lifetime.

What is top surgery?

During top surgery, Dr. Sajan will utilize the most cutting-edge techniques possible to help minimize scarring and achieve results that are seamlessly integrated with your existing physique. He will choose among several innovative approaches including:

  • The periareolar incision – Also known as a keyhole incision, the periareolar incision encircles the nipple. A second incision is then made in the same location at a larger circumference. This approach works best for those with a small amount of breast tissue to excise. Scarring is well hidden in the darker pigments of the areola complex. Liposuction may also be performed in tandem to ensure a smooth, flat chest surface is achieved.
  • The double incision – In cases where a trans man has a moderate or significant amount of breast tissue to excise, a double incision technique can be used to streamline and sculpt the chest. In this case, two horizontal incisions are made at the top and bottom of the pec muscles. Note that the muscles themselves remain completely intact during surgery. Once the skin is pulled back, fat skin and tissue can be removed. Liposuction may also be used to help improve the patient's outcome.
  • The buttonhole incision – In this case, two horizontal incisions that can be either curved or straight are made at the top and bottom of the pec muscles in order to allow the surgeon ample opportunity to remove breast tissue, fat and skin. During this type of surgery the nipple areola complex is left attached to the nerves and blood supply through a thin pedicle, or flap, which helps to preserve feeling in the nipples.
  • Liposuction – Liposuction can be performed in combination with any of the incision techniques to help trim away excess fat and create a more sculpted, chiseled appearance in the chest. It can also be used to slim and streamline the lower body, including the belly, thighs, hips and lower back.

What are the advantages of top surgery in California?

  • Improved self-confidence – Trans men who undergo FTM top surgery feel better about how they look, and as a result enjoy enhanced social and professional confidence. They are able to feel more at home in their own skin, especially when going to the beach, changing at the gym, or being intimate with a partner.
  • Authenticity in gender expression – Trans men who undergo top surgery feel a greater alignment between how they feel on the inside and how they look on the outside. This creates psychological harmony and well-being, which greatly enhances quality of life.
  • A positive outlook – Trans individuals suffer disproportionately from depression and anxiety related to gender dysphoria. Top surgery can help trans men to have a more positive outlook on life, restoring a sense of enjoyment and pleasure in everything that they do.
  • Brand new wardrobe – There is nothing more exciting than being able to wear all your favorite t-shirts, tops and jackets that finally fit properly and express your personal sense of style. Purchasing a new wardrobe is among the parts of the procedure that FTM top surgery clients find the most satisfying.

Who makes a good candidate for top surgery?

In order to qualify for top surgery, patients should be healthy, both mentally and physically, with any major medical conditions or mental health issues under control. Patients should be psychologically prepared for the results of their surgery, having documented persistent gender dysphoria over several years. They should be old enough to fully consent to treatment, which commonly happens at 18 years old. If younger, clients will need a written consent from their parents or guardians.

A letter from the patient's therapist is usually also requested. This letter must state that the patient has been undergoing counseling related to their gender journey, that they have a desire to live as a member of the opposite sex, and that they are free from any mental disorders that might unduly influence their decision-making.

What can I expect from the recovery process?

Top surgery takes around 2 to 3 hours and is performed on an outpatient basis. After your treatment, you will be fitted with a compression garment that helps to reduce swelling and ensures that your new, more masculine chest contours are kept intact. You may also be fitted with small drains that help to rid the body of excess blood and fluids after surgery.

The doctor will make sure you are kept comfortable with the appropriate pain medications. Most of the major side effects such as swelling, bruising and tenderness will abate within two weeks. Within about 30 days you will be able to return to all normal activities, including exercise.

Why choose Dr. Sajan for top surgery in California?

Dr. Sajan is a leading, internationally respected cosmetic surgeon who frequently lectures on topics in plastic and reconstructive techniques. He publishes frequently in peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Surgical Research, and is the editor of the textbook Aesthetic Laser Therapy: Principles, Medical Applications and Long-Term Effectiveness, published in 2015 by NOVA Science Publishers.

In addition to his consummate skill and prowess as an FTM top surgery provider, Dr. Sajan is known for his compassionate and empathetic demeanor, which instantly sets clients at ease as they pursue their individual path towards gender affirmation and authenticity.

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