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What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable solution used as a reliable treatment for targeted fat removal. When Kybella is injected into the fatty tissue, a chemical reaction occurs due to the presence of deoxycholic acid. The fat cells are weakened, and eventually break down. Once dissolved, the body can metabolize the fat cells, and the destroyed cells are no longer able to accumulate and store fat. Originally designed to treat the neck and chin, this treatment can be used for other areas on the body, including bra rolls.

How Can This Treatment Be Used to Treat “Bra Rolls?”

Kybella is an excellent treatment for those who are frustrated with bra bulge. Kybella treatments have been effective in reducing the density and minimizing the excess fat in those targeted areas such as the bra line, creating a more sculpted upper body.

The Benefits of Using Kybella Over Other Treatments Like CoolSculpting or Liposuction

Kybella works well for those patients who have mild to moderate bra roll. Coolsculpting and liposuction might be better alternatives if there is a more significant amount of fatty tissue or bulge around the bra area. Since there is no need for incisions, Kybella is a more minimally invasive treatment option when compared to liposuction, which means little to no recovery time is needed.

Kybella for Bra Roll


Are there any side effects?

Kybella’s side effects are minimal, making it a good option for women looking to reduce excess fatty tissue that bulges creating a lumpy figure. To ensure you receive the best outcome possible, your injections must be performed by a licensed or certified injector. The most common side effects include minimal pain at the injection site, slight swelling or bruising, all of which should subside in two to three days.

How many treatments can I expect?

Kybella treatments are not a one-size-fits-all program. The number of treatments you will need will depend on how much fatty tissue there is to begin with. Dr. Sajan will meet with you to discuss your goals and an overall treatment program, based on your body type. You will notice an improvement after each treatment by comparing the amount of fat you can still pinch. Typically, most patient will need two to three treatments to achieve the desired results.

How long does one treatment take to administer?

Kybella is a nonsurgical treatment that can be administered by an expert injector during a regular office visit. Depending on the treatment goal, most sessions can be completed in as little as 15 to 20 minutes.

Does a Kybella treatment hurt?

There may be a bit of discomfort experienced with the injections, but most patients typically wouldn’t call it painful. Prior to your treatment, an ice pack will be applied as well as a topical anesthesia to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Can I return to work right after my bra roll treatment?

Since there is no need for incisions, downtime is minimal for most patients who select Kybella to treat their bra bulge. You should feel comfortable returning to work or your regular routine immediately following your treatment.

Will my bra roll be gone for good?

Your body’s natural process will get to work, and soon you will begin to notice that the fat cells are breaking down. The results will be noticeable, but subtle at first. You may need additional treatments to obtain optimal results, but the end results should be long-lasting with a good diet and healthy lifestyle.

Why should one choose Allure Esthetic?

There is a tremendous amount of information available on the best way to treat excess fatty tissue. The experts at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery in Seattle have been helping their patients make informed choices for years and when it comes to choosing the right team for your cosmetic needs, experience matters.

Dr. Sajan has developed his practice through years of extensive cosmetic surgery study. His practice focuses exclusively on cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face and body. With offices in Seattle, Washington, Dr. Sajan and the entire staff at Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery provide a warm and friendly environment, while ensuring the highest level of excellence in patient care, safety and results. Learn more and contact us today.

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