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An FTM top surgery is usually the first step in a transgender man’s gender reassignment journey. If you’re a transgender man from Portland considering FTM top surgery, we invite you to visit our highly-accessible plastic surgery clinic led by Dr. Sajan, one of the country’s most reputable and award-winning plastic surgeons.

When considering FTM top surgery, you must find a surgeon who understands the sheer importance of the procedure. Dr. Sajan has worked closely with the transgender community, and he has treated numerous transgender patients, helping them along on their unique gender reassignment journeys. He appreciates the value of FTM top surgery and is eager to help you in any way he can.

Allure Esthetic is Dr. Sajan’s advanced plastic surgery clinic located at 600 Broadway Suite 320, Seattle, WA. Patients from Portland can reach our plastic surgery clinic in less than 3 hours driving down the I-5 N or within 50 minutes via the Portland-Seattle flight. If you're ready, please call our plastic surgery clinic at (206) 209-0988.

Introduction to FTM Top Surgery

The term “FTM top surgery” refers to a wide range of surgical procedures geared towards transforming a biologically-female body into a masculine body that conforms to your gender identity. Usually the first step in a transgender man’s gender reassignment journey, the FTM top surgery masculinizes the chest, improving the patient’s long-term mental and physical health.

During your consultation with Dr. Sajan, he examines your breast tissues, reviews your medical history, and discusses your cosmetic goals to curate the ideal FTM top surgery treatment plan. The entire plan is curated collaboratively to ensure it conforms to your specific expectations. Dr. Sajan specializes in three-dimensional high definition chest reconstruction, one of the most effective means of transforming and contouring the chest.

Each FTM top surgery is unique because each individual is unique. If you’re ready to start your journey, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajan to discuss the specifics of the procedure.

Why should patients from Portland visit Dr. Sajan for FTM top surgery?

FTM top surgery is a complex surgical procedure that should only be entrusted to the best and most reputable plastic surgeons in the country. Dr. Sajan happens to be one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in the US, and he has a demonstrable track record with transgender patients. He patiently consults with all his patients to curate the ideal treatment plan according to their individual expectations and aesthetic goals. His primary goal is to make sure you leave his clinic feeling confident in a body that conforms to your gender identity.

If you’re a transgender man from Portland, you may want to find an accessible plastic surgery clinic in a hospitable neighborhood. Allure Esthetic is located on 600 Broadway Suite in Seattle, less than 200 miles from Portland via I-5 N, a distance you can cover within 3 hours. If you’re more of a flyer, you can also take the 50-minute Portland-Seattle flight.

Besides being extremely accessible, our plastic surgery clinic is also located in a hospitable and queer-friendly neighborhood. While you recover from the procedure, you can dine at numerous LGBTQ-friendly restaurants, such as Fuel coffee on 610 19th Ave E. or Caffe Fiore Queen Anne on 224 W Galer St. You can also find a wide range of hotels in the area for different budgets, such as the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Seattle on 99 Union St. or the affordable Crowne Plaza Seattle-Downtown on 1113 6th Ave.

For more information on the FTM top surgery, contact Allure Esthetic at (206) 209-0988.

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