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Skeletal contouring is a surgical procedure done to alter the underlying shape of your face. It is most often performed for aesthetic/cosmetic reasons, but contouring also can be done following trauma or to minimize a structural birth defect of the face. Dr. Javad Sajan is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon and reconstructive specialist with expertise in skeletal contouring.

About Skeletal Contouring

Skeletal contouring (also called facial sculpting) can enhance, emphasize, or de-emphasize specific facial features for a more favorable and balanced appearance. Patients seek skeletal contouring to:

  • Enhance or redefine facial features
  • Complete part of a gender transition process
  • Soften some of the effects of aging
  • Reconstruct damaged facial structures

Skeletal contouring can reduce or alter the shape of a feature such as the nose or jawline. Bone may be shaved away from a portion of the face or augmented to create a more "sculpted" or fuller look. Implants can reshape target areas like the cheeks, chin, jawline or forehead. Patients often undergo sculpting procedures for aesthetic reasons – to feel better about themselves and more confident of their appearance.

Mandibular angle surgery can modify a too-prominent or squared jawline. Genioplasty (also called mentoplasty) is done to reduce the height of a patient's chin, round out a pointed chin, or alter its shape through surgical augmentation using the patient's own bone (autologous donation) or a synthetic implant. Cheek implants and rhinoplasty also are skeletal contouring procedures that can be done individually or in combination with other contouring procedures to create a more balanced, natural appearance.

Reconstructive contouring procedures may be recommended for or sought by patients who have sustained serious accident or injury-related trauma to the face. Skeletal contouring may reduce or resolve facial disfigurement for these patients. Their desired outcome often is to have as much as possible of their facial features restored to a more natural appearance.

Skeletal Contouring Procedures and Recovery

Your contouring procedure(s) will be done in our state-licensed surgery center. In most cases, skeletal contouring procedures require that you be given a general anesthesia for a deeper sleep during surgery. Depending on the extent and complexity of the procedures to be done, an overnight hospital stay may be necessary. Dr. Sajan will discuss anesthesia options with you before your surgery date. You will be monitored throughout the entire surgery and recovery periods to ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

With the surgery, you should expect to rest and limit vigorous activity after surgery. Swelling and bruising are normal and should begin to subside in around seven to ten days. Topical products, oral antibiotics, and pain management medications may be prescribed to reduce risk of infection and help facilitate your recovery. It is important that you follow all instructions Dr. Sajan will provide for your recovery to ensure optimal results.

When You're Ready

Skeletal contouring produces long-lasting, essentially permanent results. The procedures require meticulous planning and execution by Dr. Sajan. Contact Dr. Sajan's office to discuss your body specific needs.

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