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The forehead can have a profound impact on your overall attractiveness. As such, if you have an overly prominent forehead that affects your facial balance, or the telltale signs of aging have begun to appear on your brow, a forehead reduction and lift with leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan can address these imperfections, restoring an objectively attractive appearance. Visit Dr. Sajan for some of the best results from a forehead lift Seattle can lay claim to.

Understanding Facial Balance

Some men and women possess naturally prominent foreheads that are unbalanced in relation to the rest of their facial features. Others have a high hairline that further exacerbates the issue. Unfortunately, as the aging process progresses, these features can become even more pronounced. When this occurs, a forehead reduction can be performed to achieve a more harmonious facial structure.

Many of our patients in Seattle opt for a forehead lift in conjunction with a forehead reduction. This surgery is designed to address signs of aging that affect the brow area, including forehead creases, frown lines, a sagging brow and deep furrows between the eyebrows. When performed correctly and by a leading plastic surgeon, like Dr. Sajan, it can restore a youthful and more attractive contour to the forehead and brow area.

What to Expect During Your Procedure

If you decide to move forward with a forehead reduction and lift with Dr. Sajan, your surgery will take place in our state-licensed surgery center under general anesthesia. The procedure will be entirely customized based on your facial anatomy and cosmetic goals.

If you possess prominent forehead bones, Dr. Sajan will create an incision where the forehead meets the hairline. He will then sculpt the bone to remove any prominence and achieve a more proportionate appearance. From there, he will excise the remaining skin, lowering the hairline so it's in a more balanced position.

If you're also having a brow lift, Dr. Sajan will move onto the second portion of the procedure. He performs all of his brow lifts endoscopically, which allows for limited incisions and a rapid recovery period. Through minute openings along the scalp, Dr. Sajan will insert an endoscope, which is essentially a tiny tool with a camera that's attached to a television screen. This allows him to visualize your internal structures and make adjustments without gaining unobstructed access to your underlying tissues. From there, he will reposition your eye brows, tighten lax muscles, smooth creases and elevate the forehead skin, before closing the incisions carefully to minimize any scarring.

Your Recovery

After your procedure, your forehead will be wrapped in a bandage to protect the area. As you'll still be groggy from the anesthesia, you should arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home and stay with you for the first few days. During that time, you'll need to keep your head elevated, apply cold compresses to minimize swelling and take your pain medication as prescribed by Dr. Sajan to minimize any discomfort.

Within about one week, you'll return to Dr. Sajan's Seattle office so that he can evaluate your progress and provide you with personalized instructions for the rest of your recovery period. Although all of our patients will have a unique experience, the vast majority are able to return to work within ten days after a forehead lift and reduction.

Enhanced Facial Proportions

You'll be amazed at what a more balanced face can do for your self-esteem, confidence and appearance. Contact Dr. Sajan's Seattle office today, and learn more about what a forehead reduction and lift can do for you.

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