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Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Red Carpet Experience at Allure Esthetic with Dr. Sajan. The Red Carpet Experience is designed for individuals who place a priority on their free time or otherwise are extremely busy due to demanding schedules: individuals who value having exclusive, dedicated, one-on-one time with Dr. Sajan.

The Red Carpet Experience is offered twice a week in one-hour increments from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. During this time, Dr. Sajan and his lead staff will maintain a clear schedule dedicated solely to your initial private consultation. From the time of booking your consultation and throughout your post operative appointments, you will receive exclusive dedicated VIP Treatment.

Initial Consultation

After booking a Red Carpet Consultation, you will be given all the appropriate forms and documents in advance so little to no paperwork will be required during your consultation. Before your consultation, our staff and Dr. Sajan will know everything about your medical history so very minimal time is spent on these matters and more time is spent discussing your cosmetic and plastic surgery goals.

Upon arrival on the evening of your consultation, you will be greeted in the lobby of our building by our friendly staff, led to the elevators and guided directly into a private consultation room in our office. As we will have the entire hour set solely for you, there will be no need to sit in a waiting room while other patients finish their consultations. You will have Dr. Sajan and his lead staff’s undivided attention the entire time you are in our office.

During your Red Carpet Consultation, Dr. Sajan will listen to your particular goals and discuss what procedures could best help you realize them. Knowing your medical history in advance will allow Dr. Sajan to streamline the consultation process even further.

Before, During & After Surgery

Should you decide to book a surgery after a Red Carpet Consultation, you will be guaranteed a surgery date within six weeks of your consultation, a significantly shorter wait time than other surgical bookings with Dr. Sajan.

During your surgery booking, you will be assigned at least one dedicated VIP medical concierge to ensure all your questions, comments and concerns are promptly answered. This dedicated VIP medical concierge will be in contact with you before, during and after your surgery to help walk you through the entire process. As a Red Carpet patient you will also have access to schedule your post operative appointments at a time and day that best suits your schedule.

Red Carpet patients coming from out of town will also receive assistance by their VIP medical concierge with booking local lodging with one of our hotel partners in the area. Patients both in and out of town will receive assistance with travel to and from our operating room on the day of their surgery, should they desire.

The cost for the red carpet experience is $1000. This fee is non-refundable and does not apply towards any services or products.

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