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A tracheal shave surgery can be life-changing for many transgender women and gender nonconforming people. By reducing the cartilage around the Adam’s apple, patients can decrease and possibly eliminate the appearance of the strictly male trait. Unfortunately, some tracheal shaves are unsuccessful or create undesired results. When this happens, the aftermath can be devastating for people as this is a significant step in achieving their goals.

Dr. Javad Sajan at Allure Esthetic not only specializes in tracheal shave surgery but also in revision tracheal shave surgery. However, a revision tracheal shave is a more in-depth and delicate procedure. Dr. Sajan works to help every gender-nonconforming person and transgender woman achieve their goals and overcome gender dysphoria.

What Is A Tracheal Shave?

To understand a revision tracheal shave Seattle, we must first look at a typical tracheal shave procedure. A tracheal shave or chondrolaryngoplasty is a gender-affirming surgery used to change the neck from male to female. A colloquial, commonly known as Adam’s apple, is a prominent feature and a noticeable male trait, many MTF transgender patients wish to eliminate its appearance. While the adam’s apple cannot be entirely removed, it can be surgically decreased down to reduce visibility.

The adam’s apple is made out of thyroid cartilage. This cartilage has a right and left-wing that fuse together in the middle. This cartilage creates the prominent appearance of the adam’s apple. A primary tracheal shave removes the cartilage around the adam’s apple to eliminate its appearance.

However, for some patients, the removal of the cartilage is not sufficient enough to eliminate the appearance. When excess cartilage is left behind, a revision tracheal shave may be required.

When Is A Revision Tracheal Shave Needed?

A revision tracheal shave, Seattle, is necessary for a few circumstances. A revision tracheal shave surgery is a second procedure performed when the primary tracheal shave does not produce adequate results. This can happen for a few reasons, including:

  • Excess cartilage was left behind
  • Not enough cartilage was removed
  • scar tissue developed around the leftover cartilage
  • Scar tissue developed where the cartilage used to be

Dr. Sajan can perform a revision tracheal shave for MTF patients unsatisfied with the results of their first procedure. His thorough process and advanced techniques allow him to create a stunning and sleek neck.

Revision Tracheal Shave

A revision tracheal shave is more complex due to the initial surgery to eliminate the adam’s apple. Because the area has already been operated on, the leftover cartilage and scar tissue can calcify and harden. Oftentimes, during an initial tracheal shave, the cartilage is shaved down with a scalpel. However, in a revision tracheal shave, the tough cartilage and scar tissue must be removed with a microdrill.

The traditional way of removing the cartilage could cause excess bleeding due to the calcified tissue. Dr. Sajan uses a specialized, high-speed neurosurgical drill to remove the excess cartilage and scar tissue from the thyroid cartilage. In some cases, excess soft tissue can develop around the Adam’s apple, posing a risk of bleeding. When this occurs, Dr. Sajan uses a special ultrasonic piezo drill instead of a neurosurgical one to avoid damage or bleeding.

Benefits Of Revision Tracheal Shave Seattle

A revision tracheal shave provides many benefits for patients with unsuccessful initial surgery. Gender dysphoria is a serious issue that can hinder a transgender woman’s life and cause severe mental difficulties. Additionally, a tracheal shave is already a significant procedure, and when the results are disappointing, this can be disheartening and further feelings of gender dysphoria. A revision tracheal shave may help patients can feel and present who they are. Some benefits may include:

  • Alleviate gender dysphoria
  • Can reduce scar tissue from the adam’s apple
  • Can eliminate the appearance of the adam’s apple
  • Can correct any complications from an initial tracheal shave
  • Can restore confidence and sense of self
  • Can remove cartilage from the adam’s apple
  • Provides the aesthetic look desired with the initial surgery
  • Performed by a top revision tracheal shave surgeon

Risks Of A Seattle Revision Tracheal Shave

While Dr. Sajan has had no complications with the revision tracheal shave, it does pose a higher risk than the initial surgery. Due to the hardened cartilage and build-up of scar tissue, the procedure is more extensive and complicated than the first. Some risks include:

  • Nerve damage
  • Blood and fluid collection
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Changes to the voice
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Death

Dr. Sajan takes the necessary and thorough steps to ensure safety and lower risk for every patient. His extensive training and knowledge allow him to change many patients’ lives and restore confidence with every revision tracheal shave, Seattle.


The recovery from a revision tracheal shave is slightly more extensive than the initial surgery due to the precise nature of the surgery. Dr. Sajan will provide the patient with recovery instructions, which may include:

  • A full week of rest
  • No lifting more than ten pounds
  • No strenuous exercise for a month
  • Rest with the head elevated
  • Take prescribed medication to manage discomfort

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Seattle Revision Tracheal Shave Cost?

A revision tracheal shave depends on the extent of the surgery and any other procedures included. However, a revision tracheal shave starts at $9,995 and can fluctuate depending. Dr. Sajan works with every patient and provides a custom quote during consultation.

Do You Take Insurance?

Allure Esthetic is in network with most major insurance carriers for revision tracheal shave. However, they do not work with Medicaid or Medicare, but they do accept most private insurance. They work with transgender patients to help them afford and financially plan for their surgery.

Do I Need A Consultation?

Dr. Sajan holds a consultation with every revision tracheal shave patient. During this consultation, he will need your medical history and past information about the initial surgery. This will help him determine if you are a good candidate for the revision tracheal shave.

The Best Revision Tracheal Shave In Seattle

Dr. Javad Sajan at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery provides the best revision tracheal shaves for every patient. He has an extensive background in tracheal shave surgery and necessary revisions. With his outstanding precision, knowledge, and experience, patients can achieve their goals and live without gender dysphoria.

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