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Gricelda Prado | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Gricelda Prado

Chief Operating Officer

Gricelda is deeply committed to Allure Esthetic’s mission statement and vision of serving every patient with compassion, acceptance, respect, and confidentiality from initial contact to treatment completion.

Lynda Borge-Jouini | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Lynda Borge-Jouini

Director of Medical Aesthetics and people services, Seattle Lead

Lynda's outgoing personality and nurturing demeanor are key factors in Lynda's ability to develop long-term relationships with patients. She strives to positively impact every individual she treats.

Jessica Hawkinson | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Jessica Hawkinson

Director of Operating Services

You will feel at ease when working with her as she is attentive, meticulous and warm. Her mission is to ensure you are comfortable and cared for from your first visit to your last appointment.

Chanel Viner | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Chanel Viner

Lynnwood Lead, Surgical Coordinator

Chanel happily dedicates her time to helping people achieve their aesthetic goals and serves as the patients' advocate during their whole surgical journey.

Angela Turingan | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Angela Turingan

Director of Nursing/ Registered Nurse

Angela is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and exciting experience during your aesthetic journey. You may see Angela’s friendly smile in the clinic, operating room, or on Snapchat!

Belinda Perez | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Belinda Perez

Lead Patient Care Coordinator

Belinda is often one of the first people to greet our patients' on the phone and in office. She enjoys being available for all our patients needs throughout their treatments and surgical journeys.

Alexis Durfee | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Alexis Durfee

Patient Care Coordinator

As a patient care coordinator and as your first point of contact, Alexis strives to create a positive and welcoming experience for all patients we serve.

Pawanjot Nagra | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Pawanjot Nagra

Patient Care Coordinator

PJ moved here from Portland, bringing with her over five years of customer service. To keep bettering herself, she continues to study in healthcare and is currently studying for healthcare management. She is proud of her Indian heritage and enjoys sharing her culture in hopes of bringing positive and outgoing vibes to the team to everyone.

Rose Petruzzo | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Rose Petruzzo

Patient Care Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator

Rose is committed to enhancing every patient’s experience with her warm cheerful voice and magnetic personality. She’s devoted to exceptional patient care, and dedicated to delivering world-class customer service.

Tina Keene | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Tina Keene

Medical Assistant

Tina joins our Allure family as a medical assistant. She has 10 years experience in phlebotomy and enjoys providing the best care to her patients.

Kyla Walker | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Kyla Walker

Master Esthetician, Medical Assistant

Kyla has a passion for cutting edge skin care treatments and modalities. She is dedicated to creating a step by step customized protocol for her patients in order to help them reach their skincare goals.

Sara Johnson | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Sara Johnson

Master Esthetician, Medical Assistant

Sara is passionate about her career as an Esthetician. She cares about creating long-lasting relationships with her clients, and providing them the best treatments through her precise attention to detail.

Gyna Huynh | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Gyna Huynh

Registered Nurse

When asked what she loves most about working at Allure Esthetic, Gyna replied, “I love what I do and I do what I love". It doesn’t get any better than that.

Haley Rowe | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Haley Rowe

Compliance Officer, Registered Nurse

Haley has helped patients look and feel their best by serving as a nurse for over four years. She wants all her patients and their family members to feel comfortable, confident, and informed throughout the surgical process.

Samantha Mowry | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Samantha Mowry

Lead OR Registered Nurse

Samantha strives to make each and every person feel comfortable and appreciated. Samantha recently relocated back to the great Pacific North West from Hawaii to be closer to family.

Eden Hooker | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Eden Hooker

Surgical Technologist

Helping patients reach their goals is Eden's passion. Plastics, Cosmetics, and Dermatology are her favorite medical specialties. Eden loves to contribute to the satisfaction of each and every patient through her positive energy, experience, and care.

Litzuli Campuzano | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Litzuli Campuzano

Surgical Technologist

She has a true passion for helping people feel like the best version of themselves. She is an avid reader and can often be found enjoying a good book while sipping on her signature iced caramel macchiato.

Brynja Schick | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Brynja Schick

Registered Nurse

Brynja has over 3 years of experience as a surgical nurse and treats everyone with compassion and kindness. When Brynja is not working you can find her hiking and exploring the outdoors.

Patrick Klimczyk | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Patrick Klimczyk


Patrick recognizes that surgery and anesthesia can be a stressful experience and tries hard to provide a supportive, understanding and positive experience to both the patient and their loved-ones.

Jesus Gonzalez | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Jesus Gonzalez

Web Designer/Developer

Jesus is a web designer, developer and multimedia specialist with over ten years of experience building professional websites. Jesus delivers a clean, confident online presence that focuses on delivering great user experience.

Noemi Luque | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Noemi Luque

Patient Care Coordinator

Noemi’s experience in customer service of over 15 years made Seattle Plastic Surgery a perfect fit for her. Her passion is to help people feel their absolute best. She loves to explore the outdoors, do yoga, try delicious food and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Austen Beard | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Austen Beard

Patient Care Coordinator

Austen has over four years of experience in the paraoptometric and customer service. She values patients as family and treats them with compassion. She has a BS in Bio-physiology from the University of Washington and in her spare time she enjoys working out, traveling and doing anything out on the water.

Nataliya Bilan | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Nataliya Bilan

Physician Assistant

Nataliya began her career serving surgical and injectable needs in a world renowned Manhattan practice. Nataliya brings specialized facial plastic surgery experience and unique knowledge of the facial muscles and nerves back with her to Seattle. Her goal is to help patients maintain their unique features while looking their best and meeting their cosmetic needs. She assists in surgeries and provides filler and neuromodulator injections as one of our injectors.

Janal Kim | Allure Esthetic Lynnwood, WA

Janal Kim

Physician Assistant

Janal received her bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, as well as, serving medical needs in Guatemala and at Korea University Hospital in South Korea. She became a Physician Assistant at the University of Washington after completing her education. As a surgical physician assistant, she first assists in surgery and sees pre-op and post-op patients. She is bilingual in Korean and English. Her goal is to develop meaningful relationships with each patient, to grow as a surgical and clinical physician assistant, and to provide the best patient care. Her mission is to let her patients feel cared for, wanted, and respected. Outside of work, Janal enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest, playing the cello and piano, and oil painting.

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