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Custom Facial Packages In Seattle

Facials come in two main varieties: the spa facial and medical grade facials. Spa facials cleanse and relax the skin. They do not require medical training or knowledge to perform. Medical grade facials require a properly trained master esthetician and can make large improvements in the quality of your skin. The term “facial” can refer to many different types of skin treatments, including, but not limited to oxygen facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and the zombie carbon laser peel. At Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery, our master estheticians have put together a customized facials package known as ‘the Glow Up Package” that consists of rotated chemical peels and microneedling sessions. Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery offers the best facials Seattle has to offer.

What Is The Glow Up Package?

The Glow Up Package is a personalized facial treatment protocol that consists of three chemical peels and three microneedling sessions. The procedures are normally rotated over the course of a few months.

The type of chemical peel and microneedling procedure performed is highly customizable. During a consultation with a master esthetician, you can review the options available for the best Seattle facials special, the Glow Up package.

Chemical peels and microneedling are effective skin treatments on their own, but when combined, they provide powerful skin benefits. Microneedling creates small holes in the skin that stimulate collagen production, while the chemical peels get rid of dead skin. This means the Glow Up Package goes below the surface to provide powerful rejuvenation and treat various skin concerns.


Microneedling is a professional skin treatment also referred to as “collagen induction therapy”. Using a specialized microneedling medical device, your master esthetician will create small punctures in your skin using tiny needles. These holes are usually not visible to the naked eye. Either hyaluronic acid or platelet rich plasma is spread on the face prior to treatment.

Your body reacts to the tiny punctures like a normal wound. It sends healing defenses, including the signals to produce more collagen and elastin. Over the coming weeks following treatment, this increase in collagen production leads to a renewal of the skin and can treat many skin conditions and concerns.

During the treatment, the hyaluronic acid or PRP penetrates deep into the skin. These agents act as moisturizers and enhance the skin from the inside out. However, choosing to upgrade to platelet rich plasma can have extra benefits. Platelet rich plasma, like the microneedling treatment itself, signals for the production of collagen. This can lead to improved results and may prove effective in treating the appearance of surgical scars and acne scars.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a diversified treatment that comes in many different varieties. At a consultation, your master esthetician can recommend the right facial peels for your Glow Up Package.

The major difference between chemical peels differing strengths: light, medium, and deep skin peels. Deep peels are not commonly used in the Glow Up Package. Light peels usually utilize glycolic or salicylic acid and remove only the outer layer of skin. Used in conjunction with microneedling, light chemical peels can provide noticeable results. Medium chemical peels often contain trichloroacetic acid, also known as TCA chemical peels. These are among the most commonly performed chemical peels and can complement microneedling sessions well.

During a chemical peel, a master esthetician will spread the chosen peel across your face. You may feel a slight tingling sensation or mild discomfort, but overall, chemical peels are perfectly comfortable. Some chemical peels require removal prior to leaving Allure Esthetic. Others can remain on the skin for absorption.

In the few days following your Seattle chemical peel, you may notice redness and skin peeling. This is perfectly normal because the skin peel removes dead skin and the top layer of skin to produce new skin. The process can treat many skin concerns and lessen their appearance.

Before & After

GlowUP Before
GlowUP After

The Glow Up Package Is Perfect For:

As mentioned, the Glow Up Package offers many skin benefits. The three chemical peels and three skin peels can also aid in the treatment of many skin conditions and concerns. A master esthetician at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery can treat various concerns like:

  • Stretch marks
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Pigmentation irregularities
  • Frequent acne breakouts
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Sun spots
  • Rough skin texture

Based on your specific skin concerns, your master esthetician will cater your Glow Up Package to treat them. This could include altering the amount of time between treatments, choosing a certain kind of skin peel, or adding PRP.

Additionally, the Glow Up Package is safe for most skin types and tones. Your master esthetician can determine if you are a good candidate for the Glow Up Package protocol at a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is It Between Treatments?

The amount of time between your chemical peels and microneedling sessions will depend on many factors. Your skin goals and type, your schedule, and the type of Seattle chemical peels you receive all contribute to the time between treatments.

In general, you can expect each procedure to be spaced about four to six weeks apart. This allows for ample healing time between treatments, but is also close enough for the procedures to work well together.

Can It Help Acne?

Yes! The Glow Up Package can reduce acne breakouts and lead to less severe breakouts. It should be noted that the procedures cannot be performed if you have a current severe breakout. Your master esthetician will explain the best course of action for Seattle acne treatment with the Glow Up Package.

Both microneedling and chemical peels can benefit acne and acne scarring. Through collagen production and mild resurfacing, the combination of facial peels and microneedling can contribute to improved acne.

Are The Skin Peels All The Same?

No, as discussed previously, chemical peels vary widely. Each skin peel contains a different combination of acids. Based on your individual skin needs, your master esthetician can customize your chemical peel in Seattle to match your goals.

Along with different combinations of ingredients, chemical peels come in varying strengths and have various application methods. Some skin peels, known as self-neutralizing chemical peels, absorb into the skin following treatment. Traditional chemical peels are removed before you leave.

Is It Safe To Do Microneedling And Chemical Peels Together?

When there is enough time between microneedling and chemical peel sessions, it is perfectly safe to undergo both procedures. Typically you must allow at least three to four weeks for adequate healing between treatments. Otherwise, it is perfectly safe to have the procedures performed as a regimen over the course of time.

Does Microneedling Or Chemical Peels Hurt?

Both chemical peels and microneedling may have mild discomfort associated with the treatment. Neither should require anesthetics and patients usually remain perfectly comfortable during the procedure. If you have sensitive skin, you may opt for light peels to prevent excess irritation.

Overall, the treatment should not be overly painful and most patients only experience minor discomfort, if any, during the treatment.

Why The Glow Up Package And Not Separate Procedures?

Bundling your Seattle chemical peels and microneedling offers a more cost effective option. As well as the ability to get the best results from each treatment. Scheduling them in direct succession from one another according to your customized facial protocol leads to better and longer lasting results.

Choosing the Glow Up Package also allows you and your master esthetician to better track the improvement of your skin. Visible results usually become apparent after the second or third session.

The Best Seattle Facials

The master estheticians at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery underwent intensive training which allows them to perform medical grade facials. The Glow Up Package is more than a series of facials, but a medical grade facial protocol that can treat skin concerns. Our master estheticians work to improve the quality of your skin, not just the look of it.

To schedule a consultation with a master esthetician at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery, call us at 206-209-0988. Additionally, you can contact us online via chat, text, contact form, or our Price Simulator™ app.

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