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Leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, is proud to offer his own prescription skincare line for scarring. This five-phase protocol is customized for each patient's individual needs, and has proven to be extremely effective in reducing post-surgical scarring.

Minimizing Scarring Optimizing your results

Allure Esthetic is proud to offer a prescription skin care line developed by Dr. Sajan himself to help patients with their post–surgical scarring. He wanted to create a line that was custom formulated and made by an FDA approved process, specifically for his patients. Most importantly, a scar treatment protocol that works.

  • Phase 1: Post-Surgical Anti-Scar Tape. After surgery, your incisions are dressed with a special anti-scar tape and removed at your first post-operative visit.
  • Phase 2: Antibacterial Ointment. At your first post-operative visit, you will begin the Antibacterial Ointment, which contains Aloe Vera, Mupirocin and Tranilast and use once a day for up to six weeks. Together this formulation assists in wound healing and scars.
  • Phase 3: Wound Therapy Gel. Once phase 2 has been completed. You will be placed on the wound therapy gel regimen, use daily for up to six weeks post-surgery. The Gentamicin sulfate is a potent antibiotic, while Niacinamide has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that complement the cell communicating role.
  • Phase 4: Scar Silicone Cream. This custom formulation which has been impregnated with steroids will help you achieve a better outcome for your incision. Pentoxifylline increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to the site, thus improving circulation and the rate of healing by enhancing the ability of calcium channels to reach the affected tissue. Tranilast relieves the burning sensation, pain or itch associated with wound healing and scars. Trimacinalone Acetonide is a topical steroid used to treat inflammation and itching.
  • Phase 5: Tretnoin Hydrating Cream. Once all four phases have been completed, you will be placed on a tretinoin cream for up to six weeks. The Hyaluronic Acid is a glycosaminoglycan distributed widely throughout the connective, epithelial and neural tissues. Due to its multiple roles throughout these tissues, it’s well known as a skin-identical ingredient. Tretinoin affects and improves the cell production deep in the dermis, far away from the skin surface. Thus, aiding in scar healing.
  • Prescription Cream


    Anti-Scar Tape

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    Scar Silicone Cream


    Tretinoin Hydrating Cream


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