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Facial feminization surgery is a groundbreaking step for transgender women across the country. It’s not uncommon for many transgender women to face challenges when presenting their identity to the rest of the world. Certain aspects of the face differ between male and female facial structures. And while this is not bad, it can make it hard for transgender women to feel confident and comfortable. Being misgendered and living with gender dysphoria can create many distressing mental issues for Idaho facial feminization patients.

Dr. Javad Sajan at Allure Esthetic has dedicated many years to creating Idaho’s best facial feminization. He works with every patient to add feminity to the facial structure and bring their aesthetic goals to life.

Understanding Facial feminization

Facial feminization is a blanket term for the numerous aesthetic surgeries that can reshape and structure the face to appear with feminity. This procedure can be adjusted to the individual patient, as no two patients have the same bone structure or genetic makeup. These surgeries vary in the specific cosmetic issues they address and can be combined to create the perfect results for each patient.

What Does Facial Feminization Change?

Facial feminization surgery Idaho addresses various areas around the face. It can alter the hairline to create a further reaching and rounded female hairline. It can include rhinoplasty, transforming the distinct and flatter male nose into a subtle, slender female one. It can eliminate the square edges of a male jaw, restructure the orbital bones, and even reduce the appearance of an Adam’s apple.

There can be many differences between male and female facial structure, all of which facial feminization addresses. Whatever cosmetic challenges a transgender patient faces can be altered through this procedure.

Benefits & Risks of Facial Feminization

There are extensive benefits that come with facial feminization in Idaho. And while certain risks come with every surgery, there are no outstanding risks associated with facial feminization. Dr. Sajan ensures that each patient is suited for the surgery through in-depth consultation and evaluation. Almost all Idaho facial feminization patients say that the rewards of enjoying their new appearance far outweigh any possible risk.

Facial feminization surgery has the potential to transform masculine facial features into feminine ones and relieve feelings of gender dysphoria. Dr. Sajan can design the ideal feminine features for every patient. This affects how the world perceives them and how they perceive themselves. Everyone deserves to walk with joy and confidence in who they are. Facial feminization brings this to every patient and helps them find unique surgeries that fit their makeup and bone structure. Dr. Sajan customizes the surgery to help patients find freedom in their identity. He uses the leading technology and techniques to promote the most efficient healing for the best results. There is no better Idaho cosmetic surgeon to perform facial feminization.

Idaho Facial Feminization Procedure Options

The variety of surgeries available for facial feminization can seem overwhelming. However, these are interchangeable and personalized to fit each patient’s face. Dr. Sajan examines the structural composition of every patient, understands their needs, and then plans the surgeries. He will walk the patient through every procedure and explain how it will alter the target area. Below is a brief overview of all the surgeries that can be used during a facial feminization surgery Idaho.

Tracheal Shave

The Adam’s apple is a trait found only in males and can be a significant point of anxiety for transgender women. There is no secure way to remove the Adam’s apple, but Dr. Sajan can surgically shave down the cartilage around the Adam’s apple to hide the appearance. Through his advanced incision method, the patient will have almost no appearance of an Adam’s apple, and the incision will be well hidden to advert attention.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can be used separately from the facial feminization procedure to help eliminate any unwanted facial hair the patient may have. This can help bring smooth, soft skin to their face and eliminate the distinct male trait.

Lip Feminization

Women often have a shorter space between the tip of their nose and the bow of their upper lips. This closeness adds volume and more shape to their lips than a man. Lip feminization shortens the space between the lip and the nose and can place lip implants to increase the volume of the lips.


Male noses have a flatter structure and broader appearance than women’s. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose into a narrow and slightly upturned feminine nose.

Jawline Feminization

Men’s jawlines tend to be far more distinct than female jawlines. Male jawlines are angular with a square shape, while females are rounded and soft. Dr. Sajan can surgically shave down the angular edges of the jaw to create a delicate, feminine jawline for the patient.

Orbital Bone Reduction

The orbital bones around the male eyes are often square and jut out further than a female's. An orbital bone reduction surgically shaves down the orbital bones to create a round and softer shape of feminine orbital bones. Additionally, it removes the unwanted protrusion male orbital bones often possess.

Brow Bone Reduction

The brow ridge is another place of distinction between male and female facial features. During an Idaho facial feminization, the pronounced orbital bones are surgically shaved to present a subtle, feminine brow ridge. A brow bone reduction and an orbital bone reduction are often performed together, as altering one without the other can lead to a disproportionate facial structure.

Brow Lift

Women’s eyebrows sit higher on the forehead than men’s and are angled upward. A brow lift can reposition the eyebrows higher on the browline and create a distinct female arch.

Hairline Feminization

Like the eyebrows, a woman’s hairline is often closer to the forehead than most men’s and has a unique shape. Men’s hairlines can be uneven and receded, but a woman’s is often round and straight. Dr. Sajan uses a scalp reduction and a hair transplant to transform the hairline and create beautifully feminine angles.

Facial Feminization Results in Idaho

Facial Feminization Before & After

Facial Feminization Before & After

The results of an Idaho facial feminization surgery are astonishing and last a lifetime. Surgically changing bone and cartilage cannot be reversed. However, some patients may need another brow lift later on, as all women tend to experience a change in their brows as they age. Dr. Sajan creates stunning results for every patient. Through his skilled and thorough work, he can create the perfect feminine features for each patient. The recovery and swelling differ between the surgeries performed for the entire procedure, but Dr. Sajan will walk the patient through every recovery step.

The Best Facial Feminization Surgeon in Idaho

Dr. Javad Sajan has spent years perfecting the precise and delicate techniques needed for successful facial feminization. He is a double-board certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive knowledge of the intricacies of facial surgery and works to bring every patient’s aesthetic dream to life. Through his love of helping patients, he created a space for transgender women to achieve their goals and has provided many incredible facial feminization results. With his dedicated staff at Allure Esthetics, there is no better surgeon to perform facial feminization in Idaho.

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