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Pectoral implants, otherwise known as pectoral augmentation, have been used for many years in reconstruction surgery after men suffer breast cancer. Pectoral implants are now safely being used to add bulk to the chest for aesthetic reasons. Today men are looking to obtain a particularly well-defined chest, and no matter how much time and focus is placed on this muscle group, it is not quite what they are looking for. There are also hereditary components that can lead to an underdeveloped chest. This is where pectoral implants can help. The implants are made from solid silicone rubber. They are not filled with liquid, so you can rest assured that there is no risk for leakage or breaking.

Self Image

Many people think that body image is only an issue that involves women. This idea could not be further from the truth. Take a look at Hollywood and it is evident everywhere. Billboards of gentlemen with their shirts off can be found in every city and on every major interstate. Movies and commercials always depict the "hero" with incredibly toned arms, abs, and chests. There is pressure on men to look the same way. For actors and models, part of their job is to perfect their bodies, but how can everyday men bulk up to these proportions and still hold down a full-time job and care for a family? On top of the lack of time, sometimes, hereditary components won't allow for this kind of definition. It can leave men feeling discouraged and less attractive. This is why many men are looking into pectoral implants to help get the look they want and the self confidence they desire and deserve.

Your Pectoral Augmentation Surgery

Your pectoral augmentation surgery will be an outpatient surgery in our state-licensed surgery center. An anesthesiologist will administer general (deep sleep) anesthesia and to monitor you throughout your procedure and recovery. The pectoral augmentation surgery will likely take one to two hours.

Dr. Sajan will make an incision in the armpit and create an area for the implant to fit into. Usually, the silicone implant will rest completely behind the pectoral muscle, and the incision will be closed with fine dissolvable sutures. You will receive detailed instructions for your recovery, and you might receive a compression vest to wear. If you are given a compression vest, or an elastic bandage to wear, make sure you use it, as they will reduce swelling and promote healing. You may also be given pain medication to help you manage pain during your recovery. Be sure to follow all of your post-operative instructions as stated in order to heal properly.

The New You

Your recovery will be about 1-2 weeks, however, you will notice the results of your pectoral augmentation immediately. You might also notice soreness at the site and bruising, but this should subside within about a week, and make way for the new, more defined you. The results of your pectoral augmentation will improve in the weeks following your surgery as will your self confidence. If you have any questions or concerns during your recovery, contact Dr. Sajan's office.

Pectoral Implants Seattle


Immediately after your gluteal augmentation procedure, it's normal to experience some post-surgical swelling, pain and bruising. For the first several days, you will be instructed to lie on your side or stomach and avoid sitting to ensure that there's no pressure placed on your newly augmented buttocks. Although you'll need to avoid strenuous physical activity after your procedure, you will be encouraged to walk around the house as soon as possible to promote an optimal healing process.

After about two weeks, you'll be permitted to begin sitting again. However, you'll need to use a soft pillow at all times to ensure that your buttocks are protected. In addition, Dr. Sajan will likely have you continue to wear your compression garment for up to eight weeks. In terms of results, they should be apparent within approximately six weeks, once all the post-surgical swelling has subsided.


As with any surgery, there are some risks associated with butt augmentation. Though rare, these risks include anesthesia complications, bleeding, infection, pour wound healing, unsightly scars and fluid accumulating underneath the skin. In addition, scar tissue may develop around the implant, which would require a revision. Dr. Sajan and his team go to great lengths to minimize these risks, so that our patients in Seattle and surrounding areas are able to achieve the voluminous buttocks they deserve in a safe and complication-free way.

Fuller Shape and Greater Self Image

Gluteal augmentation done with one of the best plastic surgeons in Seattle, Dr. Javad Sajan, may help enhance your self-image and boost your confidence levels considerably. Contact our office today for a consultation and explore the potential options and benefits of this transformative procedure.

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