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Thigh Lift Surgery is a procedure performed by plastic surgeons like Dr. Javad Sajan to restore slender proportions to patients' thighs. The procedure removes excess skin and fat, giving patients' legs a more attractive and balanced appearance. Visit Dr. Sajan for some of the most beautiful results from a thigh lift Seattle patients love and trust.

The shape of your legs

The cells and tissues in every part of our bodies are continually changing. Those perpetual changes are affected by heredity, activity and diet, the natural aging process, and significant weight fluctuations. For some people, those fluctuations include significant changes to the tissues of the inner and outer thigh area. Over time, thigh tissues can become flabby or lax, and clothing (especially jeans, shorts, and swimsuits) don't fit well and aren't as flattering as they once were.

A thigh lift may be able to reshape those problem areas of your thighs and give your upper legs a more attractive contour. A thigh lift may help:

  • Reduce excess skin and fat
  • Tighten and firm skin
  • Re-contour the thighs for a more proportioned appearance
  • Improve the appearance and feel of skin quality

Thigh Lift Procedure

Your Seattle thigh lift surgery will take place on an outpatient basis in our state-licensed surgery center. An overnight hospital stay is not necessary. An anesthesiologist will administer either general (deep sleep) anesthesia or a combination of intravenous sedation and an anesthetic. Thigh lift surgery generally takes between two to four hours depending on the extent of shaping and correction to be done. You will be monitored throughout the surgery and recovery periods for your safety and comfort.

The incision patterns of your surgery will depend on the areas being treated and what reshaping is to be done. In general, there are three techniques used for this procedure, and Dr. Sajan will select the one that's right for you based on your needs and the amount of excess volume you'd like to address:

Medial (inner) thigh lift

This option is perfect for Dr. Sajan's patients in Seattle and surrounding areas who have difficulty toning the hard-to-target inner thighs, or who want to address skin laxity in this area due to the aging process or major weight loss. In most cases, Dr. Sajan will make a discreet, well-hidden incision where the inner thigh meets your groin. Through that opening, he will remove skin and fat from the area, either with excision or liposuction. However, if you have a more substantial amount of tissue to address, he will extend the incision along the length of your inner thigh. Once the appropriate amount of excess skin and fat has been removed, he will tighten the remaining skin to highlight your new, slimmer contours.

Mini thigh lift

If your thighs are in fairly good shape and you exclusively need to address excess volume in the upper third area, a mini thigh lift may be ideal. With this approach, Dr. Sajan only needs to make a short incision hidden in the groin area. This technique tends to deliver less dramatic results than other options, but the scarring and recovery period are also minimal.

Lateral (outer) thigh lift

To begin your outer thigh lift, Dr. Sajan will make an incision at the top of your leg. If you're removing a substantial amount of extra volume from this area, this incision may also wrap around your hip and buttocks. Through that opening, he will remove lax skin and unwanted volume, before pulling the remaining skin taut to smooth the entire area. Many of Dr. Sajan's patients who have experienced major weight loss choose this option, because it allows him to remove a large amount of tissue, while also contouring the buttocks.

Regardless of the procedure you choose, unwanted fatty tissue will be removed via a gentle liposuction procedure, and excess skin will be tightened and reshaped to form proportionate thighs and smoother contours. Once Dr. Sajan has achieved the slender thighs discussed during your initial consultation, he will close the incisions with fine, dissolvable sutures.

Once your procedure is complete, Dr. Sajan will provide you with detailed guidelines for your recovery, along with oral and topical medications and wound care instructions. In most cases, you will be asked to wear a compression garment for a period of time to minimize swelling and support your body throughout the healing process.

During the first few days and weeks, you can expect to experience bruising, swelling and soreness in the treatment area. As you heal, it is very important to avoid strenuous activity and follow Dr. Sajan's aftercare guidelines to ensure an optimal recovery process. Though most of Dr. Sajan's patients are able to return to work within seven to ten days following a thigh lift, you will be provided with personalized post-surgery instructions during your private post-operative appointments. In terms of results, they should be evident immediately and will continue to improve over several months as the swelling resolves.

Lifting Your Image

When performed by a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Sajan, a thigh lift may enhance your self-confidence and the feeling that you look good in your clothes. You may notice that the quality of your post-procedure skin looks and feels more attractive, too. Contact Dr. Sajan's Seattle office for a consultation today and discuss the reshaping possibilities a thigh lift can deliver for you.

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