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Breast Augmentation Revision Gallery

This is a 34 year old woman who previous to meeting Dr. Sajan had undergone 600ML moderate profile saline implants through a periareolar approach 6 years ago. She wanted softer implants and did not want to have a periaerolar approach again since her previous surgery caused her to have temporary loss of sensation in her nipples. She desired a minimally invasive approach through a transaxillary(armpit) incision. She consulted numerous plastic surgeons and they told her it was not possible to do a revision via a minimally invasive approach and they all wanted to make an incision on her breast. She consulted Dr. Sajan and he said he would be able to perform a minimally invasive transaxiallry revision breast augmentation. She had 800ML high profile Mentor silicon implants placed via an armpit incision without any incisions placed on her breasts.