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Choosing the doctor to help you with your gender reassignment decision is never easy. This is a huge milestone and certainly not something to take lightly. You need–and deserve–professionals that understand how important these decisions are. Not just from a physical results standpoint, either.

FTM top surgical procedures are a major milestone to reclaiming your body, something that Dr. Sajan and the team at Allure Esthetic fully understand. The team here is recognized nationally for the compassion and empathy they have for the transgender community and especially their patients making a transition.

As one of the nation’s most accomplished and awarded plastic surgeons, Dr. Sajan has helped numerous transgender individuals take that first step along their gender reassignment journey with confidence.

Helping individuals from all over the country, including in Nevada, patients travel to the Allure Esthetic clinic located in Seattle, Washington all the time to have this type of procedure done.

What are FTM Surgical Procedures?

FTM top surgical procedures involve a variety of carefully planned and executed steps that transform a biologically female chest into a masculine one.

The procedure inevitably includes reshaping, contouring, and reconstructing the chest to achieve results outlined in collaboration between individual patients and Dr. Sajan himself.

Dr. Sajan has won numerous awards for helping to pioneer and perfect three-dimensional, high-definition FTM top surgical procedures. These procedures are done to remove breast tissue, reconfigure chest material, and better contour the chest with liposuction solutions that produce truly transformative results.

What Makes Dr. Sajan and Allure Esthetic So Special?

Dr. Sajan and everyone at the Allure Esthetic facilities recognize that FTM top surgical procedures are so much more than the physical plastic surgery process itself.

Getting this right is critical to the mental health as well as the physical health of the individual patients, really helping them (sometimes for the first time) feel like they have a body that is completely and totally their own.

All procedures with Dr. Sajan begin with an in-depth consultation.

Important details like medical history and physical examination occurs during this consultation, but together patients and Dr. Sajan go even deeper than that.

A collaborative plan to achieve the exact goals patients are interested in is sketched and outlined during this initial consultation. During follow-up appointments the plan is really honed and perfected in the lead up to the procedure itself.

From there, Dr. Sajan and his team of surgical and support staff experts go to work methodically to produce the kind of results that have one Allure Esthetics awards all over the country and throughout the LGBTQ+ community.

Preparing for Your Visit to the Allure Esthetic Seattle Offices

Those interested in visiting the Allure Esthetic Seattle offices from Nevada have a couple of options available as far as travel is concerned.

Driving up from the Silver State is an option, though it can take 15 hours or more traveling up the West Coast to get to the offices in downtown Seattle.

It’ll certainly save time to fly out of McCarran, the Reno Tahoe, or the Laughlin/Bullhead international airports (depending on which one is closest) on any of the daily flights that land at the Seattle Tacoma airport.

Flights out of Vegas (from McCarran) run daily and nonstop and are generally quite affordable. Flights out of Reno are a little more expensive, but you’ll be in the air for about 40 minutes less, shaving travel time down by almost 30%.

The clinic itself is located in a very LGBTQ+ friendly neighborhood, with a number of restaurants, cafés, and hotel accommodations available that will make you feel right at home.

If you have any questions, or want to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajan and the team, please don’t hesitate to contact Allure Esthetic directly at (206) 209-0988.

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