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If you’re looking for a way to reduce the size and shape of your stomach while accentuating the size and shape of your butt, you’ve likely heard of a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift and have probably even wondered if the two procedures can be combined and done together.

The good news is that the answer to that is an emphatic yes and the great news is that Dr. Javad Sajan or Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery in Seattle, Washington specializes in that very combination of procedures.

Here is everything you need to know about doing the two procedures simultaneously.

The Benefits of Combining a BBL with a Tummy Tuck Are Many

Aside from the fact the two procedures can typically be safely done in the same surgical session, there are actually benefits to doing so in many cases.

1 | The stomach needs less fat, while the buttocks need more

A Brazilian butt lift is traditionally done first by extracting healthy fat from one or more donor sites across the body using liposuction. This healthy fat is then purified and will be injected into the buttocks to produce a more appealing, shapely, and curvaceous derriere all in accordance with the patient’s own beauty ideals.

A tummy tuck, likewise, traditionally always involved liposuction. After the excess fatty tissue is removed, the loose skin that results will then be excised (cut off) as part of the tummy tuck. (Depending on the patient’s goals for the BBL, it is possible that other donor sites will need to be tapped into, and the usual candidates are the hips, back, thighs and love handles.)

Thus, the two procedures actually work quite well together, with the stomach being a source of the fat that will already be required to complete a successful Brazilian butt lift. The stomach gets the rejuvenation and refresh desired by the patient, while the buttocks are given a newfound volume profile and perky lift.

2 | The combined recovery periods are faster and usually more bearable

Yet another benefit of combining the two procedures is that while each surgery can be done as a stand alone procedure, each would then require its own recovery and convalescence period.

By combining the two procedures together, the recovery period is a bit more strenuous, but given pain medication and the right aftercare, is altogether bearable. Many patients appreciate combining the two recovery periods into as it is briefer and usually more bearable than two distinct recovery periods.

3 | Mommy Makeovers are often the ideal time to combine a tummy tuck and BBL

One event in which patients very commonly combine the two procedures is the mommy makeover. While each mommy makeover is carefully tailored to meet an individual patient’s needs, they do typically involve more than one surgery.

Mothers looking to return their bodies to their pre-pregnancy state often opt to combine the two procedures for the same reasons as listed above. It puts to good use the fat that is already going to be harvested with liposuction, and shortens overall recovery time.

Let Seattle’s leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, personalize your BBL & Tummy Tuck body makeover plan

If the thought of maximizing your time and multitasking with two procedures sounds appealing to you, please contact our office. In a personal consultation with Dr. Sajan, he will help you better understand how these procedures can help you reach your goals, and will carefully curate the ideal mommy makeover plan or BBL & Tummy Tuck combo for you personally.

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