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Your earlobes may appear unsightly and require reconstructive surgery to repair. While many people pay very little attention to the earlobes, when they have become stretched, saggy, or are overlarge, it can be a distraction. If you want trim, lovely earlobes that appear natural, we can help.

Stretched Earlobes

One of the most common aesthetic problems affecting the earlobes is that they have become stretched and saggy over time. Some patients have a split earlobe from a piercing being torn open through being caught on clothing, a hairbrush, or pulled by a child. Often the result of the constant use of heavy earrings, a pierced lobe which once had a tiny hole is now elongated, with the piercing stretched. This flaw can be corrected with a carefully performed earlobe reconstruction surgery.

Gauged Earlobe Repair

If you had gauged piercing, you may be in the position in which you are left with large, unsightly, stretched piercings you want restored to a natural look. Repairing these issues requires a careful reconstructive procedure. Rather than simply closing the piercing, the repair may involve the removal of excess skin and cartilage to produce a natural-looking earlobe structure.

Split Earlobe Repair

A split earlobe must be repaired correctly to create a smooth contour, rather leading to an odd, pointed look. The procedure requires about thirty minutes to an hour per ear to perform. As you want your ears to be a matching pair, both lobes may require treatment for the most appealing look, depending upon the degree of damage.

Candidates for Earlobe Reconstruction

Ear and earlobe reconstruction, in medical terms, is called an otoplasty. Most commonly, ear surgery is performed to repair protruding, overlarge, or unusually-shaped ears. A minor procedure to correct damaged earlobes is the appropriate procedure for those who have the following cosmetic problems:

  • Sagging earlobes
  • Overlarge earlobes
  • Split piercings
  • Elongated piercings
  • Gauged piercings

Earlobe Reconstruction FAQs

How are split earlobes repaired?

The typical procedure involves the removal of a small amount of skin and suturing the split together. In some cases, a notch of skin and cartilage is removed. Each case is unique, and every earlobe reconstruction is a custom surgical procedure.

How much time do I need to recover from earlobe repair?

You do not need to plan for any time off work. You may find it best to have the procedure at the end of the week, so you have the weekend days to rest. Your body is not heavily impacted by the procedure, but you may want to rest, just as you would after a dental procedure.

Can my ears be re-pierced after earlobe reconstruction?

If you want your ears to be pierced, it is often possible to do so in the same procedure. For more extensive reconstruction (such as repairing earlobes after gauged piercing) you may need to wait until the earlobe is healed to re-pierce it.

Are there any risks to having my earlobes repaired?

As with any surgery, there is always the potential for complications, although these are rare. The most common complications are scar formation, infection, or “notching,” which can be avoided through evaluating how your body produces scars and the type of incision and sutures used in the procedure, as well as the amount of skin or cartilage removed in a repair.

How long does earlobe reconstruction take to perform?

Most procedures take between half an hour and an hour to complete.

Will I be in pain after surgery?

As the earlobes do not have many nerves, most people experience very little discomfort after the repair. However, you need to care for the area and avoid any impacts, harsh soaps, or excessive exposure to the sun during the healing process.

Earlobe Repair in Seattle

If you are embarrassed by the condition of your earlobes, whether they are split, hanging, or have enlarged holes, at Allure Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we can help you restore a smooth, natural-looking ear with a minor surgical repair. Dr. Sajan is a leading plastic surgeon serving the Seattle area and is known for his artistic approach, kind and compassionate demeanor, and the use of the most advanced, delicate surgical techniques -- and for his impressive results.

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