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Leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Javad Sajan, is proud to offer his own prescription skincare line for scarring. This three-phase protocol is customized for each patient's individual needs, and has proven to be extremely effective in reducing post-surgical scarring.

Minimizing Scarring Optimizing your results

Dr. Sajan's post-surgery scar reduction line is custom-formulated for each patient to deliver the best possible outcome. The active ingredients are designed to work together to reduce your scars and ensure an optimal healing process.

After your procedure, you will be guided through the following three-phase protocol:

Phase One:

For the first 72 hours after surgery, anti-scar tape will be placed over the incision.

Phase Two:

After the scar tape, Dr. Sajan will prescribe an antibiotic scar cream with aloe vera to be used for the next two weeks.

Phase Three:

Once you've finished the antibiotic scar cream, you'll use a silicone impregnated steroid cream for the next four weeks to complete the protocol.

Using these medications exactly as prescribed by Dr. Sajan will reduce your risk of developing an unsightly post-surgical scar, while ensuring an optimal outcome from your procedure.


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