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The environment can wreak havoc on our skin. From cold winds that dry it out to summer smoke that pollutes our pores, one of the biggest factors in aging and skin health is exposure to the environment. Even with daily washing and a good skin routine, skin damage due to the elements is inevitable. Our master estheticians curated the Make It Rain facials package that removes environmental pollutants and replaces them with hydrating factors that nourish your skin. Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery offers the Make It Rain facials package in Seattle.

Personalized Facials In Seattle: The Make It Rain Package

The Make It Rain facials package consists of our specially designed, medical grade rain facial. This highly personalizable treatment is safe for every skin type and tone. Your master esthetician will cater your Make It Rain package to your skin and goals.

No two Make It Rain facial packages are exactly the same. While every package consists of the same procedures, the rain facials themselves vary widely because there are nine different treatment heads and countless combinations. This means even two rain facials you receive as part of your package may consist of different rain facial features. This makes the Make It Rain package one of the most customizable facials Seattle offers.

Rain Facial:

The rain facial is a medical grade facial with over nine different features. Each feature was designed to treat a specific concern or problem. For example, red light therapy targets skin inflammation while blue light therapy addresses acne causing bacteria.

While it comes with varying features that your master esthetician will use to customize your Seattle facial, the main component of the rain facial is the water based exfoliation. This gentle exfoliation does not irritate the skin like some other exfoliation treatments.


The rain facial is the core of the Make It Rain facials package. Containing three rain facials, this package focuses on customized facials curated to treat your specific skin concerns. Along with this, the rain facial also delivers direct and powerful hydration and nutrients to the skin for healthier, glowing skin.

The next procedure that is part of the Make It Rain package is dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a facial procedure that uses a surgical blade to remove dead skin and vellus hair from the face. The treatment is not painful. One of the major benefits of dermaplaning is that it allows subsequent facials to penetrate deeper into the skin. This increases their efficacy and can lead to better results.

Dermaplaning is also known for providing a nearly immediately glow for many patients. This complements a rain facial well and promotes the best results from your Seattle facial.

Enzyme Peel:

The enzyme peel is one of the options for the final treatment in the Make It Rain facials package. Similar to a chemical peel, and enzyme peel uses fruit enzymes to disrupt your skin cells to remove free radicals and nourish the skin. It also removes the top layer of skin like a chemical peel.

An enzyme peel is a gentler treatment than a chemical peel that also resurfaces the skin. This is a great option to complete the Make It Rain facial package because it highlights the skin improvements seen following the series of facials.

Zombie Carbon Laser Peel:

As one of your choices for the final treatment in your Make It Rain package, the zombie carbon laser peel utilizes carbon and laser technology. Unlike a traditional laser resurfacing procedure, the use of carbon lotion means that the laser does not significantly ablate the skin. This means that the zombie carbon laser peel comes with no downtime and only minor alterations to your daily skincare routine for the day following the procedure.

This medical grade facial is especially recommended for patients with oily skin. When working with the other procedures in the Make It Rain package, the zombie carbon laser peel acts as the finishing touch that leaves skin glowing and refreshed.

The Seattle Make It Rain Facials Protocol

As previously mentioned, the rain facial and the Make It Rain package is highly customizable. Therefore, each facials package will look slightly different when performed by a master esthetician at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery.

Consultation With A Master Esthetician

Beginning your Seattle facials protocol starts with a consultation with a master esthetician. At the consultation, you and your master esthetician will review your skin goals, relevant medical history, and discuss your options. The consultation may also include a physical examination of your skin.

If your master esthetician determines that you are a good candidate for the Make It Rain facial, they can discuss the customization options. In many cases, your first rain facial can be performed during the same appointment.

Your Personalized Facials Seattle

Each facial is customized to fit your needs. In general, we offer two different types of rain facial: the tsunami facial and monsoon facial. The tsunami rain facial focuses on hydration and moisturization. The monsoon rain facial targets the signs of aging. Each type of rain facial utilizes the following features of the rain facial:

Tsunami Rain Facial:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasonic treatment
  • Red light therapy

Monsoon Rain Facial:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Skin scrubber treatment
  • Red light therapy

Your master esthetician will likely make customizations to your rain facial to treat your skin concerns. Each feature of the rain facial is designed to address specific skin concerns.

During the dermaplaning procedure, your master esthetician will glide a surgical blade along the surface of your skin to remove dead skin. No other chemicals or other agents are added during the procedure.

If you choose the enzyme peel for your final procedure, your master esthetician will spread the peel carefully across your face. Once the peel is fully applied and set, they will remove it before you leave the office.

Finally, if you opt for the zombie laser peel, your master esthetician will spread carbon lotion on your face. Using a laser, they will then remove the lotion to lightly resurface the skin.

The procedures are spaced roughly two to three weeks apart and the entire package takes around three to four months to complete the entire package. This allows your skin to gain the full effects of each treatment before undergoing the next one. The gaps are still small enough to facilitate skin improvement and prevent build-up from reoccurring quickly between treatments.

After The Make It Rain Facials Package

Following the Make It Package, your skin will likely carry a noticeable glow. With non-invasive treatments and little risk of irritation, you can continue with your normal skincare routine and everyday activities.

The glow and immediate results after the Make It Rain package usually last around a week. Due to the curated and consistent treatment regimen, however, the long lasting skin improvements may last for months. Depending on your goals and skin, your master esthetician may recommend maintenance rain facials every few months.

The Best Facials In Seattle

The master estheticians at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery have years of experience and training that allow them to precisely treat your skin concerns. With expertise in both the aesthetic and medical side of skincare, our master estheticians customize every Make It Rain facials package to fit you. Offering the best facials Seattle offers, our master estheticians perform medical grade facials to treat a variety of skin concerns.

To schedule a consultation with a master esthetician at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery, call us at 206-209-0988. You can contact us online through our Price Simulator™ app, chat, text, or contact form.

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