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Javad Sajan, MD | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Javad Sajan, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Javad Sajan is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon in Seattle, Washington. He has performed thousands of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures around the world on diverse patients from every walk of life. He is a textbook author, created new software and technology for use in the field, and has participated in clinical research for over 10 years. Additionally, he is the founder of United Medical Aid, a non-profit organization that provides pro bono surgery to children with facial abnormalities. As the founder of Allure Esthetic, Dr. Sajan is dedicated to serving every patient’s individual needs and desires.

Sabrina Sajan | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Sabrina Sajan

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Sabrina manages the overall operations and resources of Allure Esthetic. She continuously creates, implements, and upholds Allure's vision and mission of providing the best possible care to ensuring every patient is treated with respect, care, and compassion. Her goal is to continue to improve the patient experience and streamline the surgical process. Coming from a healthcare organization, Sabrina knows what it takes to maintain and run a successful operation.

Gricelda | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Chief Operating Officer

Gricelda is deeply committed to Allure Esthetic’s mission statement and vision of serving every patient with compassion, acceptance, respect, and confidentiality from initial contact to treatment completion. In her spare time, she loves spending quality time with her husband and four wonderful children.

Litzuli | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Director of Surgical Services / Surgical Technologist

Litzuli joins Allure Esthetic with 6 years of experience in a medical setting. Having always had a lifelong passion for cosmetic reconstructive surgery, she finally followed her dreams of being in the operating room. When not at work, Litzuli enjoys a good book with her signature caramel macchiato.

Jessica | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Director of Clinical Services

Jessica serves as our Kirkland Lead and Patient Care Coordinator. She has a B.A. in Public Health from UW and loves providing our patients with a positive and comfortable experience. Favorite part of the job is her interaction with patients.

Corynne | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Director of Nursing

Corynne is from Gig Harbor, Washington, and obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Seattle University. She has over three years of experience in the medical and surgical fields. Corynne loves getting to use her nursing expertise to bring patients more confidence and achieve their goals.

Alexis | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Lynnwood Lead / Lead Surgical Care Coordinator

Originally from Boise, Idaho, Alexis has over 10 years of providing exceptional customer service. She strives to create a positive and welcoming experience for those we serve. She enjoys spending time with her family and exploring the beautiful state of Washington.

Britney | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Seattle Lead / Patient Care Coordinator

Britney grew up in Monroe, Washington. Originally working as a dental assistant, Britney shifted to the plastic surgery industry and loves working with people from all walks of life. Britney likes hanging out with her dogs, scrapbooking, and watching movies.

Patrick | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA



Since 2006, Patrick has thoroughly enjoyed practicing as a Nurse Anesthetist. His passionate care is reflected in a vigilant approach to patient care. He recognizes that surgery and anesthesia can be stressful and tries hard to provide a supportive and positive experience to the patient and their loved-ones.

Olivia | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Registered Nurse / Pre-Op Coordinator

Olivia is a Registered Nurse and currently serves our patients as our Pre-Op Coordinator. Every surgical patient will meet with Olivia and she helps guide patients on their plastic surgery journey. She loves helping people achieve their goals and making a difference in their lives.

Kaitlyn | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Registered Nurse

Kaitlyn is a homegrown Washingtonian who spent three years working as a nurse in the Emergency Department. She decided to join the Allure Esthetic team because she wanted to work in an environment where the patients are excited about their procedures.

Eden | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Surgical Technologist/ Medical Assistant

Eden has over 11 years of experience in the medical field. She assists the doctors and patients in the clinic and in the operating rooms. Plastics, cosmetics, and dermatology is her favorite specialty of choice, but helping people is her passion.

Kyla | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Master Esthetician/ Medical Assistant

Kyla is a state board certified Master Esthetician and Registered Medical Assistant. She creates step-by-step customized protocols for all of her patients. In her free time, Kyla enjoys spending time outdoors, kayaking, and walking her chocolate lab.

Turi | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Master Esthetician / Medical Assistant

Turi is a master esthetician with over five years of experience as a master esthetician and over ten years as an esthetician. She loves having the opportunity to educate patients and make them excited about skincare.

Heather | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Master Esthetician / Medical Assistant

Heather is a master esthetician who graduated from Evergreen Beauty School and is excited to join Allure Esthetic. She is also a private chef and especially interested in the ways that food affects the skin. This encouraged her to become a master esthetician.

Josie | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Master Esthetician / Medical Assistant

Josie grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington where she developed a passion for healthy living and exercise. This led her to study Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University. Josie loves helping patients beautify and improve the health of their skin.

Shelby | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Medical Assistant

Shelby is a certified Medical Assistant and Washington State native. She attended Pima Medical Institute where she became a Certified Medical Assistant. She is excited to gain surgical experience and loves seeing her patients from beginning to end.

Megan | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Insurance Coordinator

Megan was born in New Mexico and spent much of her teens and adulthood in Texas. She moved to Seattle in 2021. As insurance coordinator, Megan’s goals are to help as many patients as possible in obtaining gender affirming care.

Belinda | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Lead Patient Care Coordinator

Belinda a Patient Care Coordinator with over 16 years experience in Customer Service. She is often one of the first people to greet our patients on the phone and at the front desk. Outside of work, Belinda enjoys traveling, hosting parties, family game nights and being a dance mom.

Tina | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Patient Care Coordinator

Tina was born in California and grew up in Washington State. With prior experience in the dental field, Tina is excited to broaden her experience at Allure Esthetic and work on improving her multitasking skills. When not at work, she enjoys road trips, live music, and hiking.

Isabel | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Patient Care Coordinator

Spending her early childhood in Tucson, Arizona, Isabel eventually moved to Bellevue, WA. She has a degree in communications from Eastern Washington University and loves seeing patients leave happy and confident. She always wanted to work in the medical field and is thrilled to begin her career.

Alisan | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA


Web Content Writer

Alisan has over ten years of writing experience and has obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing. As web content writer, she is dedicated to providing our patients accurate and well written web content that is informative and educational. Otherwise, she enjoys traveling, reading, listening to music, trying new foods, and working on her novel.

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