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Deciding to undergo facial feminization surgery in Los Angeles is a major decision. While more surgeons offer this gender affirming procedure in California and beyond, it is common for patients to travel outside of the LA area for FFS. Understanding what facial feminization surgery can achieve and the results your prospective FFS surgeon California can provide you with the confidence and relief of choosing the right facial feminization surgeon.

Dr. Javad Sajan often serves facial feminization Los Angeles patients at his Seattle, WA office. He is one of the leading FFS surgeons in the United States, and among the only ones known to perform gender affirming hair transplant during the same surgical session. Patients stay overnight following their surgery and are given VIP treatment. Dr. Sajan and his team welcome patients from around the world.

Which Features Can Facial Feminization Surgery Change?

Facial feminization is a customized procedure that can address several facial features depending on the patient’s needs. Possible facial features that facial feminization Los Angeles may address include:

  • Hairline
  • Nose
  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Jaw/Jawline
  • Chin
  • Brows
  • Forehead
  • Neck (Adam’s apple)

Not all patients will need to address all of the above features. Dr. Sajan works closely with the patient to determine which features they want to change and which cause the most gender dysphoria. His aim is not to totally change a person’s face, but the presenting gender of their face. Every facial feminization surgery Los Angeles will look slightly different.

Facial Feminization Procedures in Los Angeles, California

Hairline Modification: Dr. Sajan may perform one or more procedures that aims to alter the shape and position of the hairline. This could include hairline lowering and hair transplant to create a more feminine looking hairline.

Brow Bone Reduction: The brow bone of a female face protrudes less than that of a male face. Dr. Sajan may use various techniques to reduce this protrusion which could include shaving down the bone and performing a sinus setback when necessary.

Brow Lift: While traditionally an anti-aging surgery, brow lifts can benefit FFS patients by repositioning the brows and bringing balance to other features.

Cheek Augmentation: Cheek augmentation can help increase the projection of the cheekbones and create a more heart-shaped face, often considered the standard for the female face.

Rhinoplasty: A rhinoplasty may make the nose smaller and straighter. It may also address other issues unrelated to gender such as a deviated septum.

Lip Feminization: Lip feminization may include a lip lift to shorten the distance between the top lip and nose as well as potentially a form of lip augmentation to provide a plumper lip appearance.

Jaw Contouring: Jaw contouring can help create the softer slope often associated with a female face.

Tracheal Shave: A tracheal shave reduces the visibility and protrusion of the Adam’s apple to remove one of the most identifiable parts of someone’s gender assigned at birth not matching with their gender identity.

Preparation & Procedure - FFS Los Angeles

First, patients should prepare for the procedure by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Sajan. At this appointment—which can be conducted virtually or in person—Dr. Sajan will work with patients to discuss their goals and ideal outcome. He will determine if the patient is a good candidate and give them an idea on what to expect.

Before the procedure, patients will come into the office for a CT scan. This allows Dr. Sajan to see all of the vital anatomical structures including bone structure and any unexpected abnormalities. He will then plan the specifics of surgery around this to cater to the needs of the patient and promote the best possible result.

Facial feminization surgery Los Angeles is a surgery that lasts several hours. The exact amount of time will vary on the procedures performed, but on average patients can expect anywhere from seven to ten hours of surgery. During the procedure, Dr. Sajan will perform a number of procedures personalized to the patient and their goals.

Recovery & Results - FFS Results California

Patients may notice swelling and bruising within a couple of days of surgery. This may last a few weeks and residual swelling can last for months. Patients can generally return home to Los Angeles in about two weeks and return to work in about three. Though, this can vary based on the patient and their specific surgery.

Final results generally take at least one year to come in because of residual swelling and the skin settling over the new contours of the face. Dr. Sajan will check in with patients throughout their recovery to gauge their results and healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Benefit From Facial Feminization Surgery?

The patients who tend to most benefit from facial feminization Los Angeles are transgender women who experience gender dysphoria due to their facial features, or those who simply want to present more visibly as a woman.

2. How Do I Know If Facial Feminization Is Right For Me?

Ultimately, this is a decision that can take years to make. Patients should discuss it with their mental health professional, doctor, and Dr. Sajan during a consultation. If a patient experiences gender dysphoria due to their facial features, experiencing worsening mental illness due to misgendering, and other negative symptoms and conditions. Take time to make the decision and consider other gender affirming procedures beforehand.

3. Can Cisgender Women Get FFS?

Yes, though, it is much less common. Sometimes, cisgender women are born with masculine features that cause them distress. They may choose to undergo one or more surgeries to help feminize their face. In these situations though, only one or two surgeries is generally utilized.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Have Facial Feminization Surgery In Los Angeles, California?

The cost of facial feminization surgery Los Angeles will vary widely because it is a customized surgery. Additionally, many patients are able to use their insurance which further affects any out-of-pocket cost. Patients will receive a personalized price quote during their consultation.

5. Is FFS Permanent?

Yes, FFS results Los Angeles are essentially permanent. Some procedures that only alter skin and tissue—such as a brow lift—may begin to sag over time. However, this is due to the natural aging process, therefore, it tends not to affect perceived gender.

6. Where Can I See Dr. Sajan’s FFS Results Before & After Photos?

Dr. Sajan’s FFS before and after photos can be found in the photo gallery. You can also visit feminizationsurgeries.com.

7. Does Insurance Cover Facial Feminization Surgery In Los Angeles, California?

Usually, yes, more and more insurance plans are beginning to cover gender affirming procedures, including facial feminization surgery Los Angeles. However, the exact coverage will vary by plan and patients should inquire with their company before seeking surgery. Allure Esthetic provides insurance coordinators to help patients work with their insurance companies. They also accept all private insurances.

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