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At Allure Esthetic, we are proud of all success and results our patients have achieved. Below is a list of patients that have commented how their experience was with Dr. Javad Sajan. Feel free to read them to get a better understanding of how we treat and care for our patients.

All testimonials are actual patients of Dr. Javad Sajan – individual results may vary.

Dr. Sajan is the A-#1 best plastic surgeon ever! I have had two surgeries done by him on my stomach, arms and breasts and he has worked miracles! He is extremely nice, down-to-earth and his bedside manner is impeccable. I trust Dr. Sajan 100% with any procedure. I had my consult, told him what I was looking to have done and just let him work his magic. I feel comfortable enough with him that he could ask me any question and my reply would easily be, "Whatever you think is best". He takes a great deal of pride in his work and always wants to make sure you are completely happy and satisfied with your results. Not only is he amazing, but his staff is wonderful as well. They are extremely knowledgable and always eager to help. I live in Portland, OR and the 3 ½ hour drive up and back to meet with him is worth every minute! Thank you Dr. Sajan for being the remarkable surgeon and person you are!

Kari F.

Dr. Sajan was everything we had hoped for based on the over 600 positive reviews we had seen. We came in for a breast augmentation consultation and his professional opinion was that it was not the right time for it. While he could perform the surgery, the results would not be at the level of excellence everyone would want. His recommendation was to come back in 3-5 years. This is professionalism and experience at its finest. Thank you Dr. Sajan, we will certainly be back to see you in the future. For anyone considering the services he provides, definitely talk with him before you make a final decision.

Jeff G.

What can I say, Dr Sajan and his team are thee best! I came to Dr Sajan back in May after being referred to him by a friend for a desire to have a tummy tuck. They got me in so quickly and were so professional at my consultation it made my nerves for the upcoming procedure go away. The morning of my procedure I was incredibly nervous, and everyone including Dr Sajan had nothing but positive words to say, and really made the experience so great and so smooth! I’m still in recovery mode now, but I look forward to coming into the office to see everyone on his team. They are all so sweet and so professional it’s really makes all the check ups that much better. Only 1 month post surgery and I am already sooo pleased with my results!! I can not wait to see where this healing process takes me, and look forward to coming back in and celebrating it with him and his staff in the near future. 11/10 would recommend Dr Sajan at Allure Esthetic for anyones plastic surgery needs! He is the absolute best :)

Jordan L.

I had my gender affirming top surgery here 4 months ago with Dr. Sajan. It was such an amazing experience and both the doctor and the entire team have gone above and beyond to take care of me. I felt truly cared for and respected through the whole process. I felt heard through all of my questions and concerns and like the whole team met me with a level of respect I don't find at every doctor. My results are amazing and positively life changing and I couldn't be happier! I can not recommend Dr. Sajan and his team more. If you are trans and looking for gender affirming care contact this office and see if they are a good fit for you, you won't be disappointed.

- Gage

Sometime during puberty, my breasts began developing differently from each other and I wound up with one breast noticeably larger (2 cup sizes). I get that some asymmetry is normal but in my case, it was obvious and humiliating. I couldn't change clothes in the girls' locker room, ever, and I'd cry when shopping for bras.

I finally decided to do something so after a checkup with my doctor confirmed there was no underlying health problem, I met with Dr. Sajan to discuss breast augmentation. Even talking with him was embarrassing at first, but Dr. Sajan was so kind and understanding. He came up with an augmentation plan that took a small amount of volume from the larger breast and then augmented the smaller breast to match the fuller breast. He also shifted the nipples to a better position and the results are amazing. I look completely natural for the first time in my adult life!!! Thanks just aren't enough – but thanks, everyone.

Laura M.

I used to be the girl who cracked jokes at her own expense about being flat, "the girls" weren't growing, that I liked my "low profile" shape, etc. Truth is, I hated being flat almost as much as I hate padded bras. I didn't envy voluptuous women. I just wanted a fuller shape for myself, and for clothes to fit better on top.

Dr. Sajan really heard me and helped me choose the size and shape implants that would be most flattering to my body type. My new "girls" look and feel so natural and I just love that I actually have a grownup woman's shape. Dr. Sajan and the staff are wonderful and I recommend them every chance I get.

Brandy F.

I was so focused on my cancer-related breast surgery and radiation treatments that it was difficult to also think about my post-surgery appearance. But when the lumpectomy and radiation left a huge divot in my left breast, I decided to have fat grafting breast augmentation.

Dr. Sajan planned my surgery so carefully, especially because I also have anesthesia sensitivities. He and his team were really on the lookout for me at all times. The results are so natural-looking and using my own fat cells meant that my breast didn't have to try to accept a "foreign" implant along with everything else that had happed to it.

Breast cancer surgery is a reality I live with every day – it happened. But thanks to the skills of Dr. Sajan and his wonderful team, I don't have an ugly deformity to visually remind me of my road to wellness.

In deepest appreciation.

Carol L.

I'm a guy who works in an extremely competitive industry where image is very important. Buzz cuts, comb overs and wearing hats all the time weren't going to deceive anyone and just shaving it all off wasn't an option, either. That's just not my look. I knew that seeking treatment fairly early (I'm in my early 30s) was probably the best plan and I also knew I had to look for the best plastic surgeon to do the job.

Dr. Sajan came highly recommended to me for his skills as well as his discretion. The hair transplant process is kind of a long one. Dr. Sajan and his staff were great through every procedure. I really like that the transplants are actually my own hair and the results are totally natural.

Darrell M.

After three babies in six years, the muscles in my abdomen had become lax and I had loose extra skin that looked unsightly, too. I was done having babies but not done caring about my appearance, so I scheduled a tummy tuck with Dr. Sajan.

I'm fortunate that I didn't have a lot of extra weight around my middle, just had a small "pouch" that I really didn't like. Jeans didn't fit right and I felt self-conscious wearing clinging clothes. Dr. Sajan recommended a mini tummy tuck, a less invasive surgery to remove excess fat and loose skin and tighten up those child-stretched abdominal muscles.

I loved being pregnant, I love my kids, and I absolutely LOVE the results of my mini tummy tuck! Clothes fit better and I feel like a shapelier mommy and wife again.

Debbie F.

Despite how much I exercise and diet, I had not been able to get rid of the pudginess around my waist, hips, and thighs. I had become increasingly self-conscious about how I looked in (or out of) my clothes.

During my consultation with Dr. Sajan, he explained that liposuction could remove those fat deposits that I hadn't been able to budge and reshape those target areas. He was really candid (but kindly so) about the probable results and I appreciated his honesty about what liposuction could and couldn't do for me.

My results are exactly what I hoped for. Long ago, I accepted that I would never have a "million dollar body" but thanks to Dr. Sajan and his staff, I feel more attractive and comfortable with the body I do have.

Amanda Z.

Honestly, I just don't have a lot of body fat to worry about. But with all the time I spend working out at the gym, I still wasn't seeing the sculpted results I was sweating for. So I contacted Dr. Sajan's office about having liposuction to remove the love handles and redefine my chest.

Dr. Sajan recommended Vaser liposuction to reduce fat deposits on my chest and abdomen and pare down the love handles. My pecs and waist look more defined and my body looks more like the results I would expect from all my gym sessions. I really liked that the procedure was minimally invasive, left no major scars, and I had almost no downtime. I was back at the gym in just a few weeks. Thanks.

Brad W.

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