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Breast Augmentation Yakima Every year in the United States about 300,000 people will undergo breast augmentation surgery. When accounting for all surgical methods and the entire world, it easily surpasses one million people worldwide. Many breast augmentation patients travel to a nearby city, or even another country to undergo breast enhancement surgery. In Washington State, central Washington towns and cities have two options for breast augmentation surgery—Seattle or Spokane. Dr. Javad Sajan of Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery in Seattle provides the best breast augmentation Yakima patients can find.

Understanding Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation involves using a breast implant to increase the size and projection of the breasts. It can also enhance the overall shape of the breasts. For example, creating rounder breasts or providing more volume at the bottom of the breast versus the top. Breast implant surgery is one of the most versatile and successful plastic surgeries available.

There are three primary breast augmentation surgical techniques. First, the inframammary fold incision—the classic and most common option—uses an incision in the breast crease. This also gives Dr. Sajan the most access to the breast tissue and muscle. The periareolar incision uses an incision that curves around the underside of the areola. This is a less popular, but viable option for some patients. Finally, the transaxillary technique uses an incision in the armpit to place the breast implants. Growing in popularity due to discreet scars and less trauma to the muscle and tissues.


Healthy women above the age of 18 are likely good candidates for breast augmentation surgery. The procedure is minimally invasive and well tolerated by most patients. It is one of the safest plastic surgeries. Women between the ages of 18 and 22 qualify for saline breast implants. Women 22 and above qualify for silicone implants. Patients under 22 can still get silicone gel implants in certain cases or without the manufacturer's warranty.

Otherwise, good candidates for breast surgery will be non-smokers, have realistic expectations, and qualifying anatomy. Dr. Sajan will meet with patients during a consultation to determine if they are good candidates for breast augmentation surgery.

Benefits & Risks

Breast augmentation surgery—like all major surgeries—comes with benefits and risks. The patient will need to weigh these to make a personal decision on if breast implants are the right option. Additionally, Dr. Sajan will medically evaluate the patient to ensure there is an overall low surgical risk.

Most patients find that the benefits of breast augmentation outweigh the risks. The benefits of breast augmentation surgery include:

  • Add breast volume
  • Increase breast projection
  • Enhance breast shape
  • Aid in breast reconstruction
  • Natural breast look and feel
  • Correct breast asymmetry
  • Address breast volume loss
  • Ability to wear fitted clothing
  • Improve self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Fill out bras
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Limited need for prescription pain medication
  • Hidden incisions
  • Aid in a transgender transition
  • Go home the same day
  • Performed by an expert breast surgeon

The risks of breast augmentation can mostly be avoided. Those that cannot often have straightforward treatment options. Major complications are rare. The possible risks include:

  • Breast implant rupture
  • Capsular contracture
  • Visible or raised scars
  • Asymmetry
  • Poor healing
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Inability to breastfeed

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Breast Implants: Over Or Under The Muscle

Breast Augmentation Surgery Seattle

There are several decisions to make when choosing to undergo breast augmentation. From the type of breast implant to the preferred incision location, the number of decisions can become overwhelming. One decision patients often do not consider is whether to place the implants over or under the pectoral muscle.

Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages. The table below discusses some of the differences to help patients make an informed decision.

Over The Muscle

  • Less recovery time
  • Less post-operative pain
  • More likely to ripple or wrinkle
  • No distortion with muscle movement
  • Can look and feel less natural in some patients
  • May have an increased risk of capsular contracture
  • No longer the standard but still performed in some cases

Under The Muscle

  • Standard recovery time
  • Expected post-operative pain
  • Less likely to ripple or wrinkle
  • Slight distortion with muscle movement
  • Tends to look and feel more natural in all patients
  • May have a decreased risk of capsular contracture
  • Considered the standard for placing breast implants

Placing breast implants over or under the muscle can provide a good result. Dr. Sajan will discuss the patient’s lifestyle and goals, overall risk, and other factors which can impact the ideal placement.

Asked Questions

1. How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Modern breast implants can last several years and even decades. Some doctors will recommend exchanging implants every ten years. Though, this is not commonly practiced. If a patient is not experiencing problems and is happy with their implants, there is no reason to remove or replace them.

The FDA recommends that patients with breast implants get MRIs every three years to monitor their implants. Beyond this, unless a patient wants to change or remove their breast implants for personal reasons, there is no reason to seek removal.

2. Do Breasts Sag After Implants?

Breast implants do not treat or prevent breast sagging. The breasts are still susceptible to the natural forces of gravity and aging. Therefore, the breasts will eventually sag as they naturally would. One exception is if a patient got implants too large for their frame. This can cause premature sagging and may require a breast lift to correct.

3. How Soon Does Breast Implant Illness Start?

Breast implant illness is a rare disorder where the body exhibits various symptoms that have no explanation. There is not a distinct timeline for BII. Though, patients do tend to start to see symptoms within five years of having their implants placed. If a patient believes they may have breast implant illness, they should consult with Dr. Sajan.

4. At What Age Is It Too Late To Get Breast Implants?

There is no wrong age to get breast implants. As long as a patient can withstand and benefit from the surgery, it is possible to have breast augmentation. The most popular demographic for breast augmentation is between the ages of 25 and 45. However, women outside of this age range frequently get breast implants.

5. What Is The Average Cost Of Breast Implants In Washington State?

The average cost of breast augmentation surgery in Washington State is around $8,000. The final breast augmentation price is determined by the type of breast implant chosen and surgical considerations.

Allure Esthetic Plastic Surgery does work with outside financing companies, Care Credit and Alphaeon. Dr. Sajan’s team also offers concierge services for Yakima patients if they choose to stay in the area following surgery.

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