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Mention abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) and some people will think of a surgical procedure to remove excessive fat deposits and flabby skin in the lower abdominal area. But some people actually have more flaccid skin in their upper abdominal area. For these patients, plastic surgeons like Dr. Javad Sajan may perform a reverse abdominoplasty to remove excess, loose skin only in the upper abdomen.

The Ideal Reverse Abdominoplasty Patient

Several types of men and women seek reverse abdominoplasty, including:

  • People who have lost a considerable amount of weight
  • Women who, after pregnancy, have lost skin tone in their upper (but not lower) abdomen
  • Patients who have undergone traditional abdominoplasty
  • Women who are planning breast augmentation surgery and abdominoplasty (both surgeries require an incision be made in the same place)
  • Patients who are in good health and do not smoke

When weight loss or pregnancy stretches the skin of your upper abdomen, exercise and diet may not be enough to return the shape of that area to its former condition and appearance. A reverse abdominoplasty may be able to reshape and tone your abdominal area giving you a more balanced and healthy-looking appearance.

Your Reverse Abdominoplasty Procedure

Your surgery will be done in our state-licensed surgery center on an outpatient basis. The procedure will take about two hours during which an anesthesiologist will administer a general (deep sleep) anesthesia. You will be monitored and kept comfortable throughout surgery and recovery for your safety and comfort.

Dr. Sajan will make an incision in the area called the inframammary fold – the crease where your breasts meet your upper abdominal area. He will remove some fat deposits and excess skin and tighten the skin throughout the upper abdomen by pulling it upward without distorting the area of or shape of the navel. The incision will be closed with sutures and a dressing or bandages will be applied to the incision line.

Swelling, bruising and tenderness are normal post-surgery reactions and may last between 10 – 14 days. Recovery takes about two weeks. You may be asked to wear a compression garment during this time to help reduce swelling and facilitate healing. Dr. Sajan will provide detailed instructions regarding your recovery process including care of the incision area and use of topical and oral medications. Most patients feel able to return to work in one to two weeks. Heavy lifting, strenuous activities, and vigorous exercise should be avoided for up to four weeks.

Results of your procedure are immediately noticeable. The appearance of your smoother, tighter abdomen continues to improve as swelling resolves over the next two to three months. The appearance of your overall abdominal area should have a smooth and healthy contour. The incision scar will fade over time and will be minimally visible as it is well concealed in the inframammary crease.

A Healthy And Shapely You

A healthy lifestyle is one of the best ways to support your body over the years. But when a healthy diet and activity regimen don't do enough to keep your upper abdomen in its best shape, a reverse abdominoplasty may be for you. Contact Dr. Sajan's office and schedule a consultation appointment to discuss reverse abdominoplasty for a more healthy, shapely you.

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